Black Sabbath / LA Forum 1971 / 1CDR

Black Sabbath / LA Forum  1971 / 1CDR / Shades

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Name million people sound ★, reintroduction (released July two thousand and nine) BLACK SABBATH - one thousand nine hundred and seventy-one LA FORUM (1Cdr) Live at The Forum, Inglewood, CA. Usa 23rd February one thousand nine hundred seventy-one AMAZING SOUND (new sentence is described .)  was the most ambitious and energetic original BLACK SABBATH is, when all is said and done "BLACK SABBATH" from 1970 released the "MASTER OF REALITY" until around the age of '71 was released. Containing the live sound of the time but now are limited in kind, this work "LA FORUM 1971" is a sound and stable among the audience, fans delight in valuable playing time.  Although this recording SABBATH "PARANOID" from the tour went after release, 23 February 1971 and was 2nd leg of U.S. tour, in Inglewood, CA "LA Forum," a show in 40 years recorded As has been recorded in more than enough to record a stable audience. Since this was a live performance in support of GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, is what full-length as short as 50 minutes, the opening "Paranoid" the show ended "Fairies Wear Boots" up consistently excellent recording and balanced settlement He has. Powerful performances are even very early SABBATH Rashii overwhelmingly original, will keep an ear from the moment even if SABBATH stage design enthusiasts.  The buzz in the hall, opening to the sound check the band is wrapped in a '70s mood初期Rashii. When the curtain dropped off by calling the name of the band live emcee, stadium is immediately excited. To respond to its climax the band "Paranoid" let us play from the high tension. Sounds a bit far but what is impressive opening, "Paranoid" sounds much closer from the middle of now enjoy powerful sound suitable for live performances and dynamic.  This was a "NIB" songs from the guitar solo starts Iommi. "NIB" solo basis Speaking of Giza. Surprisingly enough fans will feel a strong impression. Iommi guitar solo gives you a stunning showcase at midfield.And intense burst of metal intro to "War Pigs" is a hearing where this recording. Were recorded in a professional atmosphere of the live performances shot in December in Paris, France '70 "OLYMPIA 1970" There are close to playing is offered at more like, as well as distinctive vocals of Ozzy, broken good guitar, Giza controversial rhythm and groove of a unique building, is the impression that all rank up from 1970. Followed by "Black Sabbath" in, with about 2 minutes intro arpeggio Plucking An Instrument with a focus on the Iommi. After this "SABOTAGE" Installation is included in the "Don't Start (Too Late)" I believe is a prototype of the later ages of '80 "Black Sabbath" was heard in the intro and the image is slightly different Interesting. Arrange 4 of the last beats do not have even edited曲本texture is also interesting that the straight endings. "Iron Man" energetic play stormy unique up early also. Word of the building drum is particularly lively and realize what was possible to get it on the importance of building a sound of his own drum SABBATH (The tape is cut due to the change in the same song 3:35 there).  Highlights Live is exploded in the second half of "Wicked World" is. In彼Rarashii music with roots in jazz and blues, eccentric singing Ozzy is not forgotten once After hearing. In the middle of the song has been featured over Iommi's guitar solo about five minutes, after "Haven And Hell" you can see leading to the jazzy solo Suponteniasu. The last set of "Fairies Wear Boots" impulsive performance in the end is worthy of the凄Maji live!  A full-length chaotic sound power and drifting live about 50 minutes, but this time the original unique sound exceptional SABBATH. A live audience recorded at the time less is confirmed, you can enjoy rich sound and powerful performance with.  The invention further provides a bonus sound nice, and included adding a valuable source of EARTH 1969 and was still calling themselves SABBATH. MYTHOLOGY acclaim as the title of an earlier gift "Pre-Black Sabbath" But I hear sound, items available at this time together is the only 4-track this work.  As the sound of this four曲想too surprising melodic pop "The Rebel", a blues-based psychedelic rock's末期Rashii '60 "When I Came Down" is a song written by Norman Haines, both As has been clearly demonstrated and confirmed at the time of 1969. The first 4 "Early One Morning Blues" by examining overseas enthusiasts, and fixed in a sound theory that was recorded live at Dumfries in Scotland in 1969. But the third "Thomas James" about the investigation of international fans "is fake," but is likely to be the view that, in this work is focused on material aspects, this has dared take leave. Jam-free installation of the wind exceeds a thrilling eight-minute single-take fun as, evolution is also interesting modern jazz trumpet will blow up. Take note this on your theory is that it's likely a fake "take one appeared at the same time" as I would like to enjoy割Ri切Tsu.  Very early in the audience and take existing source, the previous demonstration that the combination of sound SABBATH officially, definitely a must for all must listen Mania BLACK SABBATH. Those who do not have this work if you can, please take this opportunity to enjoy! One. Introduction two. Paranoid three. NIB four. War Pigs 5. Black Sabbath 6. Iron Man seven. Wicked World 8. Fairies Wear Boots 1 969 Demos nine. The Rebel 10. When I Came Down 11. Thomas James 12. Early One Morning Blues Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals Tony Iommi - Guitar Geezer Butler - Bass Bill Ward -★ Shades 113 

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