Black Sabbath / Hyde Park 2014 The Last Ever Gig / 2CD

Black Sabbath / Hyde Park 2014 The Last Ever Gig / 2CD /Zodiac

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Live At Hyde Park, London, UK 4th July 2014.


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Final Hyde Park performances attracted the attention suddenly “this might be the show of BLACK SABBATH last” in the confession …… Tony Iommi shock emergency stock! Full live album recorded using a high-quality audience recording of overseas direct import. Now, you too! Become witnesses of history

There was a confession of Iommi is, in May this year. It was Iommi to overcome (cancer of the blood) malignant lymphoma, gave birth Just Added “13”, but those words, “If you be honest, I do not want to tour anymore” …… while you do a world tour long-term I began to pop up. The cause health problems again. It was parallel tour and treatment at first, but I was confident in the record smash hit “13” with the upturn of the disease, it is devoted to the tour in the second half of the year. However, it is also not last long, it seems to have come to be tormented by anxiety gradually. “You mean there is no medical support, I do not know cancer is also whether they are recurrent.’m Depressing.’re Going to seek the tour when you are done. Things future’m from it.” Only this, What a word honest there is no pretense.
In fact, records the number 1 in the world eight countries, including Britain and the United States and Germany is “13”. Literally, I became the album that has conquered the Earth in 2013. Worthy of the big hit, tour that began in April 2013 is, add it second only to also added to the intermittent. We were supposed to greet the goal finally through the 15 months. “July 4, 2014”, is the Hyde Park concert, which is contained in this work became the final performance!

’45 Indeed formed from the. Some will those who are expected to “!? What a surprise to live the last.” However, they are not the kind of band. It’s a BLACK SABBATH without even did the fashionable “name board reproduce live”, it do a stage that does not change at all and usually be a “Friday the 13th” anniversary.
However, heat that Tagiru in blood does not he really hidden. Certainly, we are through, such as advertising and the set list, the aesthetics of the “street usually” at who openly, but it can not erase the thought, “Maybe, maybe last really” and in their hearts. Group performance, such as chew on one one of the riff, trailing heavier than ever what has proved its suicide.
The audience also respond to it, the hot. Let’s be honest, a miracle recordings sound board is also more than “No” to this work. For example, (but of a too Susamaji is any) of December 10, 2013, such as “CELEBRATION GATHERING”, it is not iron-clad sound of perfection. Of course, since I press a title of the latest recording, there is no entirely satisfactory sound quality. However, the audience’s has become “the leading role of the second” this work. You can see immediately that from the state of recording, is a taper of Re sleight of hand, but I can not help but sing out involuntarily, even if such a person. Songs flowing though such should be the same as always, and I know through the aesthetics of the “usual” Sabbath itself, the air is Tayutau is the difference is “feelings” including.

But, so it is good. It is good.

As Ozzy told “We will be disappear remains beak if, if this is the end,” said performance was hauntingly sense of fulfillment is not me and forgive the tears of sentimentality. Can not get drunk on such euphoria, enjoy full chest for this moment, recording this …… you can not help but awarded the voice,’m sucking plenty of air in such a venue. Musical sound is to only have been beautifully recorded, how do you feel the audience that would fuss at the tempo of the song change. If if is a perfectionist who you think “tut not sell these guys”, we recommend the “CELEBRATION GATHERING” rather than in this work. It does not betray their expectations. If, if people feel! “Me mix the last party I also”, please choose this work without hesitation!

It is BLACK SABBATH, which celebrated its apex at the end of 45 years of history, but it does not have any plans for the future. And God only knows it is Iommi that issued the message “!’ll Meet even the next tour” to live this just before, but re-examination has not yet been made, what the result might be.
Last year, we were able to see the live SABBATH in Japan. Peace of mind occurs even now, it is not a vision anymore. We are of a people who experienced! Still, if there is regret if, it will be final performance that was contained in this work. Of course, what safety of Iommi is the most important. Let’s wait, including Bill word album in “The Original Four” also expect. However, until then, until the day that dream come true, this work is the “last resort”.
BLACK SABBATH shining brilliantly in rock history. It is one of history that was packed with crimson Memorial audience of high-quality live of their hundreds of thousands were repeated, once that last. Emergency release !!! press specification of permanent preservation

「これがBLACK SABBATH最後のショウになるかもしれない」……トニー・アイオミ衝撃の告白で一躍注目を集めた最終ハイド・パーク公演が緊急入荷! 海外直輸入の高音質オーディエンス録音を使用したフル収録ライヴアルバム。これで、あなたも歴史の立会人になる!!


 結成から実に45年。「最後のライヴにはどんなサプライズが!?」と期待される方もいるでしょう。しかし、彼らはそういうバンドではありません。流行の“名盤再現ライブ”をやったこともなく、記念日「13日の金曜日」であっても普段と一切変わらないステージをこなすのがBLACK SABBATHなのです。
 それに応えるオーディエンスもまた、熱い。正直に申し上げましょう、本作はサウンドボードも超える奇跡録音では“ありません”。例えば、2013年12月10日の「CELEBRATION GATHERING」のような、完全無欠の鉄壁サウンドではない(アレが凄まじすぎなのですが)。もちろん、最新録音のプレスタイトルなのですから、音質はまったく申し分ありません。しかし、本作は観客が“第2の主役”になっているのです。録音の様子から、手練れのテーパーであることはすぐに分かりますが、そんな人物をしても思わず歌い出さずにはいられない。流れてくる曲はいつもと同じはずなのに、サバス自身は“いつも通り”の美学を貫いているはずなのに、たゆたう空気が含む“想い”が違うのです。


 「もし、これが最後なら俺たちはビークのまま消えることになる」とオジーが語った通り、充実感を湛えたパフォーマンスは、感傷の涙を許してはくれません。そんな陶酔に酔わず、この瞬間を胸一杯に楽しみ、声を贈らずにはいられない……この録音は、そんな会場の空気をたっぷり吸い込んでいるのです。楽音が美しく録れているだけに、曲のテンポチェンジで大騒ぎしてしまう観客をどう感じるか。もし、あなたが「こいつらうるせぇ」と思う完全主義者であるなら、本作ではなく「CELEBRATION GATHERING」をお薦めします。そのご期待は裏切りません。もし、「俺もラスト・パーティに混ぜてくれ!」と感じる方であれば、迷わず本作をお選びください!

 45年の歴史の末に頂点を迎えたBLACK SABBATHですが、今後の予定は一切ありません。このライヴ直前に「次のツアーでも会おう!」とのメッセージを出したアイオミですが、再検査はまだ行われておらず、その結果がどうなるかも神のみぞ知るところです。
 昨年、私たちは日本でSABBATHのライブを見ることができました。これから万が一の事態が起こるとしても、もう幻ではない。私たちは体験者なのです! それでも、もし心残りがあるとすれば、本作に収められた最終公演でしょう。もちろん、アイオミの無事こそが一番の大事。ビル・ワードも含めた“The Original Four”でのアルバムも期待して待ちましょう。しかし、それまで、夢が叶うその日まで、本作が「最後」です。
 ロック史に燦然と輝くBLACK SABBATH。何百何千と繰り返された彼らのライヴ、その最後の1回を高音質のメモリアル・オーディエンスで真紅パックした歴史の1枚です。永久保存のプレス仕様で緊急リリース!!!

Disc 1(39:38)
1. War Pigs 2. Into The Void 3. Snowblind 4. Age Of Reason 5. Black Sabbath

Disc 2(55:34)
1. MC 2. Behind The Wall Of Sleep 3. Bassically / N.I.B. 4. Fairies Wear Boots 5. Drums Solo
6. Iron Man 7. God Is Dead? 8. Children Of The Grave 9. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Paranoid 

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass Tommy Clufetos – Drums
Adam Wakeman – Keyboard

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