Black Sabbath / Dehumanizing Switzerland / 2CDR

Black Sabbath / Dehumanizing Switzerland / 2CDR /Shades

Live at Eulachhalle, Winterthur, Switzerland 14th September 1992.

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BLACK SABBATH “DEHUMANIZER” tour, hitting the middle Swiss Winterthur performance of September 14th is, release determined by the two-disc set was the best use of direct audience master! In the 1992 audience recording that there is a number, this recording, which is said to “sound particularly good” and from abroad Mania, just press-class quality.It is the one you do not miss listening absolutely if Sabbath Mania!  of 1992 that Ronnie James Dio was to realize the co-star for the second time and Tony Iommi is “DEHUMANIZER” tour, material excellent in both sound and video has left many. Of CD4-Disc Press in “DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1992”, Boston performances of August 9 became the last day in the 1st North American tour leg in particular, can enjoy a decisive sound board sound source. From the change of the set list was small throughout the tour, the need for audience recording is low tend to exhibit this 1992 live further.  But Ronnie is the vocalist of the one and only, is fascinated by the performance of one-of-a-kind live performance of all, singing and singing his soul was full and gives off a special sparkle in any live. Audience recordings containment in immersive sound it will place you want to hear even more if one fan.  Audience source of the live 1992, overseas Mania’s have to realize that the “sound of the best”, September 14 European tour, it is a recording in Switzerland, Winterthur performance.For sound source is known for mania between current, it is about “there is a three-dimensional sense of depth to the sound” even certain famous tapered to be “best in the audience recording of tour ’92”, and gave the evaluation of letting go .  The digitized directly from the master by foreign collectors provide the same “DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1992”, the audience an excellent source in this work! American tour for the “DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1992”, European tour is this work, I will not be reliving the vividly realistic live at the time!  excellent sound of this recording overseas enthusiasts admire, should everyone can understand intro BGM of after playing a disc “E5150” from (thrilling! even this). While is a tape recording of ’20 before, it is surprised to clearness that does not lose to digital recording in recent years. And yet the bass, there is a taste that can not be able to taste with digital recording in it is power texture and deep-pocketed. Tension when you come and go to the opening of “The Mob Rules” is filled with a sense of reality Lively from this “E5150”. While having a spread of sound good enough, play each member also captured by the balance and appropriate direct feeling, you can enjoy a wonderful performance in the audience recording ideal. In addition to the merit of recording, listening place early on also singing of Ronnie high tension in this work. Ronnie of the day this is the impression that is slightly different approach of singing any song, and “The Mob Rules”, “Computer God”, also “Children Of The Sea”, “Time Machine”, a little from the usual “by scene different “to sing once interesting. Melodies and original that is different from the album, explosive power in rust twist the reservoir, would be a good sample in understanding the singing ability of Ronnie.  As pulled singing never better Ronnie, Geezer and Iommi, Vinnie also is exploding everywhere in a great performance. Rhythm and guitar and heavy “I” like run through in the “Die Young” is a masterpiece. Iommi solo that follows from “Die Young” is also listening place. It is a goose bumps moment thing to push forward the surging wave of “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” to (Installation) from the performance of that part jam session is inserted into the middle, became the band on earth!  Disk 2 “Master Of Insanity”, “After All (The Dead)” is thick bass of this recording is the coolest! Such as pressing a venue to “Iron Man”, of course, a dramatic “Heaven And Hell”, attract from the bottom of my heart the listeners from the solo a unique entwined trad song “Paranoid”. From recording for about 100 minutes, it will not release the ear even for an instant, if Sabbath Mania!  This work to singing of Ronnie to Bra Ngong the hearts of listeners, to overwhelm Iommi what you hear in the performance of rock-solid, confined sound undisputed performance of the play … and enhance Geezer et al, press satisfaction with the presence of curiously can not I CD Release! It does not say to the more than proud of the sound of official grade “DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1992”, but air and a sense of vivid sense of reality is, cause the experience the splendor of live 1992 from the cut angle and also different from the sound board sound source quotient. I want to listen first to the fans to determine the “next” in the Boston performances, this film is the one that represents the 1992 European tour of the Sabbath! Disc 1 (54:15) 

Disc 1(54:15)
1. E5150 2. The Mob Rules 3. Computer God 4. Children Of The Sea 5. Time Machine 6. War Pigs
7. I 8. Die Young 9. Guitar Solo 10. Black Sabbath

Disc 2(42:27)
1. Master Of Insanity 2. After All (The Dead) 3. Drums Solo 4. Iron Man 5. Heaven And Hell
6. Neon Knights 7. Paranoid / Heaven And Hell (Reprise)

Tony Iommi – Guitars Ronnie James Dio – Vocals Geezer Butler – Bass Vinny Appice – Drums
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards

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