Black Sabbath / Definitive Boston 1992 Pre-Fm Master / 2CD

Black Sabbath / Definitive Boston 1992 Pre-Fm Master / 2CD / Zodiac

Live at Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USA 9th August 1992  STEREO SBD

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LIVE EVIL”, “LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH ODEON”, “LIVE FROM RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL”. The long-standing classic has been renewed to the highest peak, and it has been decided to make a permanent preservation press!
“The Boston performance on August 9, 1992” is engraved on such a masterpiece. It is a super fine stereo sound board recording that recorded the act of “DEHUMANIZER TOUR” where Ronnie James Dio returned. The main point of this work is the quality, content, and historical significance that is comparable to the official work, but first of all, the position of the show. Speaking of “DEHUMANIZER TOUR,” it is also famous for the incident that Ronnie left in the final stage and JUDAS PRIEST’s Rob Halford joined. This is a good opportunity, so let’s look back at the schedule of those days, including those.

<< June 22, “DEHUMANIZER” release >>
・June 23-July 4: South America (9 performances)
・July 24th-August 9th: North America #1 (13 performances) ←★Coco★
・August 15: SUPER ROCK MAIMARK TGELANDE appearance
・September 1-25: Europe (12 performances)
・October 12-November 13: North America #2 (24 performances)
《November 13: Ronnie left》
・November 14+November 15: Appearance of goodbye performances by Rob and Ozzy

This is 1992 BLACK SAB BATH. The world tour was held for about half a year from the early summer, and the last two performances are special performances with Rob Halford (you can enjoy it at our DEFINITIVE COSTA MESA 1992 (Zodiac 380)). This work was the main part of the tour long before that, and it was the concert on the last day of “North America #1”, which is about a month and a half after the album was released.
━ Such a show was broadcast on “WESTWOOD ONE” and has produced a variety of existing games, but this work is the highest board. This is a refined version of the pre-FM master, which was also very popular as a 4-disc set “DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1992 (of DISC 3-4)”. Those who know the 4-disc set may think that there is no room for upgrade to the sound that was in the official class even in the official class, but the precise treatment exceeded the imagination. In fact, its quality is amazing. The main difference is dynamism, but of course I haven’t earned any sound pressure. For bass, for example, the bass and bass drums interfere with each other to organize the range and improve separation and separation, further expanding the range to the deep bass. On the other hand, if it is a high-pitched tone, the contour is sharp and the stretch is good in the last minute range where the texture does not change, and it is expanded to a higher range. As a result, the graininess of the bass became clearer and the streets of the vocal were improved. Of course, each of them is a fine adjustment, but due to the detailed stacking, the four guitar guitar, bass, drums and vocals have been improved naturally and naturally.

The peak sound of the highest peak update is a full show that is an “official substitute”. Speaking of Ronnie & Sabbath, in addition to “LIVE EVIL” and “LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH ODEON” in the 1980s, HEAVEN & HELL project’s “LIVE FROM RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL” and “NEON NIGHTS” which were reorganized in the 21st century are perfect officials. Many works were left. However, only “DEHUMANIZER TOUR” during that period did not have full production. This work fills that missing link. In fact, the set is for the 90’s only. Let’s organize while comparing it with the most comprehensive “LIVE FROM RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL”.

● 70’s number (4 songs)
・Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath (★)
・Paranoid: War Pigs (★)/Iron Man (★)/Paranoid (★)
●80’s number (5 songs)
Heaven & Hell: Children Of The Sea/Die Young/Heaven And Hell/Neon Knights
-Devil’s Law: The Mob Rules
●Debut Organizer (5 songs)
・Computer God/Time Machine(★)/I/Master Of Insanity(★)/After All (The Dead)
*Note: The “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard in “LIVE FROM RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL”.

…And this is how it looks. Includes masterpieces of “DEHUMANIZER” that were not possible in the 1980s, and conversely covers numbers of the Ozzy era that were omitted in the HEAVEN & HELL project. Even in song units, “Master Of Insanity,” which was performed only on this tour, was presented, and the overall appeal of “Sabbath sung by Ronnie” is more than “LIVE FROM RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL”.
Moreover, the singing voice of Ronnie is wonderful. The HEAVEN & HELL project was the last flower that Ronny bloomed, but I could not hide the decline in its growth and gloss. However, this work is 15 years ago. Ronnie at that time was no different from the heyday, and it was even said that he was stepping into the realm of humankind. This work is a full live album where you can fully enjoy the huge singing.

A complete set of “BLACK SABBATH of the Ronny era”, vocalization of the peak, and a complete official class sound with the highest peak updated. It is the ultimate two-disc set with everything. That is the absolute work that forms the “three major peaks of Ronnie SABBATH” along with the historical masterpieces “LIVE EVIL” and “LIVE FROM RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL”. Please experience it with the permanent preservation press 2CD.
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LIVE EVIL』や『LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH ODEON』『LIVE FROM RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL』……錚々たるオフィシャルの大傑作群と並ぶ、アンダーグラウンドの超名盤が誕生。長年の大定番が最高峰を更新して永久保存プレス化決定です!
そんな超名盤に刻まれているのは「1992年8月9日ボストン公演」。ロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオが復帰した“DEHUMANIZER TOUR”の一幕を記録した超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。本作最大のポイントは、オフィシャル作品と伍するクオリティ・内容・歴史的意義にあるわけですが、まずはショウのポジション。“DEHUMANIZER TOUR”と言えば、終盤にはロニーが去って、JUDAS PRIESTのロブ・ハルフォードが参加するという事件が発生したことでも有名。良い機会ですので、それらも含めて当時のスケジュールを振り返ってみましょう。

・7月24日-8月9日:北米#1(13公演) ←★ココ★

これが1992年のBLACK SABBATH。初夏から約半年のワールドツアーが行われたわけですが、その最後の2公演がロブ・ハルフォードとの特別公演(当店の決定盤『DEFINITIVE COSTA MESA 1992(Zodiac 380)』でお楽しみ頂けます)。本作はそれよりも遙か前のツアー本編で、アルバム発売から約1ヶ月半にあたる「北米#1」の最終日のコンサートでした。
そんなショウは“WESTWOOD ONE”で放送され、さまざまな既発を生み出してきましたが、本作こそが至高盤。4枚組『DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1992(のDISC 3-4)』としても大好評だったプレFMマスターを更に磨き込んだもの。4枚組をご存じの方は、オフィシャル級でも名盤クラスだったサウンドにアップグレードの余地などないと思われるかも知れませんが、精緻なトリートメントがその想像を超えたのです。実際、そのクオリティは驚異的。主な違いはダイナミズムなのですが、もちろん無闇矢鱈な音圧稼ぎなどしていません。例えば低音なら、ベースとバスドラが互いに干渉しあう音域を整理してヌケと分離を良くし、さらに重低音の方向へレンジも拡大。逆に高音なら質感が変化しないギリギリの範囲で輪郭をクッキリとさせながら伸びを良くし、やはりより高いレンジまで広げている。その結果、ベースの粒立ちが鮮明になり、ヴォーカルの通りもグッと良くなった。もちろん、その1つひとつは微調整ではあるのですが、その細やかな積み重ねによってギター・ベース・ドラム・ヴォーカルという4つ個が自然なままメリハリが大きく向上したのです。

そんな最高峰更新の頂点サウンドで描かれるのは、“オフィシャル代わり”のフルショウ。ロニー&サバスと言えば、80年代の『LIVE EVIL』『LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH ODEON』の他、21世紀に再編したHEAVEN & HELLプロジェクトの『LIVE FROM RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL』『NEON NIGHTS』など、完璧なオフィシャル作品が幾つも残されました。しかし、その間だった“DEHUMANIZER TOUR”だけは、フル作品がなかった。本作は、そのミッシング・リンクを埋めるものなのです。実際、そのセットは90年代だけのもの。もっとも集大成的だった『LIVE FROM RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL』と比較しながら整理してみましょう。

・黒い安息日:Black Sabbath(★)
・パラノイド:War Pigs(★)/Iron Man(★)/Paranoid(★)
・へヴン&ヘル:Children Of The Sea/Die Young/Heaven And Hell/Neon Knights
・悪魔の掟:The Mob Rules
・Computer God/Time Machine(★)/I/Master Of Insanity(★)/After All (The Dead)

……と、このようになっています。80年代にはあり得なかった『DEHUMANIZER』の名曲群が盛り込まれ、逆にHEAVEN & HELLプロジェクトでは省略されていたオジー時代のナンバーも網羅。曲単位でも、このツアーでしか演奏手していない「Master Of Insanity」が披露され、『LIVE FROM RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL』以上に“ロニーが歌うサバス”の魅力を総ざらいしているのです。
しかも、そのロニーの歌声が素晴らしい。HEAVEN & HELLプロジェクトはロニーが咲かせた最後の一花ではありましたが、その伸びや艶に衰えは隠せませんでした。しかし、本作はそれより15年も前。当時のロニーは全盛期とまったく変わらず、「人類未到の領域に踏みこんでいる」とまで言われたほど。本作はその絶大な歌唱を余すことなく味わえるフル・ライヴアルバムなのです。

“ロニー時代のBLACK SABBATH”を集大成したフルセット、全盛のヴォーカリゼーション、そして最高峰を更新した完全オフィシャル級サウンド。すべてが揃った究極の2枚組です。それこそ歴史的名盤『LIVE EVIL』『LIVE FROM RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL』と併せた“ロニーSABBATHの3大頂点”を成す絶対作。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDで存分にご体験ください。


Disc 1 (60:05)
1. E5150
2. The Mob Rules
3. Computer God
4. Children Of The Sea
5. Time Machine
6. War Pigs
7. I
8. Die Young
9. Guitar Solo
10. Black Sabbath

Disc 2 (44:13)
1. Master Of Insanity
2. After All (The Dead)
3. Drums Solo
4. Iron Man
5. Heaven And Hell
6. Neon Knights
7. Paranoid / Heaven And Hell (Reprise)
8. Laguna Sunrise (Outro)


Tony Iommi – Guitars
Ronnie James Dio – Vocals
Geezer Butler – Bass
Vinny Appice – Drums
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards




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