Black Sabbath / California Jam 1974 The Complete Master / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR

Black Sabbath / California Jam 1974 The Complete Master / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR / Zodiac
“California Jam I”, Ontario Motor Speedway, CA, USA 6th April 1974 plus Bonus DVDR “California Jam 1974 The Video” . SBD(UPGRADE)

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The members themselves also say “the best masterpiece” “the climax period” to the same sound, “SABBATH BLOODY SAB BATH” era. The complete version of the sound board album that becomes unique is coming up.

[Full version master to update the highest peak of ultra-standard sound board] What is engraved on such a work is “Apr. 6, 1974 Ontario Motor Speedway” performances. Yes, it is a soundboard recording of a major historical event “CALIFORNIA JAM I (hereinafter, Kari jam)” said to have mobilized 250,000 people. It is a festival that is also famous for the official album of DEEP PURPLE and EL & P, but at that time BLACK SAB BATH was also broadcasted on the radio, and a large standard FM sound board among the classics that has created countless pre-existing groups since ancient times. This work is a decision board that updated its longest and highest peak.
Speaking of Kari jam, it was so famous that it had not been counted, and the top was not decided. However, this work is in line with previous groups. After all, it is the length that is ugly. It is a complete edition master excavated in recent years. As a matter of fact, there have been many songs recorded in all the songs already released so far, but it has been greatly shortened and cut between songs. On the other hand, the voice of “Black Sabbath !!” which introduces the band from the beginning of this work is included, and MC between tunes and tuning which seems like 70’s are also recorded abundantly. It is 7 minutes and 40 seconds longer than the press title “1974” version that gained popularity in our shop.
There may be people who think, “It’s long even though it’s between songs?”, But the story is different if the scene is “cari jam”. There are also legendary festivals that are famous for rock history, but BLACK SABBATH was also the top. As I wrote at the beginning, “SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH” is the top where members themselves look back. Sales do not extend to “PARANOID” or “MASTER OF REALITY”, but Tony Iomi purposely asserts “I am the best masterpiece for me” by autobiography, and Ozzy Osbourne and Gieser Butler repeat “It is the top” in the interview ing. Such a sense of fulfillment is also brought into the tour, and it is the stage where it has reached the ultimate. That was “Kari jam”. That is why the space of the miracle is historical, even between songs. The presence of Ozzy’s breath of being overwhelmed by the sight of a large crowd leading up to the horizon just makes it feel like the music that the tension flows into is realistic.

[Soundboard album of the highest in sound aspect] The full version alone is overwhelming, but this work is the best in terms of sound. In fact, this full version master has been highly praised as “best!” By core completers all over the world. It is clear that it is wonderful than anything. It seems like a sound board because it is a sound board, but there have been many of the existing groups that have been so rough that their details are broken. However, in this work, both the core and the contour are crispy, and a little bass wow is also extremely vivid. Although it is a raw sound to call it “official class”, the delicateness of the performance that the sense of closeness and entanglement are also a touch feeling. Moreover, this work is brushed up on such a best master. The pitch was randomly adjusted at random, and the sounds for each pitch range were organized to improve sharpening and missing. The noise was corrected to the maximum, and the possibility that the best master recognized all over the world was hidden was maximized.
This is a breakthrough in the entire soundboard collection of BLACK SABBATH. Let’s organize the top soundboards of each era here.

・ 1st tour: “DEFINITIVE MONTREUX 1970”
(Professional footage of Brussels once known as Paris 70)
・ 3rd tour: no SBD
・ 4th tour: Official board “LIVE AT LAST”
・ 5th tour: ★ This work ★
・ 6th tour: “LIVE LONGEST .. DIE AT LAST”
・ 7th tour: “PITTSBURGH 1976/1978: THE ULTIMATE EDITION”
・ 8th tour: Official video “NEVER SAY DIE”

… and is like this. There is no soundboard itself in “MASTER OF REALITY TOUR”, but “SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH” era is “Karijam” is a unique sound board, and this work is a complete version that updates its vertex. In other words, it is the most important collection after eight studios.
Originally, it should be allocated the number of letters and also the arrangement of the time when the performance of the smashing tension and “Sabbra Cadabra” is to be repeated, the heat of a long jam, too, but I will spare only a live that is too famous You A piece that has updated the most popular vertex so far. Please thoroughly enjoy the permanent preservation press CD.

メンバー自身も異口同音に「最高傑作」「絶頂期」と語る『SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH』時代。その唯一無二となるサウンドボード・アルバムの完全版が登場です。

そんな本作に刻まれているのは「1974年4月6日オンタリオ・モーター・スピードウェイ」公演。そう、25万人を動員したと言われる歴史的一大イベント”CALIFORNIA JAM I(以後、カリジャム)”のサウンドボード録音です。DEEP PURPLEやEL&Pの公式盤でも有名なフェスですが、当時はBLACK SABBATHもラジオ放送され、古くから無数の既発群を生み出してきた定番中の大定番FMサウンドボード。本作は、その最長・最高峰を更新した決定盤なのです。
カリジャムと言えば、あまりにも有名すぎて既発も数え切れず、なかなか頂点が決まらなかった。しかし、本作はそれまでの既発群とは一線を画している。何と言っても凄いのは、長さ。近年になって発掘された完全版マスターなのです。実のところ、これまでの既発にも全曲収録のものは多かったのですが、曲間などで大幅に短縮・カットされていました。それに対し、本作は冒頭からバンドを紹介する「Black Sabbath!!」の声が入り、曲間MCも、70年代らしいチューニングもたっぷり収録されている。当店でも人気を博したプレスタイトル『1974』バージョンと比べても7分40秒も長いのです。
「長いと言っても曲間だろ?」と思われる方もいらっしゃるかも知れませんが、その現場があの“カリジャム”となれば話は別。ロック史に名だたる伝説フェスという事もありますが、BLACK SABBATH自身にも頂点だった。冒頭にも書きましたが、『SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH』こそメンバー自身が振り返る頂点。セールスこそ『PARANOID』や『MASTER OF REALITY』には及びませんが、トニー・アイオミは自伝でわざわざ「私にとって最高傑作」と断言し、オジー・オズボーンやギーザー・バトラーもインタビューで「これが頂点」と繰り返している。そんな充実感はツアーにも持ち込まれ、それが“極み”に達したステージ。それこそが“カリジャム”だったのです。だからこそ、その奇跡の空間は曲間と言えども歴史的。大群衆が地平線まで続く光景に圧倒されるオジーの息づかいが分かるからこそ、そのテンションが流れ込む演奏もリアルに感じるのです。

これはBLACK SABBATHのサウンドボード・コレクション全体で見ても画期的。ここで、各時代の頂点サウンドボードを整理してみましょう。

・4thツアー:公式盤『LIVE AT LAST』
・8thツアー:公式映像『NEVER SAY DIE』

……と、このようになっています。“MASTER OF REALITY TOUR”にはサウンドボード自体が存在しませんが、『SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH』時代は“カリジャム”こそが唯一無二のサウンドボードであり、本作はその頂点を更新する完全版。つまり、スタジオ8作に次ぐ最重要コレクションなのです。
本来であれば、ぶっち切れテンションの演奏や「Sabbra Cadabra」がリプライズする当時ならではのアレンジ、長大なジャムの熱気にも字数を割くべきなのですが、あまりにも有名すぎるライヴだけに割愛させていただきます。それほどまでの最定番の頂点を更新した1枚。どうぞ、永久保存プレスCDで徹底的にご堪能ください。


1. Tomorrow’s Dream
2. Sweet Leaf
3. Killing Yourself To Live
4. War Pigs
5. Snowblind
6. Sabbra Cadabra
7. Jam/Guitar Solo #1
8. Sometimes I’m Happy
9. Drum Solo
10. Supernaut
11. Iron Man
12. Guitar Solo/Jam #2
13. Sabbra Cadabra (reprise)
14. Paranoid
15. Embryo/Children Of The Grave
16. Interview

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass Bill Ward – Drums


Zodiac 343


Black Sabbath / California Jam 1974 The Video / 1DVDR / Non Label

Live at Ontario Motor Speedway, California, USA 6th April 1974

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The main story press CD is the only sound board of the “SABBATH BLOODY SAB BATH” era, and is a historical live album that permanently stored the moment of the peak. However, the show can only prove its worth if there are videos looking at a large crowd of 250,000 people. Therefore, I prepared for the bonus multi-camera pro shot that recorded the same show.

【The highest peak version of Carijam pro shot】
So, what is included in this work is “April 6, 1974 CALIFORNIA JAM I”. That is a TV broadcast pro shot. This video is no less a staple of radio broadcasts. Encore’s “Children Of The Grave” has been adopted for the official history video, but this work is based on the best master of the super masterpiece “THE OZZY OS BOURNE YEARS: ULTIMATE EDITION” beyond even the official video, and in more recent years The super bright master of “Children Of The Grave” discovered in The four existing songs are recorded at the highest peak quality (By the way, some “Snowblind” images seem to be on the market, but this seems to be a fan-made fake).
And the super huge spectacle which saw an unprecedented large crowd of 250,000 people when it said that the video edition was the best. It explodes from the first song “Killing Yourself To Live”! The sea of ​​people, people, people, people as far as I can see. A sea of ​​a greater number of people than an ant stuck on a stone is shaken by a heavy riff and shaken. Speaking of “Kari jam”, pro shots of DEEP PURPLE and EL & P are also famous, but BLACK SABBATH came in faster than them. Therefore, the venue is bright to every corner, and the huge spectacle is drawn even more vividly.
The appearance of the peak BLACK SABBATH in front of such a large crowd is wonderful. The arrangement where Ozzie stands on the right side of the stage with Iomi in the center is unique to the 70s, but its action is also young! Bill beats the drum kit with colorful flowers and beats him, and Giser also has a high kick in addition to the action he is known to now. As Ozzy who was a high-tone singer convulsions, he’s hedban and he throws a piece sign just as if his arms were out. And there are no beards on Iomi! He has been storing chopsticks with Geiser since before his debut, and has made it a trademark until now, but only in 1974 he was shaving off cleanly. Such a rare and youthful expression of the eye omi can be seen well by the multi-camera pro shot.

[Clip of “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”] And this work also adds a bonus video clip of “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”. In addition to the 3 minutes and 20 seconds version that was also seen in the official history video, it also contains a re-edited version extended to 5 minutes and 40 seconds. As a result, the professional video of the masterpiece “SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH” era is one net exhaustion with the highest peak quality.

A heavyweight BLACK SABBATH that boasts a massive sound and a profound impact on the future. How did that unusual music sweep the whole world? It is a masterpiece pro shot that speaks eloquently such a peak period rather than a hundred words. A video that tells us the “other side” of the main press CD. Please enjoy it together with the live album that updates the highest peak.

本編プレスCDは『SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH』時代の唯一のサウンドボードであり、絶頂の刹那を永久保存した歴史的ライヴアルバムです。しかし、このショウは25万人の大群衆を見つめる映像があってこそ真価が分かる。そこで、同じショウを記録したマルチカメラ・プロショットもボーナスにご用意しました。

というわけで、本作に収められているのは「1974年4月6日CALIFORNIA JAM I」。そのテレビ放送プロショットです。この映像は、ラジオ放送にも負けず劣らずの大定番。アンコールの「Children Of The Grave」が公式ヒストリー・ビデオに採用されましたが、本作は公式映像さえ超える超傑作『THE OZZY OSBOURNE YEARS: ULTIMATE EDITION』のベスト・マスターをベースにしつつ、さらに近年になって発掘された「Children Of The Grave」の超鮮やかマスターも使用。現存する4曲を最高峰クオリティで収録しています(ちなみに、一部で「Snowblind」の映像も出回っているようですが、これはファンメイドのフェイクのようです)。
そして、映像編の醍醐味と言ったら25万人という前代未聞の大群衆を目の当たりにした超巨大スペクタクル。それは1曲目の「Killing Yourself To Live」から炸裂! もう、見渡す限り人・人・人・人の海。石の裏に張り付いたアリよりも膨大な人の海が、ヘヴィ・リフに煽られて揺れ動くのです。“カリジャム”と言えば、DEEP PURPLEやEL&Pのプロショットも有名ですが、BLACK SABBATHの出番は彼らよりも早かった。そのため、会場は隅々まで明るく、その巨大なスペクタクルがより一層ビビッドに描かれているのです。
そんな大群衆を前にした絶頂BLACK SABBATHの姿こそが素晴らしい。アイオミを中心にしてステージ右側にオジーが立つ配置も70年代ならではですが、そのアクションも若い! ビルは色とりどりの花を散らしたドラムキットをぶっ壊さんばかりに暴れ、ギーザーも今も知られるアクションに加えてハイキックもばしばし。いっぱしのハイトーン・シンガーだったオジーが痙攣したようにヘドバンし、腕ももげよとばかりにピース・サインを放り投げるのです。そして、アイオミにヒゲがない! デビュー前からギーザーと共に髭を蓄え、現在に至るまでトレードマークとしているわけですが、1974年だけは綺麗さっぱり剃り落としていた。そんなレアで若々しいアイオミの表情もマルチカメラ・プロショットでしっかりと見られるのです。

【「Sabbath Bloody Sabbath」のクリップ】
そして、本作はさらに「Sabbath Bloody Sabbath」のビデオ・クリップもボーナス追加。公式ヒストリービデオでも見られた3分20秒バージョンに加え、さらに5分40秒に拡張された再編集バージョンも収録しています。これにより、最高傑作『SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH』時代のプロ映像を最高峰クオリティで一網打尽にしているのです。

重いサウンドで後進に絶大な影響力も誇っている重鎮BLACK SABBATH。その特異な音楽がどうやって全世界を席巻していったのか。そんな絶頂期を百の言葉よりも雄弁に物語る傑作プロショットです。本編プレスCDの“向こう側”を教えてくれる映像編。どうぞ、最高峰を更新するライヴアルバムと合わせてじっくりとお楽しみください。

1. Intro./Interviews
2. Killing Yourself To Live
3. War Pigs
4. Paranoid
5. Children Of The Grave

6. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Promo Clip)
7. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Full Edit)


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