Black Sabbath / Buer Album / 2CDR

Black Sabbath / Buer Album / 2CDR / Non Label
Nippon Seinenkan Hall, Tokyo, Japan 17th November 1980

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The first visit to Japan of the BLACK SABBATH legend that was realized in 1980 with Ronnie James Dio. Among them, the live album that has inherited the famous performance called “Best Show” will be released as a gift.
The famous performance is “November 17, 1980: Nippon Seinenkan” performance. This work is a recording of the masterpiece audience. Speaking of their first visit to Japan, the performance of “November 18: Nakano Sunplaza”, which is also famous for sound board & FM broadcasting, is a symbol, but when asked “Is the show the best?”, They answered “No”. I have no choice but. The live that really showed its true potential was on another day. In order to explain the situation in that area, let’s first confirm the position of the show from the schedule at that time.

・ November 16: Nakano Sunplaza (evening section)
・ November 16: Nakano Sunplaza (night section)
・ November 17: Nippon Seinenkan ← ★ This work ★
・ November 18: Nakano Sunplaza ← * SBD / FM
× November 19: Nakano Sunplaza (cancelled)
・ November 20: Kyoto Kaikan
・ November 21: Osaka Welfare Pension

Above, all 6 performances. The super famous “November 18th” was food poisoning by Tony Iommi on oysters. The show ended in the middle, and the next day it was a big trouble that was canceled. On the other hand, this work was the previous show. Because the famous sound board / FM sound source was out of order, there is no end to the maniacs who search for the “best live” even if they search the audience recording of each live. Meanwhile, the final day “November 21: Osaka Welfare Pension” and this work “November 17; Nippon Seinenkan” are always listed as “the most promising candidates for victory”. Let’s talk step by step.
First, the first day “November 16: Nakano Sunplaza”. On this day, the members are also jet lag and are tired from two performances a day. Members other than Ronnie are said to have been confused by the quiet audience in Japan for the first time, and it seems that they could not be said to be their true abilities. And “November 18: Nakano Sunplaza” is in a bad condition as mentioned above. On the other hand, “November 17th” of this work is after the body clock was forcibly reset in the two performances the day before, and before food poisoning occurred. It has become one of the best shows to fully demonstrate the true essence of the new BLACK SABBATH.
BLACK SABBATH, who finished the Tokyo schedule due to poor physical condition, then moved to western Japan. “November 20: Kyoto Kaikan” was held safely, but it was still sick and not in a good condition, and the final day “November 21: Osaka Welfare Pension”, which Iomi completely recovered, was the second. It was the best show … that’s the general theory. As a matter of fact, the most popular song among enthusiasts is the Osaka performance with the addition of one song “Children Of The Grave”, but the representative of East Japan who can compete with it is “November 17; Nippon Seinenkan”.

Although the introduction has become long, the legendary LP “BUER ALBUM” of the prestigious Kinney who has continued to convey this “Tokyo’s No. 1 masterpiece”. The press 2CD “DEFINITIVE BUER” THE LEGENDARY MASTER “(Zodiac 150)”, which was created from the Oomoto cassette, is also a big standard, but this work is a reproduction of the legendary LP itself.
The sound is really wonderful. The history of the sound source on this day is a history that aims at “how to approach” with “BUER ALBUM” as the absolute goal. Compared to the shiningly pure Omoto cassette “DEFINITIVE BUER” THE LEGENDARY MASTER “”, this work is really mild, but this work was created from an analog in the ultimate good condition. There is freshness. And this sound is the sound that enthusiasts have loved for many years and the industry has been aiming for. Because it was converted to LP, the parts that had deteriorated and were distorted in the Oomoto cassette are also left naturally and accurately.
Because the legendary LP “BUER ALBUM” existed, and because of this sound, “November 17: Nippon Seinenkan” was handed down and became a legend as “one of the best shows”. This work is a historical live album that swallowed even the history of such sound sources. It seemed that the role had ended with the appearance of “DEFINITIVE BUER” THE LEGENDARY MASTER “”, but the weight engraved in this music history is not a little overshadowed … I mean, it’s getting deeper and deeper. There is. A sound that has fallen into a maniac way for many fans and is soaked in their love. Please enjoy this opportunity.

ロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオを伴って1980年に実現したBLACK SABBATH伝説の初来日。その中でも”ベスト・ショウ”と名高い名演を語り継いできたライヴアルバムがギフト・リリース決定です。

・11月17日:日本青年館  ←★本作★
・11月18日:中野サンプラザ ←※SBD/FM

まず、初日「11月16日:中野サンプラザ」。この日は、メンバーも時差ボケ気味な上に1日2公演でお疲れ気味。ロニー以外のメンバーは、初日本の静かな観客にも戸惑ったとも言われており、やはり本領とは言えなかったようです。そして「11月18日:中野サンプラザ」は前述の通りの絶不調。それに対して本作の「11月17日」は、前日2公演で体内時計を強引にリセットした後であり、食中毒を起こす前。新生BLACK SABBATHの本領を遺憾なく発揮するベストショウの1つとなったのです。
こうして体調不良で東京日程を終えたBLACK SABBATHは、その後、西日本へ移動。「11月20日:京都会館」は無事ライヴも実施されましたが、まだ病み上がりで本調子とはいかず、結局アイオミが完全復調した最終日「11月21日:大阪厚生年金」が2つめのベストショウとなった……というのが、大まかな定説なのです。実のところ、マニア間でイチバン人気は1曲「Children Of The Grave」も追加された大阪公演ですが、それに対抗しうる東日本の代表こそが「11月17日;日本青年館」なのです。

前置きが長くなりましたが、この“東京ナンバー1の名演”を伝え続けてきた名門キニーの伝説LP『BUER ALBUM』。大本カセットから起こされたプレス2CD『DEFINITIVE BUER “THE LEGENDARY MASTER”(Zodiac 150)』も大定番となっておりますが、本作は伝説LPそのものを復刻させたものなのです。
そのサウンドは実に素晴らしい。この日の音源史は『BUER ALBUM』を絶対目標に据え、“いかに近づくか”を目指した歴史。輝くようにピュアな大元カセット『DEFINITIVE BUER “THE LEGENDARY MASTER”』と比べてしまうと、本作はいかにもアナログ特有のマイルドさではありますが、本作は究極的に状態の良いアナログから起こされた瑞々しさがある。そして、この音こそが長年にわたってマニアが愛し、業界がめざして来たサウンドでもある。LP化されたからこそ、大本カセットでは劣化して歪みが出ていたパートも自然かつ正確に残されてもいるのです。
伝説LP『BUER ALBUM』が存在したからこそ、このサウンドがあったからこそ、「11月17日:日本青年館」は語り継がれ、“ベストショウの1つ”として伝説になりました。本作は、そんな音源史までも飲み込んだヒストリカルなライヴアルバムなのです。『DEFINITIVE BUER “THE LEGENDARY MASTER”』の登場により役目を終えたとも思われましたが、この音楽史に刻まれた重みは些かも陰らない……と言いますか、ますます深みを増しているのです。幾多のファンをマニア道に堕とし、その愛情が染みこんだサウンド。ぜひ、この機会にお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (48:18)
1. Supertzar 2. War Pigs 3. Neon Knights 4. N.I.B. 5. Children Of The Sea
6. Sweet Leaf 7. Drums Solo 8. Sweet Leaf(Reprise) 9. Lady Evil 10. Black Sabbath

Disc 2 (41:59)
1. Heaven And Hell 2. Iron Man 3. Guitar Solo 4. Die Young 5. Paranoid / Heaven And Hell(reprise)

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