Black Sabbath / Black Sabbath UK Original LP / 1CD

Black Sabbath / Black Sabbath UK Original LP / 1CD / Non Label

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Taken from the UK original LP (Vertigo, VO 6, 847 903 VTY)

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The debut album of all heavy music father, BLACK SABBATH. A masterpiece that reprinted the legendary “origin” as a prisoner is permanent preservation press decision. Although it became an extraordinary hit in gift titles, even more precious treasure bonus is additionally recorded. It appears in the definitive version specification suitable for permanent preservation.

【Main part: Reproduction of legendary origin sound precisely】
The identity of such a work is a copy of the first edition (VO 6, 847 903 VTY) of “BLACK SABBATH” released by Vertigo label of home country Britain with the highest quality. That is, the fate of Rock changed “Friday, February 13, 1970” in reality the actual reality shops in the UK in reality stores. That sound revived beyond 48 years of space-time.
Moreover, this work is not just an analog raising. In our shop, overseas audio mania has delivered the Daimyo board which digitized in search of the ultimate sound. PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW …… Many (although not all) of them were at the top of the first English analogue board. This work is also in line with that flow. Just unused mint board is used, digitized in the high-est environment specialized for analog raising though latest. It is a vertex-like high est · sound which was found out pursuing the original sound itself which the master tape was sucking without even the indication of unevenness of play without the needle patch.
Then the “sound of the origin” that revived to the present age is overwhelming. BLACK SABBATH is divided into an American type (RHINO board) and a home country (SANCTUARY board) greatly in current remasters, and RHINO board with many circulation around the world. First of all, this is the difference … … quite different. It is not a story that simply recorded is “Evil Woman” or “Wicked World” but a completely different album. The sound of the current RHINO board is flashy anyhow, and if the sound pressure peak is also brisk, the stereo feeling is terrible. It’s as if you are twisting your body right and left with radio exercises and spreading all the way back, everything is a super loud super vivid sound. On the other hand, the home country SANCTUARY board is only natural. The stereo feeling is also kept at about 45 degrees left and right, while it is it, the three-dimensional feeling resides in the grain of one sound one sound, and there is elegance. It sounds like a different sound from the mix.
And this work is of course close to the SANCTUARY board, and more. SANCTUARY remaster has been finished with a sense of recent years even though it is naturally emphasized heavy bass. The consciousness of “SABBATH = Heavy” has done direct production. In contrast, this work is definitely a sense of the 70’s. Of course, although rich deep bass is also sucked in, its ringing is well balanced with the guitar, vocals, drums, and it delivers outstandingly the original sound of the band. And its bass is very delicate. In the emphasized current remaster, the vibes which disappeared in the peak remained spectacular. It is perfectly felt until the tremors of the bass drum’s skin and bass strings, until the last vibe of the note which disappears in the darkness of jet black.
This super natural sound breaks out the essence of the album “BLACK SABBATH”. From debut work to “MASTER OF REALITY” is a three-part work of Roger Bain’s work, but in particular 1st also has aspects as a “studio live album”. The sound of this work is that “live feeling” · “real feeling” is intense. Of course, although there is a refinement of the work finished through the mix, the live music lurking there is extremely real. It’s almost as if there is a presence like Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iomi right there, and reality as if he is present in the studio.

【Bonus: another mix · shock of impact】
In addition to such a main part, we also recorded special bonus tracks for permanent preservation. It is the English version of the single “Evil Woman” in the UK (Fontana, TF 1067). This is also the same audio / mania same as this volume digitized in the same environment / process.
I think whether “Wicked World” of mono / mix not in main part is delicious, and indeed is really treasure “Evil Woman”. This is a single mix that is different from both the current remaster and the beginning LP of the main part. This is also different from monaural feel, but saxophone put on the guitar beyond that. This is featured more and you can listen to phrases that are not in the album version. Furthermore, a deep echo is applied also to drums and vocals, a more popular mood is a strong finish.
To tell the truth, this mix difference has been controversial since long ago. Although the old collector affirmed as “a different mix”, every sound source which is turned into an official CD one after another is an album / take. It is the same as the album by the official single box “THE SINGLES”, and even more troublingly the same thing as an album even in analog / single … …. Somewhat “another mix” became a forgotten existence through legendary urbanization. However, what flows out of this work is its vision mix. The illusion that had been engraved on the first English UK singles has revived as the reality sound, with the highest peak sound.

This is the origin. This work is the real thing. Sound not poisoned by “ghosts of the grandfather” which was later bloated. October 16, 1969 “Sound” itself trembling the air of REGENT SOUND STUDIOS, sucked into the master tape. The sound of the truth that 48 years have passed and the master tape itself will no longer be lost. The first English edition of the British LP which was keeping it, and another mix “Evil Woman” which was made legendary in the city is also the first song of the impact. One of the miracles that the enthusiasm of audio and enthusiasts that transferred both of them to digitism into digital. By all means, it is “BLACK SABBATH of the truth” that I want to experience in a non-trivial way.

すべてのヘヴィ・ミュージックの祖、BLACK SABBATHのデビューアルバム。伝説の1枚の“原点”を正鵠に復刻した名作が永久保存プレス化決定です。ギフト・タイトルでも異例の大ヒットとなったものですが、さらに貴重なお宝ボーナスも追加収録。永久保存に相応しい決定版仕様で登場です。

そんな本作の正体とは、本国イギリスのVertigoレーベルがリリースした『BLACK SABBATH』の初盤(VO 6, 847 903 VTY)を最高峰クオリティで復刻したもの。つまり、ロックの運命が変わった「1970年2月13日金曜日」のイギリスで実際にレコード店並んだ現物そのもの。そのサウンドが48年の時空を超えて甦ったのです。
しかも、本作は単なるアナログ起こしではありません。当店では、これまでも海外のオーディオ・マニアが究極サウンドを求めてデジタル化した大名盤をお届けしてきました。PINK FLOYD、LED ZEPPELIN、DEEP PURPLE、RAINBOW……。その多く(すべてではありませんが)は本国イギリスのアナログ初盤が頂点でした。本作もまた、その流れに沿ったもの。まさに未使用のミント盤が使用され、最新ながらもアナログ起こしに特化したハイエスト環境でデジタル化。針パチ1つなく、再生ムラの気配すらなく、マスターテープが吸い込んでいた原音そのものを追い求めて見出された頂点的なハイエスト・サウンドなのです。
そうして現代に甦った“原点の音”は、圧倒的。BLACK SABBATHは現行リマスターは大きくアメリカ系(RHINO盤)と本国系(SANCTUARY盤)に分かれ、世界的に流通が多いのはRHINO盤。まず、この違いですが……まったく違う。単純に収録されているのが「Evil Woman」か「Wicked World」かという話ではなく、完全に別のアルバム。現行RHINO盤のサウンドはとにかく派手で、音圧ピークもギリギリならステレオ感も凄まじい。まるでラジオ体操で身体を左右に捻っているかのように後方まで広がりまくろ、すべてがド派手な超ビビッド・サウンドなのです。それに対し、本国SANCTUARY盤はあくまでも自然。ステレオ感も左右45度くらいに留められ、それでいながら1音1音の粒自体に立体感が宿り、気品がある。まるでミックスから異なるようなサウンドなのです。
この超ナチュラル・サウンドが『BLACK SABBATH』というアルバムの本質をえぐり出す。デビュー作から『MASTER OF REALITY』まではロジャー・ベイン作品の3部作扱いですが、特に1stは“スタジオライヴ・アルバム”としての側面も持っています。本作のサウンドは、その“ライヴ感”・“リアル感”が強烈なのです。もちろん、ミックスを経て仕上げられた作品の気品もあるものの、そこに潜む生演奏が極めてリアル。まるですぐそこにオジー・オズボーンやトニー・アイオミがいるような存在感、スタジオに同席しているかのような現実感が宿っているのです。

そんな本編に加え、永久保存に際しての特別ボーナス・トラックも収録しました。それはシングル『Evil Woman』の英国初盤(Fontana, TF 1067)。これも本編と同じオーディオ・マニアが同じ環境・工程でデジタル化したものです。
本編にはないモノ・ミックスの「Wicked World」が美味しいのかと思いきや、実は本当にお宝なのは「Evil Woman」。これは現行リマスターとも本編の初盤LPとも違うシングル・ミックスなのです。こちらもモノラルな感触が一聴して違いますが、それ以上にギターに被せられたサックス。これがより大きくフィーチュアされ、アルバム・バージョンにはないフレーズも聴ける。さらにはドラムやヴォーカルにも深めのエコーがかけられ、より一層ポップなムードが強い仕上がりなのです。
実のところ、このミックス違いは古くから議論の的。オールド・コレクターは「違うミックス」と断言していたものの、次々と公式CD化される音源はことごとくアルバム・テイク。公式シングルボックス『THE SINGLES』でもアルバムと同じであり、さらに困ったことにアナログ・シングルでもアルバムと同じものがほとんど……。いつしか「別ミックス」は都市伝説化を経て忘れられた存在になっていったのです。ところが、本作から流れ出るのは、その幻のミックス。英国初盤シングルに刻まれていた幻が現実の音として、それも最高峰サウンドで甦ったのです。

これこそ、原点。本作こそが本物。後に肥大化された“元祖の幻影”に毒されていないサウンド。1969年10月16日REGENT SOUND STUDIOSの空気を震わせ、マスターテープに吸い込まれていった“音”そのものです。48年という年月が経過し、もはやマスターテープ自身ですら失っているであろう真実のサウンド。それをキープしていた英国初盤LPと、都市伝説化していた別ミックス「Evil Woman」も衝撃の初盤シングル。その双方を精緻正鵠にデジタルに移し替えたオーディオ・マニアの情熱が成し得た奇跡の1枚。ぜひ、是非とも、是が非にも、ご体験いただきたい“真実のBLACK SABBATH”です。


1. Black Sabbath 2. The Wizard 3. Behind The Wall Of Sleep 4. N.I.B.
5. Evil Woman, Don’t Play Your Games With Me 6. Sleeping Village 7. Warning

Taken from the UK original 7″ Single (Fontana, TF 1067)

8. Evil Woman 9. Wicked World

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