Black Sabbath / The Best Of Tour Down Under 13 / 1DVDR

Black Sabbath / The Best Of Tour Down Under 13 / 1DVDR / Johanna

Exclusive Multi-Cam Mix Live Movie,April 20th Auckland,April 25th Brisbane,April 27th Sydney,May 04th Perth & May 07th Adelaide. NTSC

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Translated Text :

★ revival Black Sabbath! 2013 latest Australian tour, best video!
★ I realize professional grade live video shot in multi-camera editing of its own!

Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, and Geezer Butler
also studio album “13” 35 years, the original Black Sabbath is bringing together
the latest video tour of their world to be released soon another comes up!

Australia, Oceania and tours made ​​to early May from late April 2013
of New Zealand Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide,
I record video from a selection of Auckland performance.

The choicely high-quality audience-shot and high-performance mobile photography source,
is the emergence of a new series “LIVE SEQUENCED” JOHANNA the label to edit a multi-camera MIX own.

From the stand seat that can be bird’s-eye view calmly and Arena front row, and arena middle, of excited to mosh
that can be sprinkled stage panoramic view video, you feel even the realism of live by the switching of multiple camera
live professional shot-class and it is with video work.

Tony Iommi for feeding a heavy riff that used many power cord,
the base of a heavy Geezer to Drive freely.
Rhythm of Tommy Kurufetosu of support drums intense
look at the overwhelming presence of overlapping vocals of the one and only Ozzy there.
Without complaint anyway music groups that made ​​the history of Hebyimetaru.
Lighting and effective stage set of Gothic mood fueled excitement of the audience,
scene of the annual Ozzie is pour water in the bucket in the audience it becomes hotter super live of assent.

…, This is a must-see live footage of Black Sabbath right now 2013 is not a story of 1978.

JPD Slate
War Pigs (2-CAM; Sydney April 27)
Into the Void (2-CAM; Brisbane, Perth April 25 + May 4 (Movie only) )
Under the Sun (2-CAM; Adelaide May 7 + Perth May 4 (Movie only))
Snowblind (1-CAM; Brisbane, April 25)
Electric Funeral (2-CAM; Brisbane, April 25 + Sydney April 27 (Movie only ))
Black Sabbath (2-CAM; Brisbane, April 25)
Behind the Wall of Sleep (2-CAM; Perth May 4 + Sydney April 27 (Movie only))
NIB (2-CAM; Brisbane, April 25 + Sydney April 27 (Movie only))
End of the Beginning (2-CAM; Brisbane, April 25)
Fairies Wear Boots (1-CAM; Brisbane, April 25)
Band Introductions (2-CAM; Brisbane, April 25)
Symptom of the Universe (1 -CAM; Brisbane, April 25)
Drum Solo (2-CAM; Brisbane, April 25)
Iron Man (2-CAM; Brisbane, April 25)
God Is Dead (3-CAM;? Brisbane, April 25 + Sydney April 27 ( Movie only))
Dirty Women (1-CAM; Auckland April 20)
Children of the Grave (2-CAM; Brisbane, April 25)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Intro
Paranoid (2-CAM; Brisbane, April 25)

– LIVE SEQUENCED SERIES / Multi-Cam Audience Shot –

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Proshot Paranoid Live in Birmingham May 19, 2012

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