Black Sabbath / Definitive New York 1992 /1 DVDR

Black Sabbath / Definitive New York 1992 /1 DVDR /Non Label

Live at Beacon Theatre, New York, USA 14th October 1992.

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BLACK SABBATH “DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1992” first delivery worth, in 1992 as well from the United States tour, was recorded performances of New York October 14 “DEFINITIVE NEW YORK 1992” is attached.  Rated as best material of the same level as professional shot while audience shot, this New York performance is very much basic sequence and Boston performances in “DEHUMANIZER” tour. “Sound more polished”, “original menu only of this work”, by “a kinder track division”, the definitive video comes up again here with renewed outfit! I will to enjoy the live of Ronnie Sabbath ’90s! BLACK SABBATH – (Bonus DVDR) DEFINITIVE NEW YORK 1992 !!! Live at Beacon Theatre, New York, USA 14th October 1992 AMAZING-SHOT (REMASTERED)  2nd leg “DEHUMANIZER” North American tour, which began in October 1992 and was recorded live in November, such as “TOWARDS THE END”, an item superior has multiple known. But what this film that contains the performance of New York October 14, single and decisive representative. While the video audience, I have a special quality of being acclaimed “Official DVD recording and television broadcasting possible levels if only part,” said between mania. If you enjoy it together four pieces of Boston performance is the choice of the sound source as “DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1992”, as well as playing at the time, also pattern of the stage full of hot air, you should be very clearly understood.  Performance in sharp images, backed by a definite freshness unfolds sound easier to hear and clear is impressive perfect score. Even while looking down at the excellent stability a panoramic view of the stage from the second floor center, and close-up smoothly the place referred to as “want to see here,” and the delicate play of Iommi actions and Ronnie. Camera angles savvy force of the screen and ease of watching, to the staging of a band from the motion of the member, you will confirm it without leaking Saidai. In this regard, it asserts that it surpasses even professional shot that exist at several points in the same year!  Unlike the DIO elements show but also was strong SABBATH live at this time, stage set itself is simple, too. Focuses on the one point that “to listen to and playing music.” Of opening and “The Mob Rules” from “Computer God”, fans can concentrate slowly and carefully to the sound and movement that three front Ronnie, Iommi, Geezer of the pay out for it.  Ronnie you had to fight even the dragon stage, because I have turned to the audience all of its power to be able to have the DIO era, viewers and audience from being overwhelmed It is natural. Geezer has also squeezed out a heavy bass line from that action, such as numb as well. Only some of the word “great” is the force that emit bass solo in “Time Machine” in the middle resulted in particular!  Imperturbability, Iommi has spun out and that phrases and metallic Hevu~irifu it being heavy and poised for both a Aktiv to burn. Examine the beautiful “Children Of The Sea”, At the same evil in contrast “I”, the eerie “Black Sabbath”, (he is the one stage that we have varied intensely the expression of the music instead of its own moves to Iommi It stood, solo part to hear the impressive play is a must-see!).And no less to these three people, superb also Vinny Appice impress upon him the trouble to play with just the “if Ara chance”. To “Iron Man”, the flow of the second half featuring big him is probably the part that can not be overlooked even live in through the drum solo from the medley of “Master Of Insanity”, “After All”. Splendor 4 people they bring together the play of each, continue to mix up of “Heaven And Hell” will remember the gods, such as brilliant!  Encore in the “Neon Knights”, (members who are calm in such a situation is expected) Cascia happening to a frenzied audience to live stormed to the stage many times, that is expelled to security. Live it up to round out their live in the “Paranoid”, was trapped in this work is supposed to knock out a fan of Ronnie James Dio and BLACK SABBATH fan of all!  Please pay attention to the original menu with only this work (track dividing it in line with the flow and the reality of live also features not in its outstanding), also in 2013 version, best audio you have recreated carefully raise the sound pressure was lower and more! Best quality of about 100 minutes, definitive edition of the video exactly. As a bonus definitive source of “DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1992”, there is no one more appropriate. Please enjoy this opportunity, the nature of this work and will be released as a press DVD if the original! (97:04)


’92年10月に始まった「DEHUMANIZER」北米ツアーの2ndレグは、11月のライヴを収録した「TOWARDS THE END」など、複数の優れたアイテムが知られています。しかし10月14日のニューヨーク公演を収めた本作こそ、代表的かつ決定的な一本。オーディエンス映像ながら、マニアの間では「パーツだけならテレビ放送やオフィシャルDVD収録も可能なレベル」と絶賛される破格のクオリティを持っています。音源の決定版であるボストン公演4枚組「DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1992」と併せて楽しめば、当時の演奏だけでなく、熱気溢れるステージの模様も、手に取るように理解できるはずです。

この時のSABBATHライヴはショウ的な要素も強かったDIOと異なり、ステージセットもシンプルそのもの。「曲と演奏を聴かせる」という一点に焦点が絞られています。そのためオープニングの「The Mob Rules」そして「Computer God」から、ファンはロニー,アイオミ,ギーザーのフロント3名が繰り出す動きと音にじっくりと集中できます。
DIO時代はステージでドラゴンとも戦わねばならなかったロニーが、その持てる力の全てを客席へと向けているのですから、オーディエンスや観る者が圧倒されるのも当然です。同じくギーザーも、あの痺れるようなアクションから重厚なベースラインを搾り出しています。特に「Time Machine」中盤のベースソロで発する迫力は「凄い」の一言あるのみ!
燃えるようにアクティヴな両者に対してアイオミは泰然自若、どっしりと構えてあのヘヴィリフとメタリックなフレーズとを紡ぎだしています。美しい「Children Of The Sea」の調べ、それと対照的に凶悪な「I」,不気味な「Black Sabbath」と、アイオミは自身が動く代わりに楽曲の表情を激しく変動させています(彼が一人ステージにたたずみ、印象的なプレイを聴かせるソロパートは必見です!)。この3人に負けず劣らず、「隙あらば」とばかりに手数とプレイを叩き込むヴィニー・アピスもまた見事。「Master Of Insanity」・「After All」のメドレーからドラムソロを経て「Iron Man」まで、彼を大きくフィーチャーした後半の流れは、ライヴ中でも見逃せないパートでしょう。彼ら4人がそれぞれのプレイを持ち寄り、ミックスアップしていく「Heaven And Hell」の素晴らしさは、光り輝くような神々しさを覚えるでしょう!
アンコールの「Neon Knights」では、ライヴに熱狂した観客が何度もステージへ乱入し、セキュリティに追い出されるというハプニングまで活写(こんな状況でも落ち着いているメンバーはさすが)。「Paranoid」でライヴを締めくくるまで、本作に封じ込められたライヴは全てのBLACK SABBATHファン及びロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオのファンをノックアウトするはずです!

本作のみのオリジナル・メニュー付き(ライヴの実態と流れに即したトラック分けも既発に無い特徴です)、更には低かった音圧を上げ丁寧に作り直した2013年版・極上オーディオにもご注目下さい!約100分間の極上クオリティは、まさに映像の決定版。音源の決定版「DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1992」のボーナスとして、これ以上ふさわしい一本はありません。本来ならばプレスDVDとしてリリースされるのが自然な本作を、この機会にどうぞお楽しみください!

1. E5150 2. The Mob Rules 3. Computer God 4. Children Of The Sea 5. Time Machine
6. War Pigs 7. I 8. Die Young 9. Guitar Solo 10. Black Sabbath 11. Master Of Insanity
12. After All (The Dead) 13. Drum Solo 14. Iron Man 15. Heaven And Hell 16. Neon Knights
17. Paranoid/Heaven And Hell(reprise)

Ronnie James Dio – Vocals Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass Vinnie Appice – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 97min.

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