Black Sabbath / Senden 1990 / 2CDR

Black Sabbath / Senden 1990 / 2CDR / Shades

Live At Gorki Park, Senden, Germany 10th October 1990.

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“TYR TOUR 1990” that ended with foam while releasing the ultimate glow. A masterpiece live album that conveys the scene is born again.
It is contained in this work “Senden Show on October 10, 1990”. It is a scene of a German tour soon after the East-West reunification. Germany of TYR tour really is a treasure trove of the name sound source. We delivered a masterpiece such as “INNSBRUCK 1990 (Shades 753)” “ST. WENDEL 1990 (Shades 833)”, the famous record of Bondage label which became Japan’s first report of TYR tour “MARTIN YEARS” also recorded in Germany (Böblingen Performance). Every night every night, it was a miracle-like tour whose master was turning the recorder. First of all, let’s check on what kind of position Germany was in, with the whole tour image.

“August 6” TYR “release”
· September 1 – 13: UK (10 performances)
· September 25 – October 2: Italy (6 shows)
· October 3 – 6: Switzerland (3 performances)
· October 8th + 9th: Austria (2 performances)
· October 10 – 24: Germany # 1 (11 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· October 26th: Sweden
· October 27th: Denmark
· October 30th: Belgium
· October 31: Norway
· November 1: Netherlands
· November 3rd + 5th: Germany # 2 (2 performances)
· November 7th: Luxembourg
· November 24 – 28: Germany # 3 (4 shows)
“December: returning to Giza Butler”

This is the summary of the live about ‘TYR’. This time I tried a little more in detail by country. It was a short tour only for Europe, but Germany is particularly popular among them. Well, “TYR” was awful, I visited the country three times and a large tour of 17 performances was held. And its main is “Germany # 1”. All masterpieces of German recordings so far have been born from here, and this show ‘s Sunden show was the first day’ s concert.
This day’s recording was known for a long time among collectors, but this work is a new version digitized from analog master in recent years. That sound, a strong direct feeling also a wonderful audience recording. Because the masterpiece group so far was also amazing, I wonder whether it can declare that it is a vertex, but it will definitely be the number 1 candidate.
At the beginning, enthusiasm is also vivid and it is understood to be an audience recording, but it does not make distance feeling anyhow, there is almost no auditorium sound. All parts are brilliant, but the greatest one is Neil Murray’s base. For the recording of the audience of those days, there were no turbidity and basketballing while the wall thickness of the disqualified person was drawn, and a variety of lines were drawn in a clear picture. This is particularly pleasant during the “TYR” era. Even the studio work of the essentials was indeed a time when the base was retracted backwards. While treating Neil of the sky, it was a treasure troubled. However, Neil of this work flies with Gorigori as if to dispel such a dissatisfaction (I do not know whether there was). Although it is not as good as Gieser Butler’s song, this work can also hear plenty of Neil’s original “TYR” number. “The Sabbath Stones” in which fretless and obligat dances “The Sabbath Stones”, it seems that it seems to be one with assault cozy, the back melody is cool “The Law Maker”, and actually the bass was pulling the song itself “Anno Mundi” … honestly, it is complicated so far He said he was playing a line full of singing. Even more crucial is Neil’s solo time. The bass solo which develops variously to “N.I.B.” introphrase as a motif is extremely rare even in the history of BLACK SABBATH, and the flow from there to the bluesy “Heart Like A Wheel” is also cool. You can enjoy precious scenes that you can not taste absolutely on other tours with thick sound.
Although I started talking about basically, Iomi / Cozy / Martin also three iron walls, of course. It is as evidenced by the German recordings so far, and even in this work it approaches with a deep force greater than or equal to a very thick base. Neil’s solo guitar solo is also jazzy and full of mood.

Even then, a name recording born from Germany. Its its newest and finest board. In the history of BLACK SABBATH, the truth of “TYR TOUR” which was the most beautiful and majestic. A masterpiece German envies unexpectedly. Please, please experience plenty.

究極的な輝きを放ちつつ、泡沫で終わってしまった“TYR TOUR 1990”。その現場を伝える傑作ライヴアルバムがまた1本誕生です。
本作に収められているのは「1990年10月10日センデン公演」。東西統一から間もないドイツ・ツアーの一幕です。TYRツアーのドイツは本当に名音源の宝庫。当店では『INNSBRUCK 1990(Shades 753)』『ST. WENDEL 1990(Shades 833)』といった傑作をお届けしまし、TYRツアーの日本第一報となったBondageレーベルの名盤『MARTIN YEARS』もドイツ録音(ベーブリンゲン公演)。毎夜毎晩、名手がレコーダーを回していた奇跡のようなツアーだったのです。まずは、そんなドイツがどんなポジションだったのか、ツアーの全体像で確認してみましょう。


冒頭では熱狂も生々しくオーディエンス録音とは分かるのですが、とにかく距離を感じさせず、会場音響もほとんどない。すべてのパートが鮮やかではあるものの、特に凄いのはニール・マーレイのベース。当時のオーディエンス録音にしては破格の肉厚ぶりながら濁りも籠もりもなく、多彩なラインが克明に描かれるのです。これが『TYR』時代にはことさら嬉しい。何しろ、肝心要のスタジオ作品ですらベースが奥に引っ込んでいた時代。希代の名手ニールを要しながら、宝の持ち腐れになっていました。しかし、本作のニールはそんな不満(があったかどうか分かりませんが)を払拭するかのかのようにゴリゴリと舞い狂う。ギーザー・バトラーの曲でも遜色ないのですが、本作はニール本人がオリジナルの『TYR』ナンバーもたっぷりと聴ける。フレットレスでオブリガートが舞う「The Sabbath Stones」、突撃コージーと一体なようで裏メロもカッコイイ「The Law Maker」、そして実はベースが曲そのものを引っ張っていた「Anno Mundi」……正直、ここまで複雑で歌心満載なラインを弾いていたとは。さらに決定的なのはニールのソロ・タイム。「N.I.B.」のイントロフレーズをモチーフに様々に展開していくベース・ソロはBLACK SABBATH史上でも極めて珍しく、そこからブルージーな「Heart Like A Wheel」への流れもカッコイイ。他のツアーでは絶対に味わえない貴重なシーンを肉厚サウンドで楽しめます。

またしてもドイツから生まれた名録音。その最新・極上盤です。BLACK SABBATH史上、もっとも美しく荘厳だった“TYR TOUR”の真実。思わずドイツ人が羨ましくなる名作。どうぞ、たっぷりとご体験ください。

Disc 1(58:46)
1. Ave Satani/The Gates Of Hell 2. Neon Knights 3. Iron Man 4. Children Of The Grave
5. Die Young 6. The Sabbath Stones 7. Bass Solo 8. Heart Like A Wheel 9. Guitar Solo
10. Headless Cross 11. When Death Calls 12. The Law Maker

Disc 2(33:16)
1. Anno Mundi 2. Black Sabbath 3. Heaven And Hell 4. Paranoid

Tony Iommi – Guitar Tony Martin – Vocal Neil Murray – Bass Cozy Powell – Drums
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards


Shades 883

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