Black Sabbath / Osnabruck 1990 / 2CD

Black Sabbath / Osnabruck 1990 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Stadthalle, Osnabruck, Germany 22nd October 1990

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Finally the inconspicuous “TYR TOUR 1990” emergence live album that is suitable for permanent preservation press CD appears! It was truly long. The super name board “TYR” which was struck by the times while drawing the polar field of style beauty sabbath that even surpasses the famous name “HEAVEN AND HELL”. Because it is “album that I found”, the tour also sent hot eyes from the tour, but it is a talk about mania only. The “TYR TOUR” which was ignored in the era is extremely short on the schedule, and the live record is also extremely minimal. Even “HEADLESS TOUR” does not have any sound boards or pro shots left. We have archived such a site of “TYR TOUR” with a number of masterpiece audience recordings, but unfortunately there was no quality suitable for permanent preservation press CD.
However! Such a toothy situation is already past. This week, finally two super powerful live albums suitable for press release simultaneously. One is a traditional Milan recording “MILAN 1990 (Zodiac 320)”, and the other is this work. It is super / superb audience recording of “October 22, 1990 Osnabruck performance”. “TYR TOUR” is short, but the set varies depending on the time. First of all, in order to understand the two major vertices of simultaneous release with position, let’s confirm from the whole tour image.

“August 6” TYR “release”
· September 1 – 13: UK (10 performances)
· September 25 – October 2: Italy (6 shows)
· October 3 – 6: Switzerland (3 performances)
· October 8th + 9th: Austria (2 performances)
· October 10 – 24: Germany # 1 (11 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· October 26 – November 1: Scandinavia / Belgium / Netherlands (5 shows)
· November 3 – 28: Germany # 2 / Luxembourg (7 performances)
“December: returning to Giza Butler”

All 44 concerts over. Normally it is a place to complete “Europe (44 performances)”, but this tour does not go to North America, not only in Japan, only in Europe. I wrote it slightly finely. Among them, the main was definitely Germany. All 17 performances over home country United Kingdom were held. The Osnabruck performance of this work was a concert that was the 10th performances.

【New sound / bowish vertex】
This work which contained such a show is a live album “TYR TOUR new · vertex”. Recording itself has been known for a long time, it has been called as one of the best recorded tours on the tour. However, this work is different from that. It is a new master unearthed recently, it is an ultra superb item that overwhelmingly upgraded. Traditional Master was also a powerful sound that does not feel the distance feeling, but regrettably the balance was bad. There is a habit of left and right stereo feeling, the treble of treble is tough on the left channel, the more the more it goes to the second half, the less well the balance. The bass was more severe than that. Although it was powerful, it was a sound which boiled down the contours and had a sweet profile, and a deep bass sounded wrapped in everything.
This work solved all the shortcomings of such a previous episode. The new master keeps the bass powerful and the outline is also clearer. It does not wrap around the middle to high tone, and vividly depicts the beauty melody of master maid Neil Murray. On top of that, the latest and meticulous remastering is also carried out. Originally powerful sound is not even necessary for sound pressure production, only balance is thoroughly adjusted. Adjusted the bass that became brilliant by the new master to the “level of the ensemble” level, and also corrected the abnormality of the above stereo feeling. In the original sound, the pitch that was near 1/4 quarter mad was also justified.
The sound so born is exactly the supreme. The best of “TYR TOUR” which was recognized by the world mania until now is Milan performance, Osnabruck performance is second place. There is a new master of St. Wendell ‘s performance (“ST. WENDEL 1990 (Shades 833)”) broke in and competed for the top three. However, due to the appearance of this work “MILAN 1990” this time, Milan & Osnabruck returned again to the two top points again. Moreover, this work is the most intense for upgrading, so it can not be caught even with “MILAN 1990” … No, Dynamic close feeling, powerful listening response surpasses even Milan performances, “Most close to sound board” It is finished in the live album.

【Ultimate show which embodies style of Sabbath】
“TYR TOUR” drawn with that sound is exactly the style beauty shangri-la. Unfortunately it is unfortunate that Korgie’s drum solos can not be heard unlike “MILAN 1990” early in the tour, but the flow and ensemble that was brushed through the number of stages is truly amazing. The symbol is also “The Sabbath Stones”. It is a super masterpiece that draws the flow of Ozzy era “Black Sabbath”, Ronie era “Heaven And Hell”, it evolves from heavy to heavy rain but this is a transcendent version that surpasses even the most famous “TYR” . The intros cozy that strikes a pile roars solemnly, and the rich Neil’s base line, which was unknown in the studio’s work, also sways vividly. And while slowly drawing the solemn world, accelerate in the second half! While heavy tank bass drums are assaulting, there is no disorder at all, and it is ruthlessly running through ruthlessly. Heavy → Fast is an art of SABBATH continuing from debut, but this work “The Sabbath Stones” is its polar region. You can enjoy hidden super masterpieces that you can not hear even with “MILAN 1990” with the best sound.
In addition to such “The Sabbath Stones”, plenty of Mid’s dramatic numbers are “Headless Cross” “When Death Calls” “Anno Mundi (The Vision)” “Black Sabbath” “Heaven And Hell” Of course, in the meantime, fast music such as “Neon Knights”, “Children Of The Grave”, “Die Young”, “The Law Maker” are magnificently prominent. We arrange songs that are extremely heavy and fast, further constricted and a ensemble. It is precisely the polar of “TYR TOUR”.
Furthermore, enjoying only “TYR TOUR” is a “Heart Like A Wheel” section sandwiched between bass solo / guitar solo. Only here, the secret ensemble is relaxed with Hu, and a free jam mood like a return to the 70’s is unfolded. Extremely beautiful, very majestic, and flexible on it. How was the ultimate show, how great was “TYR TOUR”? It is a live album that proves it with superb sound.

“TYR TOUR” hidden in the darkness of history while exploding the band potential which produced the daimyo ‘s famous masterpiece. It is a masterpiece of a live album that conveys the whole story with the highest peak sound. Although the traditional apex “MILAN 1990” is also wonderful, this work is a new vertex work that shines further with sound board-like dynamic sound and polished ensemble. Please, enjoy it forever with the permanent preservation press 2CD.

遂に不遇の“TYR TOUR 1990”から永久保存プレスCDに相応しい極上ライヴアルバムが登場です! 本当に、本当に長かった。かの大名盤『HEAVEN AND HELL』さえも凌駕する様式美サバスの極地を描きつつ、時代に翻弄されてしまった超名盤『TYR』。“究めた”アルバムだからこそツアーもマニアから熱い眼差しが送られたわけですが、それはマニア限定の話。時代に無視された“TYR TOUR”は日程も極めて短く、ライヴ記録も極少。“HEADLESS TOUR”ですら残されたサウンドボードやプロショットも一切存在しないのです。当店では、そんな“TYR TOUR”の現場を数々の傑作オーディエンス録音でアーカイヴして参りましたが、残念ながら永久保存プレスCDに相応しいクオリティのものはありませんでした。
しかし! そんな歯がゆい状況はもう過去のこと。今週は、遂にプレスに相応しい超強力ライヴアルバム2種が同時リリース。一方は伝統のミラノ録音『MILAN 1990(Zodiac 320)』、もう1つが本作。「1990年10月22日オスナブリュック公演」の超・極上オーディエンス録音です。“TYR TOUR”は短いながらも時期によってセットが異なる。まずは、同時リリースの2大頂点をポジションで理解するためにもツアー全体像から確認しておきましょう。



そんなショウを収めた本作は「TYR TOURの新・頂点」となるライヴアルバム。録音自体は従来から知られており、ツアー屈指の名録音と呼ばれてきました。しかし、本作はそれとは異なる。最近になって発掘された新マスターで、圧倒的にアップグレードした超極上品なのです。従来マスターも距離感を感じさせないパワフルなサウンドでしたが、惜しむらくはバランスが悪かった。左右のステレオ感にクセがあり、左チャンネルで高音がキツく、後半に行くほどバランスも崩れていた。それ以上に厳しかったのが低音。力強いのは良いものの、ボワボワと輪郭が甘く、ボケた重低音がすべてを包み込んでしまうサウンドだったのです。
そうして生まれたサウンドは、まさに至高。これまで世界のマニアが認定した“TYR TOUR”のベストはミラノ公演で、オスナブリュック公演は2位。そこにザンクト・ヴェンデル公演の新マスター(『ST. WENDEL 1990(Shades 833)』のことです)が割って入り、トップ3を競ってきました。しかし、今回の『MILAN 1990』と本作の登場により、再びミラノ&オスナブリュックが2大頂点に返り咲いた。しかも、アップグレードぶりは本作こそがもっとも激しく、『MILAN 1990』にも引けを取らない……いえ、ダイナミックな密着感、パワフルな聴き応えではミラノ公演さえも凌駕し、「もっともサウンドボードに近い」ライヴアルバムに仕上がっているのです。

そのサウンドで描かれる“TYR TOUR”は、まさに様式美シャングリラ。ツアー初期の『MILAN 1990』とは違ってコージーのドラムソロが聴けないのは残念ですが、場数を踏んで磨き込まれた流れとアンサンブルは本当に素晴らしい。その象徴ともなるのが「The Sabbath Stones」。オジー時代の「Black Sabbath」、ロニー時代の「Heaven And Hell」の流れを汲み、ヘヴィから激走へと展開していく超名曲ですが、これが名盤『TYR』さえも軽く凌駕する超絶バージョンなのです。杭を打ち込むようなイントロのコージーは荘厳に轟き、スタジオ作では判然としなかった芳醇なニールのベース・ラインも鮮やかに舞い狂う。そして、厳粛な世界をじっくりと描きつつ、後半一気に加速! 重戦車バスドラが突撃しながらも乱れはまったくなく、ひたすら美麗に厳然と駆け抜ける。ヘヴィ→ファストはデビュー時から続くSABBATHのお家芸ですが、本作の「The Sabbath Stones」は、その極地。『MILAN 1990』でも聴けない隠れた超名曲を極上サウンドで堪能できるのです。
そんな「The Sabbath Stones」に加え、「Headless Cross」「When Death Calls」「Anno Mundi (The Vision)」「Black Sabbath」「Heaven And Hell」と、ミッドの劇的ナンバーがたっぷり。もちろん、その合間には「Neon Knights」「Children Of The Grave」「Die Young」「The Law Maker」といったファスト曲が華麗に疾駆する。重さも速さも極めつけな曲を取りそろえ、さらにグッと引き締めた構成とアンサンブル。まさに“TYR TOUR”の極地です。
さらに“TYR TOUR”だけのお楽しみは、ベースソロ/ギターソロに挟まれた「Heart Like A Wheel」セクション。ここだけはギリギリと引き締まったアンサンブルがフッと緩み、まるで70年代に戻ったかのようなフリーなジャム・ムードが繰り広げられる。極めて美しく、極めて雄大で、その上で硬軟自在。“TYR TOUR”がいかに素晴らしかったか、いかに究極的なショウだったのか。それを極上サウンドで証明してくれるライヴアルバムなのです。

希代の大名盤を生み出したバンド・ポテンシャルが炸裂しながら、歴史の闇に隠れてきた“TYR TOUR”。その一部始終を最高峰サウンドで伝えてくれるライヴアルバムの大傑作です。伝統の頂点『MILAN 1990』も素晴らしいですが、本作はさらにサウンドボード的なダイナミック・サウンドと磨き抜かれたアンサンブルが輝く新たなる頂点作。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでいつまでもお楽しみください。


Disc 1 (61:59)
1. Ave Satani/The Gates Of Hell 2. Neon Knights 3. Iron Man 4. Children Of The Grave
5. Die Young 6. The Sabbath Stones 7. Bass Solo 8. Heart Like A Wheel/Guitar Solo
9. Headless Cross 10. When Death Calls 11. The Law Maker

Disc 2 (35:29)
1. Intro. 2. Anno mundi (The Vision) 3. Black Sabbath 4. Heaven And Hell
5. Paranoid/Heaven And Hell(reprise)

Tony Iommi – Guitar Tony Martin – Vocal Neil Murray – Bass Cozy Powell – Drums
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards


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