Black Sabbath / Milan 1990 / 2CD

Black Sabbath / Milan 1990 / 2CD / Zodiac

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The Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy 1st October 1990

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Legend recording reigning in the throne of “TYR TOUR 1990”. The highest peak master of that history appears in permanent preservation press 2CD.
Such a live album of the champion was born “Milan performance on October 1, 1990”. Its super / superb audience recording. This recording was known for a long time as the apex of “TYR TOUR”. In Japan it is a name recording in name recording that was introduced as “ROAD OF TYR” of prestigious BONDAGE label. This work is a new master to update that highest peak.
This recording has also continued being the gospel of SABBATH mania. In the long SABBATH history, there are only three album tours with no sound board left. The 3 tours were required audience recording to become “sound board substitute”, and violent topic debate was spread among collectors. First of all, let’s organize the 3 tours and the vertices that the world’s maniacs acknowledged.



● TYR TOUR 1990
→ 【this work】

Apart from the detailed tour of the reorganization SABBATH, there are only three of the above that the sound board does not exist in the regular tour accompanying the album. In our shop, we introduce the highest peak quality record of vertex recording by press CD, and this work will be the last one.
Actually, the sound of this work is overwhelming. Just say “substitute for sound board” … … or just “go to the sound board” on the ground. Not only direct places without distance feeling, but also sharp sound rise, fine detail, gorgeous ringing. It is definitely an audience recording because it sucks in raw cheers, but it is the best time to fall into the illusion that each song’s performance starts like listening to the finest FM recording. It was felt in masterpiece “ROAD OF TYR”, but this work is more than that. What is great is nothing natural. “ROAD OF TYR” was also a sound only called masterpiece, but somewhat sound balance was unstable (from the trend of the time) Mastering of sound pressure earning was also bangs and irritability. However, the master of this work is definitely a younger generation than that, the details and the ringing are really natural and neat.
If added to the core collector, the highest peak sound of this recording has been regarded as a legend analog “DIES IRAE” so far among world maniacs. However, this work also exceeds even legend LP. “DIES IRAE” There was no limiter trace due to applause and there was almost no noise in the second half. More than anything, “Heart Like A Wheel” which had been cut and the bass solo / guitar solo before and after that were also recorded completely. You can enjoy full show seamlessly with a sound comparable to that legend LP.
The show drawn with such quality is the supremely blissful dramatic SABBATH. This week, another “TYR TOUR” apex “OSNABRUCK 1990 (Zodiac 319)” will be released at the same time, but in fact the time differs from this work and the set is also different. So let’s first check the position of the show with the whole tour.

“August 6” TYR “release”
· September 1 – 13: UK (10 performances)
· September 25 – October 2: Italy (6 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· October 3 – 6: Switzerland (3 performances)
· October 8th + 9th: Austria (2 performances)
· October 10 – 24: Germany # 1 (11 shows)
· October 26 – November 1: Scandinavia / Belgium / Netherlands (5 shows)
· November 3 – 28: Germany # 2 / Luxembourg (7 performances)
“December: returning to Giza Butler”

An overview of “TYR TOUR” which was short. The tour began from the home country UK, but the Milan performance of this work is immediately after that. It was a concert that was the 5th tour of the Italian tour. Most of the masterpieces of “TYR TOUR” are born from “German # 1”, but this work is pretty early than that. The set has been replaced also in this short period, and this work includes “War Pigs” not in the main work of “German # 1”, Korgie’s drum solo, and “Black Sabbath” introduction “The Sign Of The You can listen to Southern Cross.
The vivid arrangement that instantly switches to “War Pigs” from “When Death Calls” by Cozy is also awesome but cool, but the greatest listening is still a Kojii drum solo. In Sabbath, it was a cozy which did not set a solo time, but in a very part of 1990 he also performed solo. Unlike EL & POWELL, we will have plenty of dramatic solo with “Mars” orchestra tape backed for about 10 minutes. Moreover, this work is the last stage. There is also a story saying that there was a solo in Switzerland after this, but the Milan performance is the last that remains in the recording. In the subsequent BRIAN MAY BAND, although drum solo was doing, it is also a short version of a form to be inserted between songs, perhaps this work is the possibility of a large scale drum solo of the last of Kozie ‘s lifetime enough There is.

In heavyweight BLACK SABBATH’s history, there is no other choice but “TYR” is definitely the best part of a noble drama. It is a super masterpiece of the live album which the top vertex recording of that era revived with the sound that updates the highest peak. Unfortunately excavation of the sound board did not come true 28 years had passed but I heal that dryness and it is a famous Daimyo Daimyo board that tells the true price of “TYR TOUR”. Permanent preservation Press 2 CD is emerging.

“TYR TOUR 1990”の王座に君臨してきた伝説録音。その史上最高峰マスターが永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。
そんな王者のライヴアルバムが生まれたのは「1990年10月1日ミラノ公演」。その超・極上オーディエンス録音です。この録音は、“TYR TOUR”の頂点として古くから知られていたもの。日本では名門BONDAGEレーベルの『ROAD OF TYR』としても紹介されてきた名録音中の名録音。本作は、その最高峰を更新する新マスターなのです。



●TYR TOUR 1990

実際、本作のサウンドは圧倒的。まさに「サウンドボード代わり」……と言いますか、「まるでサウンドボード」を地で行く。距離感のないダイレクトっぷりだけでなく、鋭い音の立ち上がり、きめ細やかなディテール、艶やかな鳴り。生々しい喝采も吸い込んでいるので間違いなくオーディエンス録音なのですが、各曲の演奏が始まるや極上のFM録音を聴いているような錯覚に陥る極上ぶりなのです。その凄みは名作『ROAD OF TYR』でも感じられましたが、本作はそれ以上。何よりも素晴らしいのはナチュラルさ。『ROAD OF TYR』も名作と呼ばれるだけのサウンドではありましたが、ややサウンド・バランスが不安定で(当時の流行からか)音圧稼ぎのマスタリングがパンパンと耳障りでもありました。しかし、本作のマスターはそれより若ジェネなのは間違いなく、ディテールも鳴りも実に自然で端正なのです。
コア・コレクターの方に付記しますと、世界のマニア間ではこの録音の最高峰サウンドはこれまで伝説アナログ『DIES IRAE』とされてきました。しかし、本作はかの伝説LPさえも超えている。『DIES IRAE』にはあった拍手によるリミッター痕がなく、後半のノイズもほとんどない。何より、カットされていた「Heart Like A Wheel」やその前後のベースソロ/ギターソロも完全収録。あの伝説LPに匹敵するサウンドでフルショウをシームレスに楽しめるのです。
そんなクオリティで描かれるショウは、至高・至福のドラマティックSABBATH。今週は、もう1本の“TYR TOUR”頂点『OSNABRUCK 1990(Zodiac 319)』も同時リリースとなりますが、実は本作とは時期が異なり、セットも違う。そこで、まずはツアー全体像でショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。


これが短かった“TYR TOUR”の概要。ツアーは母国イギリスから始まりましたが、本作のミラノ公演はその直後。イタリア・ツアーの5公演目にあたるコンサートでした。“TYR TOUR”の名作はほとんどが「ドイツ#1」から生まれていますが、本作はそれよりグッと初期。この短い期間にもセットを入れ替えており、本作には「ドイツ#1」の代表作群にはない「War Pigs」やコージーのドラムソロ、さらには「Black Sabbath」のイントロとなる「The Sign Of The Southern Cross」まで聴けるのです。
「When Death Calls」からコージーの1発で瞬時に「War Pigs」に切り替わる鮮やかなアレンジも恐ろしくカッコイイのですが、やはり最大の聴きものはコージーのドラムソロ。サバスではほとんどソロタイムを設けなかったコージーですが、1990年の極一部ではソロも披露していた。EL&POWELLとは違って「Mars」のオーケストラ・テープをバックにしてのドラマティック・ソロを約10分に渡ってたっぷりと聞かせてくれるのです。しかも、本作こそが最後期。この後、スイス公演でもソロがあったという話もありますが、録音で残っているのはミラノ公演が最後。その後のBRIAN MAY BANDでもドラムソロはやっていましたが、そちらは曲の合間に差し込む形のショート・バージョンでもあり、もしかしたら本作こそがコージーの生涯最後の大規模ドラム・ソロという可能性も十分にあるのです。

重鎮BLACK SABBATHの歴史でも、高潔なドラマの極めつけだったのは間違いなく『TYR』をおいて他にありません。その時代の頂点録音が最高峰を更新するサウンドで甦ったライヴアルバムの超名作です。残念ながらサウンドボードの発掘が叶わず28年もの時間が経ってしまいましたが、その乾きを癒し、“TYR TOUR”の真価を伝えてくれる希代の大名盤。永久保存プレス2CDで堂々の登場です。


Disc 1 (44:58)
1. Ave Satani/The Gates Of Hell 2. Neon Knights 3. Iron Man 4. Children Of The Grave
5. Anno mundi (The Vision) 6. Headless Cross 7. When Death Calls 8. War Pigs

Disc 2 (54:42)
1. Bass Solo 2. Heart Like A Wheel/Guitar Solo 3. The Law Maker
4. Drums Solo incl. Mars ★ 5. The Sign Of The Southern Cross Intro
6. Black Sabbath 7. Die Young 8. Heaven And Hell 9. Paranoid/Heaven And Hell(reprise)

Tony Iommi – Guitar Tony Martin – Vocal Neil Murray – Bass Cozy Powell – Drums
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards


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