Black Sabbath / Definitive St Wendel 1990 / 2CD

Black Sabbath / Definitive St Wendel 1990 / 2CD / Zodiac

Live at Sporthalle, Sankt Wendel, Germany 20th October 1990



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This year’s 30th anniversary dramatic SABBATH masterpiece “TYR”. A daimyo board that conveys the ultimate tour that is magnificent is now available on the permanent preservation press 2CD. This work is engraved on the finest audience recording of “October 20, 1990 in St. Wendel (Germany)”. Yes, it is an upgraded album that refined that masterpiece “ST. WENDEL 1990” to the ultimate form!

[The fierce peak recording race of the ultimate beautiful tour] ず I inadvertently called it “ultimate tour” or “masterpiece”, but if you are not a collector, you may not come to a pin. Let’s start with Ichi. In the first place, “TYR TOUR” is the secret of recording, contrary to the album’s super famous record. Along with “MASTER OF REALITY TOUR” and “THE ETERNAL IDOL TOUR”, this tour has no professional shots or sound boards at all, and the excavation of audience recording has been delayed due to the short schedule. The name recording of the Cozy-Powell era was “HEADLESS CROSS TOUR”…. Of course, as time went on, the excavation progressed, and the lack of a sound board led to an intensifying “Odins top competition”.
And, in our shop, press the two books that are firmly evaluated as “top of the TYR tour”. Released as “MILAN 1990 (Zodiac 320)” and “OSNABRUCK 1990 (Zodiac 319)”. These two are the highest recordings of famous recordings that have survived fierce top races. However, almost at the same time as the permanent preservation, a new masterpiece of excavation appeared. That was the Shades label ST. WENDEL 1990. It was a new recording that came out with a sound saying, “Digitalization directly from Omoto master tape.” Not only is it master quality, but the recording itself is amazing. Anyway, the powerful and beautiful sound was made its first appearance, and it was reduced to the press editions “MILAN 1990” and “OSNABRUCK 1990”. This work is a refinement of such a shock master with meticulous mastering. As a matter of fact, when it first appeared, there was one drawback that lacked the finish of the painting, but it was overcome and the whole sound was treated. It became the ultimate board suitable for permanent preservation!
ア ッ プ グ レ ー ド You may be worried about the upgrade, but first, the show position. This work will be a “vertex trilogy” in conjunction with “MILAN 1990” and “OSNABRUCK 1990”, so let’s check the positional relationship between each other in the schedule.

<< August 6 “TYR” release >>
● England
・ September 1-13 (10 performances)
● Continental Europe
・ September 25-29 (4 performances)
・ October 1: Milan performance @ “MILAN 1990”
・ October 2-18 (13 performances)
・ October 20: Sankt Wendel performance ← ★ This work ★
・ October 21: Dusseldorf performance
・ October 22: Osnabrück Performance @ “OSNABRUCK 1990”
・ October 24-November 28 (13 performances)
《December: Return to Geyser Butler》

This is a panoramic view of Satyr’s unexplored area “TYR TOUR”. There were no North America or Australia, let alone Japan, and it was only a three-month European tour with a total of 44 performances. Among them, the performance of St. Wendell in this work was a concert equivalent to the 19th performance of Continental Europe. The tournament’s main battlefield is Germany, with 17 performances over its native UK. Among them, “October 20-22” was a miraculous three-day consecutive performance that produced this work and “OSNABRUCK 1990”. ).

[“The last name recording” that achieved the ultimate quality] Well, the main subject. This work recorded such a show, but this is already beautiful. Although this sound board-like direct feeling is not as good as “OSNABRUCK 1990”, this work goes up in beauty. Slightly beautiful squealing in the sense of transparent air reveals the world of Scandinavian mythology, with a powerful core penetrating the middle of it and the edges shining clearly. “OSNABRUCK 1990” was so powerful that there were moments when the bass peak was vibrated, but this work does not have that. In the first place, the beauty of the echo feeling and the sharp edge that the studio work “TYR” had were both compatible, but this work also has that nuance.
Actually, the mastering of this work is at this “edge”. The original sound was beautiful enough, but it could not be denied that it was slightly round, and the sound solidified when Cozy hit the bass drum repeatedly. However, in this work, one shot is clear by sharpening the edge while keeping the beautiful echo feeling. In addition, the stereo feel is also vivid, and the unique dynamism of stiff sound and fantasy, described as “hitting a drum can,” is wonderfully depicted.
And the biggest drawback of the original sound was “Black Sabbath”. Those who have experienced “ST. WENDEL 1990” may have been surprised by the noise of “Zaza” suddenly in about two and a half minutes, but this work is full restoration. If you listen to your ears microscopically with headphones, you may feel the remnants, but it is also a bit “dusty”. Overcoming the biggest barriers to press production, we finally realized a super-beautiful live album suitable for permanent preservation.
シ ョ The show drawn with such ultimate sound is the far north of dramatic SABBATH. Many people are familiar with “HEADLESS CROSS TOUR” in the Cozy era, so let’s organize the sets while comparing.

● Ozzy era (4 songs)
・ BLACK SABBATH: Black Sabbath
・ PARANOID: Iron Man / Paranoid
・ MASTER OF REALITY: Children Of The Grave
● Ronnie era (3 songs) / Glen era (1 song)
・ HEAVEN AND HELL: Neon Knights / Die Young / Heaven And Hell
・ SEVENTH STAR: Heart Like A Wheel (★)
● The Martin era (5 songs)
・ HEADLESS CROSS: Headless Cross / When Death Calls
・ TYR: The Sabbath Stones (★) / The Law Maker (★) / Anno Mundi (The Vision) (★)
* Note: The “★” mark indicates songs not performed on “HEADLESS CROSS TOUR”.

… and it looks like this. Famous songs such as “Children of the Sea”, “War Pigs”, “The Shining” and “The Mob Rules” have dropped, so the best feeling has diminished, but instead the songs on the set are too great. “The Sabbath Stones,” which inherits the lineage of “Black Sabbath” and “Heaven And Hell,” “The Law Maker,” the most intense run number, and “Anno Mundi (The Vision),” the inflection of dramatism. In the treasure tune of the super famous board “TYR”, the hand that became goo is painful. “Heart Like A Wheel” of “SEVENTH STAR” is not only extremely rare, but also combined with Neil’s bass solo (which is also unusual) and Iomi’s solo, depicting the jam time as if the 70’s revived Will give you.

TY “TYR TOUR” ended with bubbles while drawing the extremes of dramaticism and dynamism. This work is the best live album to enjoy the unexplored era where the sound board cannot be expected. “MILAN 1990”, “OSNABRUCK 1990” & this work is a trilogy that really can’t be attached, but on the other hand, the dimensions are different from other works. Our press trilogy is the conclusion of the 30-year-old “TYR TOUR”.
Although it is a royal road to complete this trilogy, this work is also perfect for “First one”. And it will surely be “more!” A masterpiece so much. Please experience with the permanent preservation press 2CD!
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今年、30周年を迎えたドラマティック系SABBATHの最高傑作『TYR』。壮麗を極めた究極ツアーを伝える大名盤が永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。そんな本作が刻まれているのは「1990年10月20日ザンクト・ヴェンデル公演(ドイツ)」の極上オーディエンス録音。そう、あの名作『ST. WENDEL 1990』を究極形に磨き込んだアップグレード・アルバムです!

思わず「究極ツアー」「名作」とまくし立ててしまいましたが、コレクターの方でないとピンと来ないかも知れません。イチからご説明していきましょう。そもそも、“TYR TOUR”は、アルバムの超名盤ぶりに反して録音の秘境。“MASTER OF REALITY TOUR”・“THE ETERNAL IDOL TOUR”と並んでプロショットやサウンドボードが一切存在しないツアーであり、日程の短さからオーディエンス録音の発掘も遅れてきた。コージー・パウエル時代の名録音というと“HEADLESS CROSS TOUR”ばかり……という状況が長く続きました。もちろん時間が経つにつれて発掘も進み、サウンドボードが存在しないからこそ「オーディンスの頂点競争」も激しさを増していったのです。
そして、当店では「TYRツアーの頂点」との評価が固まった2本をプレス化。『MILAN 1990(Zodiac 320)』『OSNABRUCK 1990(Zodiac 319)』としてリリース致しました。この2本は従来から熾烈な頂点レースを勝ち抜いてきた名録音の最高峰盤。ところが、その永久保存化とほぼ同時に新発掘の超傑作も登場したのです。それがShadesレーベルの『ST. WENDEL 1990』でした。「大元マスター・テープからダイレクトにデジタル化」と鳴り物入りで現れた新録音だったのですが、単にマスター・クオリティなだけではなく、録音そのものも驚異的。とにかく力強く美麗なサウンドは初登場にしてプレス盤『MILAN 1990』『OSNABRUCK 1990』に肉薄してしまったのです。本作は、そんな衝撃マスターを細心マスタリングで磨き込んだもの。実のところ、初登場時には画竜点睛を欠く欠点が1カ所あったのですが、それを克服し、さらに全体のサウンドもトリートメント。永久保存に相応しい究極盤となったのです!
そのアップグレードぶりが気になるとことですが、まずはショウのポジション。本作は『MILAN 1990』『OSNABRUCK 1990』と併せて「頂点三部作」となるものですので、日程で互いの位置関係も確認しておきましょう。

・10月1日:ミラノ公演 『MILAN 1990』
・10月20日:ザンクト・ヴェンデル公演 ←★本作★
・10月22日:オスナブリュック公演 『OSNABRUCK 1990』

これがサバス史上の秘境“TYR TOUR”の全景。来日はおろか北米も豪州もなく、約3ヶ月・全44公演の欧州ツアーだけでした。その中で本作のザンクト・ヴェンデル公演は大陸ヨーロッパ編の19公演目にあたるコンサートでした。このツアーの主戦場はドイツでして、母国イギリスを超える17公演を実施。その中でも“10月20日-22日”は本作と『OSNABRUCK 1990』を生み出した奇跡の3日連続公演でした(ちなみに中日デュッセルドルフ公演も『DUSSELDORF 1990(Shades 955)』でお楽しみ頂けます)。

さて、本題。そんなショウを記録した本作ですが、これがもう美麗中の美麗。サウンドボード的なダイレクト感は『OSNABRUCK 1990』ほどではないにせよ、美しさでは本作が上を行く。透き通る空気感の中でほんのりと美しい鳴りが北欧神話の世界を現出させ、そのド真ん中をパワフルな芯が貫き、エッジはクリアに輝く。『OSNABRUCK 1990』はあまりにパワフルで低音ピークがビビる瞬間もありましたが、本作にはそれがない。そもそも、スタジオ作『TYR』が持っていたヒンヤリとしたエコー感の美しさと鋭いエッジが両立していましたが、本作にもあのニュアンスが息づいているのです。
そして、原音で最大の欠点だったのが「Black Sabbath」。『ST. WENDEL 1990』を体験された方は2分半辺りでいきなり大きい「ザザッ」というノイズにビックリされたかも知れませんが、本作では全力修復。ヘッドフォンで顕微鏡的に耳を澄ませると名残を感じるかも知れませんが、それも「ちょっと埃っぽい」くらい。プレス化を阻んでいた最大の障壁を乗り越え、遂に永久保存に相応しい超・美麗ライヴアルバムを実現したのです。
そんな究極サウンドで描かれるショウは、ドラマティックSABBATHの極北。コージー時代と言えば“HEADLESS CROSS TOUR”に馴染んでいる方も多いでしょうから、比較しながらセットを整理してみましょう。

・BLACK SABBATH:Black Sabbath
・PARANOID:Iron Man/Paranoid
・MASTER OF REALITY:Children Of The Grave
・HEAVEN AND HELL:Neon Knights/Die Young/Heaven And Hell
・SEVENTH STAR:Heart Like A Wheel(★)
・HEADLESS CROSS:Headless Cross/When Death Calls
・TYR:The Sabbath Stones(★)/The Law Maker(★)/Anno Mundi (The Vision)(★)
※注:「★」印は“HEADLESS CROSS TOUR”で演奏していない曲。

……と、このようになっています。「Children of the Sea」「War Pigs」「The Shining」「The Mob Rules」といった有名曲が落ちているためにベスト感は薄れていますが、その代わりにセット入りしている曲が素晴らしすぎる。「Black Sabbath」「Heaven And Hell」の系譜を継ぐ「The Sabbath Stones」、随一の激走ナンバー「The Law Maker」、ドラマティズムの権化「Anno Mundi (The Vision)」……。超名盤『TYR』の至宝曲に、グーになった手が痛くてたまらない。『SEVENTH STAR』の「Heart Like A Wheel」も激レアなだけでなく、ニールのベース・ソロ(これも珍しい)やアイオミのソロと相まって、まるで70年代が甦ったようなジャム・タイムを描き出してくれるのです。

ドラマティシズムとダイナミズムの極地を描きながら、泡沫で終わってしまった“TYR TOUR”。本作は、サウンドボードが望めない秘境時代を味わうのに最高のライヴアルバムです。『MILAN 1990』『OSNABRUCK 1990』&本作の3作は本当に甲乙が付けられない三部作ではありますが、その一方で他の諸作とは次元が違う。当店のプレス三部作は、30年を経た“TYR TOUR”の結論なのです。

Disc 1 (69:42)
1. Ave Satani/The Gates Of Hell
2. Neon Knights
3. Iron Man
4. Children Of The Grave
5. Die Young
6. The Sabbath Stones
7. Bass Solo
8. Heart Like A Wheel
9. Guitar Solo
10. Headless Cross
11. When Death Calls
12. The Law Maker
13. Anno Mundi

Disc 2 (31:52)
1. Black Sabbath
2. Heaven And Hell
3. Paranoid
4. Laguna Sunrise

Tony Iommi – Guitar Tony Martin – Vocal Neil Murray – Bass Cozy Powell – Drums
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards



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