Black Sabbath / Definitive Kawasaki 1989 / 2CD

Black Sabbath / Definitive Kawasaki 1989 / 2CD / Zodiac

Live at Club Citta Kawasaki, Kawasaki, Japan 14th October 1989

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An unforgettable return to Japan in 1989, alongside the legendary first visit to Japan. The legendary club recording born from the scene is upgraded. Appeared on a permanent preservation press CD.
This work was recorded in a performance on October 14, 1989: Club Citta Kawasaki. It is a great audience recording. As you may know, some people have already come to the foreground, but on this day, the masterpiece “SABBAT” has been loved as a representative work in 1989 for many years. This work is the highest peak that that historical name recording was brushed up.
1989 Also, in 1989, it was the first performance in Japan with heroes Cozy Powell and Neil Murray in nine years. In our shop, the monument tour is archived with numerous famous recordings. First, let’s check the show position from the schedule at the time.

・ October 14: Club Citta Kawasaki ← ★ Coco ★
・ October 16: Tokyo Welfare Pension Hall “POWER OF DARKNESS”
・ October 17: Tokyo Health and Welfare Pension Hall “HEADLESS NIGHT”
・ October 19: Osaka Festival Hall @ “OSAKA 1989 SOUNDBOARD”
・ October 21: Aichi Prefectural Labor Hall “NAGOYA 1989”
* Only representative albums on each day.

Above, all 5 performances. Following Ronnie James Dio’s first visit to Japan, the performance in Japan with cozy participation was a great success involving RAINBOW fans, but the Kawasaki performance of this work was the first day. It was the only standing club performance at the time.
真空 This work, which is vacuum-packed at the site, is a super real sound that has the best sense of presence if the performance is excellent. Sabbath himself was the first in nine years, but Cozy and Neil were the first in five years since “Super Rock ’84”. Moreover, “HEADLESS CROSS” is not a blues rock like a white snake, nor a prog like EL & P, but a great masterpiece that enhances the style beauty of RAINBOW, which is the most shining of cozy. You can feel the heat of Japan, which was probably the most delighted in the world, in a super-realistic way.
書 き It’s kind of like a screaming recording, but it’s not. The heart of this work is a powerful sound that is powerfully on. The powerful core is pierced in front of you without any sense of distance, and thanks to its clear, transparent air, details are detailed. The feeling of a closed room unique to the club is enormous, and it sounds like “the four people” are within reach.
In addition, this work updates the highest peak of such a famous recording. Digitized again from the original master, and brushed up with meticulous mastering. Of course, it is a brand that is pressed even if it is the original sound, and this work retains its taste. On top of that, I checked the whole part and corrected it. For example, left and right stereo balance. In the original sound, the recording position had an effect, or the balance was slightly right, but in this work, the ensemble was corrected so that it could be tasted evenly. Even if the pitch is adjusted, each band is carefully checked, the low range is reinforced and the balance with the powerful high range is adjusted, and the final minute noise is also reduced.
ば Speaking of this recording, the tape change part of “When Death Calls” and “Heaven And Hell” is also a point. In this work as well as in “SABBAT”, it is supplemented by a separate recording, but the finish is higher in this work. In “SABBAT”, it was connected by grooving, but this work smoothly transitions with crossfade, so that you can enjoy the full show seamlessly. They respected the significance of historic club recordings to the maximum, yet polished them in a way that was easy to hear and realistic.
フ ル The full show drawn with such an upgrade sound is the heart. First of all, let’s look at the set that is said to be the best in each tour.

● Ozzy era (5 songs)
・ BLACK SABBATH: Black Sabbath
・ PARANOID: War Pigs / Iron Man / Paranoid
・ MASTER OF REALITY: Children Of The Grave
● Ronnie era (5 songs)
・ HEAVEN AND HELL: Neon Knights / Children Of The Sea / Die Young / Heaven And Hell
・ MOB RULES: The Mob Rules
● The Martin era (3 songs)
・ HEADLESS CROSS: Headless Cross / When Death Calls

… and it looks like this. The set which concentrated the three of Ozzy era / Ronnie era / Martin era in a good balance is just “THE BEST OF SABBATH”. The classics are selected from the ten deadly songs that have been sung by all singers. The later “TYR”, “CROSS PURPOSES” and “FORBIDDEN” numbers basically only played on each tour, but the three songs that can be heard in this work are representatives of Martin Sabbath who played each tour Song. There are no examples of such a concentrated tour before or after, and it is because the enthusiasts call it “HEADLESS CROSS TOUR is the ultimate tour”.
And this work is amazing because you can experience such super and concentrated vests at the club. The enthusiasm and on-site feeling are super-real while premised on the aforementioned powerful sound. When QUEENSRYCHE of the venue BGM stopped, the audience’s reverberation that sensed the performance started to boil, and the evil “Ave Satani” sounded like a crushing “Sabas! Sabas! Sabas!” Call. Audience pushes back the disturbing mood with “Sabbath!” And “Cozy!” Calls, and the show begins with “The Gates Of Hell / Headless Cross” as per the album. It’s hot at this point. After that, when the performance started, the above-mentioned thick sound ran across the scene and the audience calmed down, but still cheers and cheered at key points. That is the reality in which the pose and the appearance of Cozy, who is nervous in that pose, come to mind.

The ultimate best set in the entire history of Sabbath, a lineup called “the strongest in British rock”, an ensemble that maximizes the dramaticism unique to Sabbath … 1989 Club Citta Kawasaki is all in a narrow club space It was a miraculous show. The highest peak of legendary recording that can witness the space with the finest sound. Please enjoy this live album, a permanent preservation press 2CD.


・10月14日:クラブチッタ川崎 ←★ココ★
・10月16日:東京厚生年金会館 『POWER OF DARKNESS』
・10月17日:東京厚生年金会館 『HEADLESS NIGHT』
・10月19日:大阪フェスティバルホール 『OSAKA 1989 SOUNDBOARD』
・10月21日:愛知県勤労会館 『NAGOYA 1989』

その現場を真空パックした本作は、演奏も絶品なら臨場感も最高な超リアル・サウンド。サバス自身も9年ぶりでしたが、コージーやニールも“スーパーロック’84”以来の5年ぶり。しかも、『HEADLESS CROSS』は白蛇のようなブルースロックでもなければ、EL&Pのようなプログレでもなく、コージーがもっとも輝くRAINBOW譲りの様式美を極限まで高めた大名盤。恐らくは世界一歓喜していたであろう日本の熱気を超リアルに感じ取れるのです。
また、この録音と言えば、「When Death Calls」「Heaven And Hell」のテープチェンジ部もポイント。本作でも『SABBAT』と同じように別録音で補填しているのですが、その仕上がりは本作の方が上。『SABBAT』ではブツ切りで繋いでいましたが、本作はクロスフェードで滑らかに移行しており、シームレスにフルショウを堪能できるようにしました。あくまでも歴史的なクラブ録音の意義を最大限に尊重し、それでいて聴きやすくリアルなまま磨き込んだのです。

・BLACK SABBATH:Black Sabbath
・PARANOID:War Pigs/Iron Man/Paranoid
・MASTER OF REALITY:Children Of The Grave
・HEAVEN AND HELL:Neon Knights/Children Of The Sea/Die Young/Heaven And Hell
・MOB RULES:The Mob Rules
・HEADLESS CROSS:Headless Cross/When Death Calls

……と、このようになっています。オジー時代/ロニー時代/マーティン時代の3つをバランス良く濃縮したセットは、まさに“THE BEST OF SABBATH”。クラシックスは歴代シンガーが必ずと言って良いほど歌ってきた必殺の10曲が選ばれているわけですが、マーティン時代も極めつけ。後の『TYR』『CROSS PURPOSES』『FORBIDDEN』ナンバーは基本的にそれぞれのツアーでしか演奏しなかったのですが、本作で聴ける3曲はツアーの度に演奏していたマーティン・サバスの代表曲。これほど濃縮感のあるツアーは前にも後にも例がなく、マニア筋から「HEADLESS CROSS TOURこそが究極ツアー」とも呼ばれる由縁なのです。
そして、そんな超・濃縮ベストをクラブで体験できるから本作は凄い。前述のパワフル・サウンドを前提にしつつ、熱狂も現場感も超リアル。会場BGMのQUEENSRYCHEが鳴り止むや、開演を察知した観客の響めきが沸き上がり、「サバス!サバス!サバス!」コールを押しつぶすように邪悪な「Ave Satani」が鳴り響く。その不穏なムードを観客が「サバス!」「コージー!」コールで押し返し、アルバム通りの「The Gates Of Hell/Headless Cross」でショウが幕を開ける……。もう、この時点で熱いのなんの。その後、演奏が始まるや前述した極太サウンドが現場を蹂躙し、観客も鎮まるのですが、それでも要所要所で喝采が挙がり、声援が飛ぶ。それこそ、あのポーズでビッシビシとキメるコージーの姿が目に浮かんでくるリアリティなのです。


Disc 1 (48:09)
1. Ave Satani
2. The Gates Of Hell
3. Headless Cross
4. Neon Knights
45. Children Of The Sea
6. Die Young
7. When Death Calls
8. War Pigs ★0:49-1:14 補填
9. The Shining

Disc 2 (42:50)
1. The Mob Rules
2. Black Sabbath
3. Iron Man
4. Children Of The Grave
5. Heaven And Hell ★7:06-7:42頃 補填
6. Paranoid / Heaven And Hell(reprise)

Tony Iommi – Guitar Tony Martin – Vocals Neil Murray – Bass
Cozy Powell – Drums Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards




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