Black Sabbath / Anthens 1987 / 1CDR

Black Sabbath / Anthens 1987 / 1CDR / Shades

Panathinaikos Stadium Anthens Greece 21st July 1987.

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BLACK SABBATH sound source world where new excavations that are feats are occurring one after another mainly in the 70’s. This time, a masterpiece live album of the phantom lineup that existed for only one night has popped out!
The engraving on this work is “July 21, 1987 Athens performance”. It is an audience recording that recorded one act of the Greek performance, which is said to be only twice in history. It’s super rare just to say Greece in Sabas, but the point of this work is not there. It is a live album where you can listen to the official lineup of phantoms that collapsed in just one live. The lineup consists of Tony Iommi / Tony Martin / Jeff Nichols / Bev Bevan / Dave Spitz. Let’s look back on the schedule at that time to explain the situation.

《March 1: Participation in Bev Bevan》
《July 14: Gieser and Rehearsal → Return to Dave Spitz》
× July 18: Plymouth performance (cancelled)
・ July 21: Greece performance ← ★ This work (Martin’s first day) ★
《Leaving Bev → Joining Terry Chimes》
・ July 25-August 9: South Africa (6 performances)
《August 15: Withdrawal from Spitz / October 1: Participation in Joe Bart》
《November 1st release of “THE ETERNAL IDOL”》
・ November 22-December 2: West Germany (9 performances)
・ December 4-12: Italy (6 performances)
× December 20-28: Europe (4 performances: canceled)

[Phantom BLACK SABBATH that disappeared only for one night] This is the history of 1987, which deepened the most confusion in Sabas history. I will omit the confusion of album production because it will be long, but it was chaotic even after completion. The initial members were two Tony and Nichols, and Bev Bevan, who slipped back just before the completion of “THE ETERNAL IDOL”. At first, Geezer Butler was returned for the tour, but he separated again only by rehearsal. I had to cancel the Plymouth performance on the first day, but one week later (!!), I suddenly recalled Dave Spitz, who had withdrawn from the early stages of the production of “THE ETERNAL IDOL”, to the Greek performance.
Sabas managed to perform in Greece, but the hardships continued. A South African tour was planned four days after the performance in Greece, but South Africa at that time was in the middle of global bashing due to apartheid policy. Bev, who opposed the tour itself, withdrew, and the rhythm section was replaced. It can be confusing just to put it into words, but as a result, there are three types of lineup that were realized in 1987. Let’s organize it.

・ A: Greece (July 21st) → Spitz & Bevan ★ This work ★
・ B: South Africa (July 25-August 9) → Spitz & Chimes
・ C: Europe (November 22nd-December 12th) → Bart & Chimes

… And it looks like this. All the recordings known for “THE ETERNAL IDOL TOUR” are “C”. No recording of “B” in South Africa has been found yet, and the record of “A” appears for the first time this time. It was a one-night lineup and was Tony Martin’s first stage.

[Clear sound unique to open venues] This work, which recorded such a show, is a wonderful audience recording that blows away the superb rarity. Clear anyway. The site, “Panathenaic Stadium,” is a venue for 50,000 people (that is, Tokyo Dome class), but there is no sound reflection due to the open space without a ceiling. What’s more, the sound is picked up beautifully, probably because it was as close as PA, and it is a famous recording that makes you feel a huge audience spectacle but does not have a sense of distance.
Moreover, this work is the highest peak. As a matter of fact, this recording is currently open to two transfers. However, this has advantages and disadvantages. One has good sound quality, but the sound is severely interrupted, and the other is seamless, but the sound quality is not good. Moreover, both of them are randomly out of pitch. And this work overcomes such a drawback. The best version that combines the best of both worlds by making full use of the two masters, and the pitch is corrected normally. It is a live album where you can enjoy the precious show with the longest and best quality.

[Martin’s enthusiasm at the stadium for 50,000 people on the first day] It is a once-in-a-lifetime show that is drawn with such a sound. The set seems to have basically completed the basics of “THE ETERNAL IDOL TOUR”, but there is no new song for “THE ETERNAL IDOL”. Instead, I play the rare song “Heart Like A Wheel”. Perhaps he decided that it would be a while before the album was released to release a new song, or maybe he chose a song that Dave Spitz, who recalled, could immediately respond to.
And even more intense is Tony Martin! In both good and vice versa, it is a great impact that determines this work. First, a good meaning. Anyway, intense and wonderful vocalization !! The youthful voice was very fresh, the high stretched beautifully, and the powerful Kobusi was decided. It has long been said that “1987 is the best time for Martin”, but even by that standard, it’s amazing. Since there are other famous performances, I’m not sure if I can declare it as “No. 1”, but it is definitely the most promising candidate. As mentioned above, this day is Martin’s first stage, but suddenly he is biting a transcendental vocal.
By the way, it’s not the other good meaning, but the site is actually rough. Martin is telling the audience “calm down” and “don’t throw things.” If you think “Booing to newcomer Martin !?”, it’s a big mistake. In fact, on the contrary, it was a great excitement on the verge of riots. The reason is probably the first performance in Greece. As I mentioned at the beginning, Sabas has only performed in Greece twice in history, and this day was the first (by the way, the other one is “ROCKWAVE FESTIVAL 2005” known for professional shots). Even so, Martin, who was almost an amateur until yesterday, suddenly had a Tokyo Dome class on the first day … It’s a great story.

The first stage of Tony Martin, who was selected as a prestigious band. It was a chaotic stadium where a large crowd of 50,000 people was cut off by the delight of Sabas for the first time. It is a super valuable live album that you can experience the scene with a superb sound with zero echo. At the moment, the transfer stage is not the best, and even in this work, we make full use of two types of masters to finish it in the best version. Since there is still the possibility that the best transfer will be realized in the future, it was introduced from the Shades label, but its quality and significance are press grade. One piece that is too special in every sense. Please experience it to your heart’s content.

★ Tony Martin’s Sabas premiere live!

★ Phantom lineup only for this day! !! (Tony Iommi, Tony Martin, Bev Bevan, Dave Spitz, Geoff Nicholls)

70年代を中心に快挙となる新発掘が続出しているBLACK SABBATH音源界。今回は、たった一晩しか存在しなかった幻ラインナップの傑作ライヴアルバムが飛び出しました!

・7月21日:ギリシャ公演 ←★本作(マーティン初日)★

【一晩限りで消えた幻のBLACK SABBATH】
これがサバス史上もっとも混迷を深めた1987年の歩み。長くなってしまうのでアルバム制作の混乱は省略しますが、完成後も混沌としていました。当初メンバーだったのは2人のトニーとニコルズ、それに『THE ETERNAL IDOL』完成間際に滑り込みで復帰したベヴ・ベヴァンでした。最初はツアーに向けてギーザー・バトラーを復帰させるも、リハーサルだけで再び別離。初日のプリマス公演はキャンセルせざるを得なかったものの、1週間後(!!)のギリシャ公演には、急遽『THE ETERNAL IDOL』の制作初期に脱退していたデイヴ・スピッツを呼び戻したのです。

・A:ギリシャ(7月21日) →スピッツ&ベヴァン★本作★
・B:南アフリカ(7月25日-8月9日) →スピッツ&チャイムス
・C:欧州(11月22日-12月12日) →バート&チャイムス

……と、このようになっています。これまで“THE ETERNAL IDOL TOUR”で知られてきた録音は、すべて「C」。南アフリカの「B」は未だに一切の録音が見つかっておらず、今回初めて「A」の記録が登場。たった一晩だけのラインナップであり、トニー・マーティンの初ステージでもあったわけです。


そんなサウンドで描かれるのは、まさに一期一会のショウ。セットは基本的に“THE ETERNAL IDOL TOUR”の基礎が出来上がっているようですが、『THE ETERNAL IDOL』の新曲は一切なし。その代わり、レア曲「Heart Like A Wheel」を演奏しています。新曲をやるにはアルバム発売まで間があると判断したのか、もしかしたら呼び戻したデイヴ・スピッツがすぐ対応できる曲を選んだのかも知れません。
そして、それ以上に強烈なのがトニー・マーティン! 良い意味でも逆の意味でも、本作を決定づける凄いインパクトなのです。まず、良い意味。とにかく強烈で素晴らしいヴォーカリゼーション!! 若々しい声がえらく瑞々しく、ハイはどこまでも綺麗に伸び、パワフルなコブシもビッシビシ決まる。以前から「マーティンは1987年こそがベスト」と言われてきましたが、その基準でも頭抜けて凄い。他にも名演はあるので「コレぞNo.1」と断言していいか迷いますが、確実に最有力候補ではある。前述のように、この日がマーティンの初ステージなのですが、いきなり超絶ヴォーカルをブチかましているのです。
さて、もう一方の良い意味ではない方ですが、実は現場が荒れ気味。マーティンが観客に向かって「落ち着け」「物を投げないでくれ」と話しているのです。ここで「新人マーティンにブーイング!?」と思ったら大間違い。実は逆でして、暴動寸前の凄い盛り上がりぶりなのです。その原因は、恐らく初めてのギリシャ公演だから。冒頭でも触れましたが、歴史上サバスのギリシャ公演は2回しかなく、この日が最初だった(ちなみにもう1回はプロショットで知られる“ROCKWAVE FESTIVAL 2005”)のです。それにしても、昨日までアマチュア同然だったマーティンが初日でいきなり東京ドーム・クラスとは……凄い話です。



★この日のみの幻のラインアップ!!(Tony Iommi, Tony Martin, Bev Bevan, Dave Spitz, Geoff Nicholls)

1. Supertzar
2. Neon Knights
3. Children of the Sea
4. War Pigs
5. Heart Like a Wheel
6. Iron Man
7. The Mob Rules
8. Black Sabbath
9. Die Young
10. Heaven and Hell
11. Children of the Grave

Tony Iommi – Guitar
Tony Martin – Vocals
Bev Bevan – Drums
Dave Spitz – Bass
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards

Shades 1217

Shades 1217

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