Black Sabbath / The Battle Of The Demos 1985 / 1CDR

Black Sabbath / The Battle Of The Demos 1985 / 1CDR / Non Label

Translated text:
Tony Iommi Vs. Geezer Butler featuring Jeff Fenholt STEREO SBD


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Until 2014 the current from 1969 of the band formed, the history of BLACK SABBATH over into ’45. I have ups and downs just in the meantime. It was recorded in the press this CD as “THE ETERNAL IDOL” During fabrication, the band was on the verge It is not once or twice. Of the pinch in their number, was in the midst of “the greatest confusion” is the band, ’85 from ’84 definitely. From Ian Gillan after the withdrawal, it would be a period of up to 1986 that Tony Iommi has been off to a new start in the “SEVENTH STAR”.
During this period, we have talked a band reconstruction and entering a new singer, and to seek a solo each, Giza and Iommi is the midst of turbulent exactly Sabbath at the time. Giza and Iommi is, covering many of the valuable demo that was manufactured by the same singer named Jeff Fenhoruto between ’85 from the ’84, was to highlight the “Sabbath of the chaotic period” unsure there were many of this work is the “tHE BATTLE OF THE DEMOS 1985”.

What is recorded in the main in this work, demo of 11 songs that Tony Iommi has been fabricated as an underlay of solo albums. These will we know now finally the “SEVENTH STAR”, but Jeff Fenhoruto is, is singing a different version, the big melody and lyrics at this time.
Music you hear in the main 5-8-track songs. Becomes “Seventh Star” and “Star Of India”, also played arrangements, is the original song ballad prototype name of “No Stranger To Love,” “Take My Heart”, and “Turn To Stone” and “Eye Of The Storm” I am housed in two versions that differ also. I enjoyed at a certain quality, which is an initial prototype of the type “Heart Like A Wheel”, “Love On The Line” and “Danger Zone” and “Chance Of Love” further.
The number of songs that can be listened here, none metal number of high quality melodic likely medium-term 80s. It “seems to know, in fact, not experience,” “the music that I heard many times, the figure of another different” – is full of the fun of “demo Korezo”.
When it comes to 11 tracks from the track 9, we have three tracks recorded further, (track 11 song-filled) a rehearsal session by the same members in addition.
Performance Jeff Fenhoruto is to showcase music in these few words of surprise. Rock singer of a different color with a career Broadway musical of “JESUS ​​CHRIST SUPERSTAR”, he will not hear the stunning singing strong and clean. Gordon Copley you have cooperation from LITA FORD (base) rhythm section Eric Singer (drums). Although the demo, the band sounds a cohesive is, (which is as you know of course, Jeff Nichols of guitar and keyboard of Iommi), which has a more attractive music.
There is also a take-known in the already issued, but a higher master freshness of this sound source is attractive. The song, which is also well-organized, will bring the understanding of the historical background and deep entertainment by listeners.

The second half of this work, I have three songs, five tracks recorded demo of Giza Butler and 16th from track 12.
These had been a “fake unidentified” when he appeared as part of the “SEVENTH STAR” demo abroad, playing has been identified for live ’85 years of Giza, which appeared later, solo songs Iommi is it is the sound source was found without having to “demonstration of GEEZER BUTLER BAND”.
(Nephew of Giza) Pedro House playing the guitar here, has participated in solo project of Giza even then, you know, if mania. Other members of quite different, (nostalgic mania) Gerald Uddorufu are primary keyboardist Sabbath has played Gary Ferguson, which has been playing in GARY MOORE of the same period, the keyboard drum.
And It was surprised mania most, except that it has been appointed as the singer Jeff Fenhoruto Like Iommi. When it comes to Giza Butler, impression “Heavy & Do~umi” is preceded by solo activities since ’90 ‘s and activities with Ozzy, but the sound that leads pop melodic, meaning AOR is surprisingly in this sound source we expand, its unpredictability is a surprise than anything else. The first in the “Lock Myself Away”, there are two take each also “Do not Turn Away” · “Love Has No Mercy”, singing Fenhoruto are perfectly matched. It is regrettable that the fewer the number of songs basis compared with the demonstration of Iommi, but asserts impact a large shock to the hand and listen, it’s a serious five tracks!

Track shocking further appeared in the last in this work! 1984 Ian Gillan was withdrawn, demos that Dave Donato was formally adopted on Sabbath as his successor sings is “No Way Out”.
In addition to Donato and singer Jeff Nichols Giza and Iommi, keyboard, Bill word of the original drummer has participated here. And (That said lyrics melody difference) classic Tony Martin era song’s the “The Shining”! Performance of three original members, music is the only Donato sings, and a prototype of “The Shining”, it is a trio of surprise exactly the same song!
You can listen here to the “No Way Out”, the initial take of lyrics difference that first appeared in the press CD of this, further: if Susumere hear the version of “THE ETERNAL IDOL RAY GILLEN MIX” recorded masterpiece of “The Shining” birth process, it will emerge in Teal is more delicate!

Yet central figure of BLACK SABBATH also, we have speculated to clearly singer alone, an approach to different music in Giza and Iommi in this work. This work ’86 from ’84 that Sabbath had collapsed virtually, was interpretation over 75 minutes a missing link which is located between the “BORN AGAIN” and “SEVENTH STAR” lacks necessary for SABBATH mania of all sound source materials of first class forced downy mildew. , This work you have both the entertainment of the contents that are almost finished with the music excellent, was pushed greatly the study of band history further: in conjunction with “THE ETERNAL IDOL WORKING TRACKS”, Please enjoy!

バンド結成の1969年から現在の2014年にいたるまで、BLACK SABBATHの歴史は45年にも及びます。その間はまさに山あり谷あり。今回のプレスCDに収録された『THE ETERNAL IDOL』製作中のように、バンドが危機に瀕したのは一度や二度ではありません。それら数あるピンチのうち、バンドが「最も大きな混乱」の渦中にあったのは、間違いなく’84年から’85年。イアン・ギラン脱退後から、トニー・アイオミが「SEVENTH STAR」で新たなスタートを切った’86年までの期間でしょう。

 この期間、アイオミやギーザーは、新たなシンガーを迎えてバンド再建を図ったり、各々ソロ活動を模索するなど、当時のサバスはまさに激動の真っ只中。その’84年から’85年にかけてアイオミとギーザーが、ジェフ・フェンホルトという同一シンガーで製作した貴重なデモ音源の数々を網羅し、不明な点が多かった「大混乱期のサバス」を浮き彫りにしたのが本作『THE BATTLE OF THE DEMOS 1985』です。

 本作でメインに収録されているのは、トニー・アイオミがソロアルバムの下敷きとして製作した11曲のデモ音源。これらは最終的に現在私たちが知っている『SEVENTH STAR』となりますが、この時点ではジェフ・フェンホルトが、歌詞やメロディが大きく違うバージョンを歌っています。
 メインで聴ける楽曲は5曲・8トラック。「Seventh Star」となる「Star Of India」に、名バラード「No Stranger To Love」の原型「Take My Heart」、「Turn To Stone」の原曲である「Eye Of The Storm」を、演奏もアレンジも異なる2つのバージョンで収めています。さらに「Heart Like A Wheel」のプロトタイプ「Love On The Line」、「Danger Zone」の初期型である「Chance Of Love」も確かなクオリティで楽しめます。
 これら楽曲でジェフ・フェンホルトが披露するパフォーマンスは驚きの一言。彼はブロードウェイ・ミュージカル『JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR』のキャリアを持つ異色のロック・シンガーで、クリーンかつ力強い見事な歌唱を聴かせます。リズムセクションはLITA FORDから協力したゴードン・コープリー(ベース)とエリック・シンガー(ドラム)。デモとはいえ、まとまりのあるバンド・サウンドが、楽曲をより魅力的なものとしています(アイオミのギターとキーボードのジェフ・ニコルズはもちろんご存知の通りです)。

 これらは海外で『SEVENTH STAR』デモの一部として登場した際に「正体不明の偽物」とされていましたが、後に登場したギーザーの’85年ライヴで演奏が確認され、アイオミのソロ曲ではなく”GEEZER BUTLER BANDのデモ”と判明した音源です。
 ここでギターを弾いているペドロ・ハウス(ギーザーの甥)は、その後もギーザーのソロ・プロジェクトに参加しており、マニアならばご存知でしょう。その他のメンバーは全く異なり、ドラムは同時期のGARY MOOREでプレイしていたゲイリー・ファーガソン、キーボードは(マニアには懐かしい)サバスの初代キーボーディストであるジェラルド・ウッドルフがプレイしています。
 そして最もマニアを驚かせたのが、アイオミと同じくジェフ・フェンホルトをシンガーに起用している点。ギーザー・バトラーというと、オジーとの活動や’90年代以降のソロ活動で「ヘヴィ&ドゥーミー」な印象が先行しますが、本音源では意外なほどメロディアスでポップな、ある意味AORに通じるサウンドを展開しており、その意外性が何よりも驚きです。最初の「Lock Myself Away」に、それぞれ2テイクある「Don’t Turn Away」・「Love Has No Mercy」も、フェンホルトの歌声は完全にマッチしています。アイオミのデモと比べ曲数的に少ないのが残念ですが、聴き手に大きなショックとインパクトを与える、重大な5トラックだと断言します!

 本作ではさらに衝撃的なトラックがラストで登場! イアン・ギランが脱退した’84年、彼の後任としてサバスに正式採用されたデイヴ・ドナートが歌うデモ音源「No Way Out」です。
 ここではアイオミとギーザー,キーボードのジェフ・ニコルズとシンガーのドナートに加え、オリジナル・ドラマーのビル・ワードが参加しています。しかも曲は(歌詞・メロディ違いとは言え)トニー・マーティン時代の名曲「The Shining」なのです! オリジナル・メンバー3人の演奏、ドナートが歌う唯一の楽曲、それが「The Shining」のプロトタイプと、同曲はまさに驚きの三重奏です!
 ここで聴ける「No Way Out」に、今回のプレスCDで初登場した歌詞違いの初期テイク、さらに『THE ETERNAL IDOL: RAY GILLEN MIX』収録のバージョンと聴き進めれば、名曲「The Shining」誕生の過程が、より細やかなでティールで浮かび上がる事でしょう!

 同じくBLACK SABBATHの中心人物でありながら、本作ではアイオミとギーザーで異なる楽曲へのアプローチを、ひとりのシンガーで明確に浮かび上がらせています。サバスが事実上崩壊していた’84年から’86年、『BORN AGAIN』と『SEVENTH STAR』の間に位置するミッシング・リンクを75分間にわたり解き明かした本作は、全てのSABBATHマニアにとって必要欠くべからざる第一級の資料音源。優れた楽曲とほぼ完成された中味のエンターテイメント性を両立し、さらにバンド・ヒストリーの研究を大いに押し進めた本作を、『THE ETERNAL IDOL: WORKING TRACKS』と併せて、どうぞお楽しみください!


1. Star Of India #1 (Seventh Star) 2. Star Of India #2 (Seventh Star)
3. Take My Heart #1 (No Stranger To Love) 4. Take My Heart #2 (No Stranger To Love)
5. Eye Of The Storm #1 (Turn To Stone) 6. Eye Of The Storm #2 (Turn To Stone)
7. Love On The Line (Heart Like A Wheel) 8. Chance Of Love (Danger Zone)
9. UnKnown Instrumental #1 10. UnKnown Instrumental #2 11. Unknown Song

Tony Iommi – Guitar / Jeff Fenholt – Vocal / Gordon Copley – Bass / Eric
Singer – Drums / Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards & Backing Vocals


12. Lock Myself Away (Can’t Stand Much Longer) 13. Don’t Turn Away #1 (Patrol)
14. Don’t Turn Away #2 (Patrol) 15. Love Has No Mercy #1 (I’m Leaving)
16. Love Has No Mercy #2 (I’m Leaving)

Geezer Butler – Bass / Jeff Fenholt – Vocal / Pedro Howse – Guitar / Gary
Ferguson – Drums / Gerald Woodroffe – Keyboards


17. No Way Out (The Shining)

Tony Iommi – Guitar / Dave Donato – Vocal / Geezer Butler – Bass / Bill
Ward – Drums / Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards

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