Black Sabbath / Definitive Hartford 1980 / 2CD

Black Sabbath / Definitive Hartford 1980 / 2CD / Zodiac
Hartford Civic Arena, Hartford, CT, USA 10th August 1980  STEREO SBD(UPGRADE)

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The ultimate super stereo soundboard album by five people who created the eternal masterpiece “HEAVEN AND HELL” is born. It is appearance in permanent preservation press 2CD. The five of them are Ronnie James Dio, Tony Ioomi, Giser Butler, Bill Ward and Jeff Nichols. Yes, the main of this work is a full soundboard recording of “August 10, 1980 Hartford Performance”. Based on the highest peak version, it is a two-disc set that completely covers the five existing sound boards.
Some of you might be saying, “Are it? Ronnie’s live was not Vinnie Apis?” But in fact, in the first half of “HEAVEN & HELL TOUR”, Bill was sitting on a stool. First, let’s look back on the schedule from those days to remember the situation.

● 1980
“April 25” HEAVEN AND HELL “sale”
・ April 17-June 26: Europe # 1 (35 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★
・ July 2-19: United States # 1 (29 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★
“Bill building → Join Vinnie”
・ August 31-November 11: The United States # 2 (42 performances)
・ November 16-21: First visit to Japan (6 performances)
・ November 24-29: Australia (5 performances)
● 1981
・ January 18-February 2: Europe # 2 (13 performances)

… and it was like this. The sudden disappearance of the building during the US tour unearthed and joined Vinnie. After that, Ronnie and Bill returned several times, but they never played together, and in the end, only a total of 64 performances of “Europe # 1” and “US # 1” of this tour were Ronnie & Bill sharing the stage It has become all. And this work is a super-decision board which covered all three sound boards left from the 64 performances in the highest peak version. Let’s introduce each one individually.

[Disc 1-2: full length version of August 10, 1980 Hartford performance] The main thing of this work is the one and only full soundboard sound source with Ronnie & Bill. It is the highest peak version. This Hartford performance sound board has long been known as a short FM broadcast, and “Heaven and Hell” has become a single B-side, and has been formulated as a deluxe edition of “HEAVEN AND HELL”. They were as short as 5 songs with “Supertzar”, but it changed in 2007. What a full-length version before being mixed for FM broadcasting was excavated.
Until then, there were some soundboards after the Vinny change, but the appearance of the full soundboard of the Ronny & Bill era is just a shock. It has become a major staple of the new era that produces a number of existing developments. Among them, the highest peak is our “CHILDREN OF THE BLACK DEFINITIVE EDITION”. It was the original remastering of the excavation master, but the clearness far beyond the original sound, the sharp outline to the detail, and the sound without losing the natural feeling … all achieved the highest peak ever It was a masterpiece. Of course, Ronnie & Bill’s one and only one vertex sound board work is sold out and discontinued out of great popularity. This work is a reprint of the highest peak master.
In fact, there is nothing better than this sound. I tried to master again in line with this reprint, but I have no room to do anything. Of course, I was able to make a slightly different version, but I reprinted the sound once more than that. I just stopped the correction of the noise that was slightly corrected. However, there is one major change. It is a disk split. This time, the main part set of the show is recorded on Disc 1 in its entirety. Disc 2 contains only Encore “Paranoid” and “Children Of The Grave”. This is due to the volume increase described later, but with this, the timing of disk change has become the part waiting for an call. In other words, I realized about the experience on the spot.

[Disk 2: Cozy tape of August 1980] The second best soundboard is excavated from Cozy tape. This is a tape that Iomimi gave as material for drumming for Cozy who joined in 1989. Other than the August recording of “US # 1,” the venue and date are unknown, and even if “Supertzar” is inserted, it is as short as five songs. However, the sound was transcendental and excavated as “DRAGONS AND KINGS” on the Langley label, and shocked as “HEAVEN & HELL TOUR’s best direct-to-the-table sound board”.
It is a super rare soundboard that I have heard only Iomi and Koji literally, but this work is the highest peak version of such Cozy tape. As well as being digitized directly from the actual tape, it has been recorded to finish the sound without discomfort even if you listen to the main Hartford performance and continued.

【Disc 2: The official take of London performances on May 8, 1980】
The third soundboard is a song “Children Of The Sea”. This is what was announced as the B side of the official single “Neon Knights” (By the way, the single “Die Young” also had a live of “Heaven And Hell”, but this is a take of the Hartford performance. This work Is rejected because it contains the full-length version).
This take itself has been made into an official CD with the deluxe edition of “HEAVEN AND HELL”, but this work is different. Is the condition of the analog board that the official CD used is bad, or it is covered with noise whether it is rough work. On the other hand, this work is the highest peak edition finely digitized from the first Japanese edition single at that time. In DeLa Eddie, the cheering part which had been edited for a short time is also completely recorded as it is original.

While creating the great album “HEAVEN AND HELL”, Roni / Ioomi / Gieser / Bill / Jeff who has never been scolded again. It is the sound board “all” board that becomes the only one. Even the Hartford performances where you can enjoy a full show with an ensemble of historical masterpieces itself is a cultural heritage grade, but it is a single one that can complete all three extant species at the highest ever quality in history. This is also the top of the collection to listen. There is no live version of “HEAVEN AND HELL”. Please enjoy it with perpetual preservation press 2CD thoroughly.

永遠の大名盤『HEAVEN AND HELL』を創り上げた5人による究極の極上ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが誕生。永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。その5人とは、ロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオ、トニー・アイオミ、ギーザー・バトラー、ビル・ワード、ジェフ・ニコルズ。そう、本作のメインは「1980年8月10日ハートフォード公演」のフル・サウンドボード録音。その最高峰版をベースに、現存するこの5人のサウンドボードを完全網羅した2枚組です。
「あれ? ロニー時代のライヴってヴィニー・アピスじゃなかったっけ?」という方もいらっしゃるかも知れませんが、実は“HEAVEN & HELL TOUR”の前半期はビルがスツールに座っていました。まずは、その事情を思い出すためにも、当時のスケジュールから振り返ってみましょう。

《4月25日『HEAVEN AND HELL』発売》


本作のメインとなるのは、ロニー&ビルが揃った唯一無二のフル・サウンドボード音源。その最高峰版です。このハートフォード公演サウンドボードは古くから短いFM放送が知られ、「Heaven and Hell」がシングルB面になり、『HEAVEN AND HELL』のデラックス・エディションとして公式化もされました。それらは「Supertzar」を入れても最大5曲という短いものでしたが、それが変わったのは2007年。なんとFM放送用にミックスされる前の全長版が発掘されたのです。
それまでヴィニー交代後のサウンドボードはいくつかありましたが、ロニー&ビル時代のフル・サウンドボードの登場はまさに衝撃。数々の既発を生む新時代の大定番となりました。その中でも最高峰だったのが当店の『CHILDREN OF THE BLACK DEFINITIVE EDITION』。発掘マスターを独自にリマスタリングしたものだったのですが、原音を遙かに超えるクリアさ、細部までキリッとした輪郭、それでいてナチュラルな感触を失わない鳴り……すべてが史上最高峰を実現した超名盤でした。もちろん、ロニー&ビル唯一無二の頂点サウンドボード作は大人気のうちに完売・廃盤。本作は、その最高峰マスターを復刻したものなのです。
実際、このサウンドは今なお超える物がない。今回の復刻に合わせて再度マスタリングも試みましたが、まったく手を加える余地がない。もちろん、微妙に違う別バージョンを製作する事もできたのですが、それよりも一度極めたサウンドをそのまま復刻。わずかに修正漏れとなっていたノイズを整えるだけに止めました。ただし、大きな変更点が1つある。それはディスク割り。今回はディスク1にショウの本編セットを丸ごと収録。ディスク2にはアンコール「Paranoid」「Children Of The Grave」だけを収録いたしました。後述する増量も原因なのですが、これによりディスク替えのタイミングはアンコール待ちのパートになった。つまり、ほぼほぼ現場通りの体験感を実現したのです。

2つめの極上サウンドボードは、コージー・テープから発掘されたもの。これは1989年に加入したコージーのために、アイオミがドラミングの資料として渡したとされるテープ。「米国#1」の8月録音という以外に公演地・日付は分からず、「Supertzar」を入れても5曲と短いものです。しかし、サウンドは超絶で、Langleyレーベルの『DRAGONS AND KINGS』として発掘され「HEAVEN & HELL TOUR最高の卓直結サウンドボード」として衝撃を振りまきました。

3つめのサウンドボードは、1曲「Children Of The Sea」。これは公式シングル『Neon Knights』のB面として発表されたもの(ちなみにシングル『Die Young』にも「Heaven And Hell」のライヴが収録されていましたが、これはハートフォード公演のテイク。本作は全長版を収録していますので不採用です)。
このテイク自体は『HEAVEN AND HELL』のデラックス・エディションで公式CD化もされていますが、本作は別物。公式CDは使用したアナログ盤の状態が悪いのか、起こし作業が雑なのかノイズまみれ。それに対し、本作は当時の初回日本盤シングルから精緻にデジタル化した最高峰版。デラエディでは短く編集していた歓声パートもオリジナルのまま完全収録しています。

大名盤『HEAVEN AND HELL』を創り上げながら、二度と甦る事のなかったロニー/アイオミ/ギーザー/ビル/ジェフの5人。その唯一無二となるサウンドボード「全部」盤です。歴史的な大名盤そのもののアンサンブルでフルショウを楽しめるハートフォード公演だけでも文化遺産級ですが、さらに現存する3種をすべて史上最高峰クオリティでコンプリートできる1本なのです。聴き込むにも、コレクションにもこれが“てっぺん”。これ以上は存在しないライヴ版の『HEAVEN AND HELL』。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでとことんお楽しみください。


Disc 1(77:51)
1. Supertzar 2. War Pigs 3. Neon Nights 4. N.I.B. 5. Children Of The Sea
6. Sweet Leaf 7. Drum Solo 8. Sweet Leaf(reprise) 9. Black Sabbath 10. Heaven And Hell
11. Iron Man 12. Guitar Solo 13. Die Young

Disc 2(48:20)
1. Paranoid 2. Children Of The Grave

US Tour in August 1980 from “Cozy Tape”

3. Supertzar 4. War Pigs 5. Neon Knights 6. Children Of The Sea
7. Black Sabbath 8. Die Young

Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 8th May 1980

9. Children Of The Sea

Ronnie James Dio – Vocals Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass
Bill Ward – Drums Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards


Zodiac 335

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