Black Sabbath / Beggars Banquet Dance 1971 / 1CD

Black Sabbath / Beggars Banquet Dance 1971 / 1CD / Zodiac

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Beggars’ Banquet Dance Festival, Borough Of York Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 18th July 1971 *UPGRADE

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The golden age during the golden age, the traditional name recording representing “MASTER OF REALITY TOUR” upgraded with the new master. It appears in permanent preservation press CD.
That name recording is “Toronto Performance July 18, 1971”. It is a superb audience album when I appeared in the Canadian music festival “BEGGARS ‘BANQUET DANCE FESTIVAL”.

【Vertex live album of 3rd era】
This show has long been known for recording, and the preexisting group such as “WICKED SABBATH” and “MASTERR OF TORONTO” has been loved as a famous board of Sabbath in the 70’s from maniacs all over the world. What is more important than this recording is that it is a vertex record of “MASTER OF REALITY TOUR”. Let’s organize the representative soundboard of each tour in the 70’s here in order to realize the reason.

· 1st tour: “DEFINITIVE MONTREUX 1970”
(Professional footage of Brussels which was once known as Paris 70)
· 3rd tour: None at all! ← ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
· 4th tour: “LIVE AT LAST”
· 5th tour: “1974 (California · Jam’s SBD)”
· 8th Tour: Official video “NEVER SAY DIE”

And, it is like this. Although the classic masterpieces are lined with the slurries with the official / informal, the only thing among these is “MASTER OF REALITY TOUR” that there is no sound board / pro shot at all. This Toronto performance is a name recording that has continued to reign at the top of the tour as a substitute for such a sound board.

【Legend Recall Revived with New Excavation Master】
Although this work is the same recording as such a traditional work, it is not a copy or a remaster reprint of the origin but a new master which was discovered in recent years. Although the previous departure has been told as the 4 th generation, this new excavation master is a young 2nd Genes · cassette that is young. It is a type of recording that pauses between songs, and in that case as well, although the fade processing was done in the previous episode, the stop sound that can be heard in this work is also super real.
However, the reality of such tapes is only evidence of the new master. What’s really wonderful is its upgrade sound. It was a type like a vintage sound board in which the core of the performance sound arrives stubbornly just as it has traditionally been representative of the tour, but in this work the cloudiness is sunny as it is the taste of the recording as it is. Especially mid to high omission is wonderful, details such as distorted guitar and vocal breathing vividly emerge.
Furthermore, it is sense of stability to realize the taste of young generators. It was astounding to be a 4th genie in the preexisting group, but uneven rotation due to repeated dubbing was inevitable. Even if the power cord roared, even when the vocal stretched out, there was a subtle shake and the pitch was changing randomly. In the conventional remaster board, how much it can compensate for such shaking has become a division of game, but this work is not that dimension. Of course, although it is not a perfect grandmaster, there is no need for digital correction for a stable pitch and stable periodic noise due to tape rotation is hardly seen. You can enjoy the sound of the cassette itself without any processing to your heart ‘s content.

【No. 1 Special Live in Sabbath History】
And the show which is drawn by the legend sound which updated the highest peak is overwhelming. The Toronto performance of this work is on the third day of release of “MASTER OF REALITY”, and the band potential that created a super masterpiece for one song is stuffed with gyu. Even in the wonderful 70’s, you can fully taste the heaviness of heaviness and sharpness.
Further sets are also special. Just before the release of the 3rd album, the initial trilogy “BLACK SABBATH” “PARANOID” “MASTER OF REALITY” concentrated and reduced to one show. On the other hand, if you look at the list below, it seems that there are not rare songs only by familiar songs, but in reality it is super rare that we have all this. Sabbath from 1970 to 1974 is a band that writes new songs during the tour and changes little by little. Therefore, “MASTER OF REALITY TOUR” will also increase the “VOL.4” number so that it will be late in the second half, but the problem is the initial song that falls on behalf. In addition, the pronoun “Black Sabbath” falls down (Incidentally, this song is regularly resurrected in 1975’s SABOTAGE era).
However, this work also plays “Black Sabbath” with 3rd’s “Sweet Leaf” and “Children Of The Grave”, and also includes “NIB” “War Pigs” “Iron Man” “Paranoid” “Fairies Wear Boots” Required songs are slurry. Recordings where all the most important songs have never leaked are extremely rare, and there is no “MASTER OF REALITY” number before this work, and there is no “Black Sabbath” after this work. Although “NEVER SAY DIE TOUR” which was the tenth anniversary was also culmination, the enrichment set of only the early trilogy is only one Toronto performance of this work.

It is a live album which becomes the apex of “MASTER OF REALITY TOUR” which is one of the most famous name recordings of the 70’s revived with the new excavation master. A set enriched early trilogy to a single show more than that fact, bands and potentials that are top of the golden period are packed in gigs, and the music itself is awesome too. BLACK SABBATH The only famous masterpiece that will become the most important in the audience. Here’s permanent storage decision.

黄金期中の黄金期、“MASTER OF REALITY TOUR”を代表する伝統の名録音がニューマスターでアップグレード。永久保存プレスCDで登場です。
その名録音とは「1971年7月18日トロント公演」。カナダの音楽祭“BEGGARS’ BANQUET DANCE FESTIVAL”に出演した際の極上オーディエンス・アルバムです。

このショウは古くから録音が知られ、『WICKED SABBATH』や『MASTERR OF TORONTO』といった既発群が世界中のマニアから70年代サバスの大名盤として愛されてきました。この録音で何よりも重要なのは、“MASTER OF REALITY TOUR”の頂点記録だということ。その理由を実感していただくため、ここで70年代の各ツアー代表サウンドボードを整理してみましょう。

・3rdツアー:一切なし! ←★★ココ★★
・4thツアー:『LIVE AT LAST』
・8thツアー:公式映像『NEVER SAY DIE』

と、このようになっています。公式/非公式を交えて錚々たる名作がズラリと並んでいるわけですが、この中で唯一、一切のサウンドボード/プロショットが存在しないのが“MASTER OF REALITY TOUR”。このトロント公演は、そんなサウンドボード代わりとしてツアー頂点に君臨し続けてきた名録音なのです。


そして、最高峰を更新した伝説サウンドで描かれるショウこそが圧倒的。本作のトロント公演は『MASTER OF REALITY』発売の3日目にあたり、1曲1曲に超名盤を創り上げたバンド・ポテンシャルがギュウ詰め。素晴らしき70年代でも、極めつけのヘヴィネスとキレがたっぷりと味わえるのです。
さらにセットも特濃。3rdアルバム発売直前なだけに、初期3部作『BLACK SABBATH』『PARANOID』『MASTER OF REALITY』を1つのショウに濃縮還元。その反面、下記のリストを見るとお馴染みの曲ばかりでレア曲がないようですが、実はここまで揃っていることが超レアなのです。1970年から1974年までのサバスは、ツアー中にも新曲を書き、少しずつ入れ替えていくバンド。そのため、“MASTER OF REALITY TOUR”でも後期になるほど『VOL.4』ナンバーが増えていくわけですが、問題なのは代わって落ちてしまう初期曲。よりにもよって代名詞曲「Black Sabbath」が落ちてしまうのです(ちなみに、この曲がレギュラー復活するのは1975年のSABOTAGE時代)。
ところが本作では3rdの「Sweet Leaf」「Children Of The Grave」と共に「Black Sabbath」も演奏しており、他にも「N.I.B.」「War Pigs」「Iron Man」「Paranoid」「Fairies Wear Boots」といった必須曲がズラリ。ここまで最重要曲が漏れなく全部揃った録音は極めて希で、本作より前では『MASTER OF REALITY』ナンバーがなく、本作より後では「Black Sabbath」がない。10周年だった“NEVER SAY DIE TOUR”も集大成的ではあったものの、初期3部作だけの濃縮セットは、本作のトロント公演1本だけなのです。

新発掘マスターで甦った70年代屈指の名録音、“MASTER OF REALITY TOUR”の頂点となるライヴアルバムです。その事実以上に初期3部作を1つのショウに濃縮したセット、黄金期の中でも頂点的なバンド・ポテンシャルがギュウ詰めされ、音楽自体が素晴らしすぎる1枚。BLACK SABBATHオーディエンスでも最重要となる唯一無二の大名盤。ここに永久保存決定です。


1. N.I.B. 2. War Pigs 3. Sweet Leaf 4. Black Sabbath 5. Iron Man 6. Embryo/Children Of The Grave
7. Wicked World 8. Guitar Solo(incl. Orchid) 9. Wicked World(Reprise) 10. Paranoid
11. Fairies Wear Boots

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass Bill Ward – Drums


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