Black Sabbath / Definitive Montreux 1970 – New / 1CD

Black Sabbath / Definitive Montreux 1970 – New / 1CD+1 Bonus DVDR / Zodiac 
Live at Montreux Casino, Montreux, Switzerland 31st August 1970.  STEREO SBD(UPGRADE)

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 British rock … No, heavy music heavyweight BLACK SABBATH around the world. The highest peak stereo sound board album is the highest peak reprint.

[A peak sound board to be recorded as a case of music history]
 What is engraved on the highest peak album is “August 31, 1970 Montreux performance”. It is a super-super-fine stereo sound board recording when it appeared in the music festival “MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL”. This live album is just the top. The original SAB BATH in the 70’s has an unlimited number of masterpiece live albums, but only three can be nominated for the top race. The official live album “LIVE AT LAST” of tradition, the vertex sound board of medium term “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AST LAST”, and this work. These three strengths are no less than super masterpieces, but it is certain that this is the top candidate for the top among them. The quality that can only be described as “transcendent”, the content completely recorded the show, and the band potential of the great board “BLACK SABBATH” and “PARANOID” era that changed the history … everything is topper. Unlike the medium-term “LIVE AT LAST” and “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AST LAST”, which was aiming to expand the possibilities, the sound board was packed with pure initial impulses of the original 4 people in pan-pan. The impact of screwing the concept of “weight” (in words, not words) into music that is supposed to be air vibration is not only fading after half a century, but it is only increasingly brighter.
 It was in 2010 that the peak soundboard of such an early SAB BATH shaken the world. The master who is said to have been excavated in the deluxe edition business that was going on at that time, sounds better than the many sound boards excavated so far, too lively enough to be realistic, everyone listens The fact that it had never been done. The huge impact that told overseas researchers that “it is not a fan of SAB BATH if you are not surprised by this” has swept the earth.

[Official version that could not be the top] In
 our shop, it has been introduced several times in the press CD from the beginning of the excavation, but it was 2016 that the situation changed. Initially, although I did not see the light of day in the deluxe edition business that was rumored, it was finally formalized in the super deluxe edition of the four-disc set “PARANOID” released in 2016. Bootlegs, who have introduced historical treasures in advance, have finished their duties …… …… should have been. But that was not the case. There is also a limited edition that will be sold out and discontinued in a while while “PARANOID” of 4-disc Super Deluxe Edition is said, but more than that is the content. In fact, the official edition was edited by the Excavator Master, and it was about 4 minutes shorter.
 This is not a difference in playing music or a pitch deviation. If you are familiar with the records of the early 70’s, I think it will come as a pin, but the live of those days is so long that the scene of tuning and preparation between songs is incomparable to the present. Although the official version of Montreux 70 was included more than the standard, it was still cut, and the show was shrunk. Of course, although it is not unreasonable to edit the official edition released for the work itself for everyone, it is unsurprising that it is confined to this work that it is the site of a revolutionary revolution. Between the songs and even the real-time passage of time is a valuable show experience that is extremely valuable.

[A live album that was able to determine the top from the underground side] The
 original excavation master was in the limelight again in this way, but this work reigns at its highest peak. We have also introduced a Press CD with the same title in our shop, but this work has been re-refined with the latest, meticulous mastering again. The quality is what brought out the full potential of the original master of miracle.
 Of course, I am not doing nothing but sound simmering, and I just focus on reproducing the scene. Repair even the minute noise (for example, “Iron Man” intro) whether you can hear even with headphones, and also correct the blurring of the volume that occurred at the time of recording. It can not be said that it is just like “other things” (if it is done, it will ruin the top master of a great deal), but it reprints exactly the “1970 reality” that the transcendental soundboard master conveys.

 The live which studied the style of the early SAB BATH which got in the highest peak quality. This is already a wonderful thing that becomes irrational only in words. Masterpieces enriched with elements of the historical masterpieces “BLACK SABBATH” and “PARANOID” are played with plenty, and sung in the initial lyrics (whether somehow after the album production) “Iron Man” “War Pigs” “Hand Of “Doom” and so on are also dazzling. The whole story is too great.
 I have no intention of denying the official version for the degree of completeness as a music work, but I would like to greatly criticize the commercial law that made it out of print in a hurry. And since it is reprinted, it is a full-length master of the excavated version, and it approaches the fact of “1970” to the limit. This work is one piece that made such a determination. Please experience it on a permanent preservation press CD.

英国ロックの……いえ、世界中のヘヴィ・ミュージックの重鎮BLACK SABBATH。その最高峰ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが最高峰クオリティで復刻です。

その最高峰アルバムに刻まれているのは「1970年8月31日モントルー公演」。音楽祭“MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL”に出演した際の超・極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。このライヴアルバムは、まさに頂点。70年代のオリジナルSABBATHには数限りない名作ライヴアルバムが存在しますが、その頂点レースにノミネートしうるのは3本だけ。伝統の公式ライヴアルバム『LIVE AT LAST』、中期の頂点サウンドボード『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AST LAST』、そして本作です。この3強はいずれ劣らぬ超傑作揃いですが、その中でも頂点の最有力候補となるのは本作に間違いない。「超絶」としか言いようのないクオリティ、ショウを完全収録した内容、歴史を変えた大名盤『BLACK SABBATH』『PARANOID』時代のバンド・ポテンシャル……すべてが頂点的。可能性の拡大を図っていた中期の『LIVE AT LAST』『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AST LAST』とは違い、オリジナル4人の純な初期衝動がパンパンに詰まったサウンドボード。空気の振動であるはずの音楽に「重量」の概念を(言葉ではなく実感で)ねじ込んだ衝撃は、半世紀の時間を経て色あせるどころか、ますます輝きを増すばかりです。


もちろん、無闇矢鱈な音圧稼ぎなどしておらず、ただひたすら現場の再現に注力。ヘッドフォンでも聴き取れるかどうかの微細なノイズ(例えば「Iron Man」イントロ)まで補修し、録音時に発生した音量のブレも修正。「まるで別物」とまでは言えません(もしやったら、せっかくの頂点マスターが台無しです)が、超絶サウンドボード・マスターが伝える“1970年の現実”を正確に復刻したのです。

その最高峰クオリティで甦った初期SABBATHの粋を究めたライヴ。これはもう、言葉にするだけで無粋となってしまう素晴らしさです。歴史的大名盤『BLACK SABBATH』『PARANOID』のエレメントを濃縮した名曲群がたっぷりと演奏され、(なぜかアルバム製作後にも関わらず)初期歌詞で歌われる「Iron Man」「War Pigs」「Hand Of Doom」等々などもひたすら眩しい。その全編が最高すぎるのです。

1. Intro. 2. Paranoid 3. N.I.B. 4. Behind The Wall Of Sleep 5. Iron Man 6. War Pigs
7. Fairies ar Boots 8. Hand Of Doom

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass Bill Ward – Drums



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