Black Sabbath / Definitive Montreux 1970 – New / 1CD+1 Bonus DVDR

Black Sabbath / Definitive Montreux 1970 – New / 1CD+1 Bonus DVDR / Zodiac 
Live at Montreux Casino, Montreux, Switzerland 31st August 1970 plus Bonus DVDR “PRO-SHOT COLLECTION 1970” STEREO SBD(UPGRADE)

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 British rock … No, heavy music heavyweight BLACK SABBATH around the world. The highest peak stereo sound board album is the highest peak reprint.

[A peak sound board to be recorded as a case of music history]
 What is engraved on the highest peak album is “August 31, 1970 Montreux performance”. It is a super-super-fine stereo sound board recording when it appeared in the music festival “MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL”. This live album is just the top. The original SAB BATH in the 70’s has an unlimited number of masterpiece live albums, but only three can be nominated for the top race. The official live album “LIVE AT LAST” of tradition, the vertex sound board of medium term “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AST LAST”, and this work. These three strengths are no less than super masterpieces, but it is certain that this is the top candidate for the top among them. The quality that can only be described as “transcendent”, the content completely recorded the show, and the band potential of the great board “BLACK SABBATH” and “PARANOID” era that changed the history … everything is topper. Unlike the medium-term “LIVE AT LAST” and “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AST LAST”, which was aiming to expand the possibilities, the sound board was packed with pure initial impulses of the original 4 people in pan-pan. The impact of screwing the concept of “weight” (in words, not words) into music that is supposed to be air vibration is not only fading after half a century, but it is only increasingly brighter.
 It was in 2010 that the peak soundboard of such an early SAB BATH shaken the world. The master who is said to have been excavated in the deluxe edition business that was going on at that time, sounds better than the many sound boards excavated so far, too lively enough to be realistic, everyone listens The fact that it had never been done. The huge impact that told overseas researchers that “it is not a fan of SAB BATH if you are not surprised by this” has swept the earth.

[Official version that could not be the top] In
 our shop, it has been introduced several times in the press CD from the beginning of the excavation, but it was 2016 that the situation changed. Initially, although I did not see the light of day in the deluxe edition business that was rumored, it was finally formalized in the super deluxe edition of the four-disc set “PARANOID” released in 2016. Bootlegs, who have introduced historical treasures in advance, have finished their duties …… …… should have been. But that was not the case. There is also a limited edition that will be sold out and discontinued in a while while “PARANOID” of 4-disc Super Deluxe Edition is said, but more than that is the content. In fact, the official edition was edited by the Excavator Master, and it was about 4 minutes shorter.
 This is not a difference in playing music or a pitch deviation. If you are familiar with the records of the early 70’s, I think it will come as a pin, but the live of those days is so long that the scene of tuning and preparation between songs is incomparable to the present. Although the official version of Montreux 70 was included more than the standard, it was still cut, and the show was shrunk. Of course, although it is not unreasonable to edit the official edition released for the work itself for everyone, it is unsurprising that it is confined to this work that it is the site of a revolutionary revolution. Between the songs and even the real-time passage of time is a valuable show experience that is extremely valuable.

[A live album that was able to determine the top from the underground side] The
 original excavation master was in the limelight again in this way, but this work reigns at its highest peak. We have also introduced a Press CD with the same title in our shop, but this work has been re-refined with the latest, meticulous mastering again. The quality is what brought out the full potential of the original master of miracle.
 Of course, I am not doing nothing but sound simmering, and I just focus on reproducing the scene. Repair even the minute noise (for example, “Iron Man” intro) whether you can hear even with headphones, and also correct the blurring of the volume that occurred at the time of recording. It can not be said that it is just like “other things” (if it is done, it will ruin the top master of a great deal), but it reprints exactly the “1970 reality” that the transcendental soundboard master conveys.

 The live which studied the style of the early SAB BATH which got in the highest peak quality. This is already a wonderful thing that becomes irrational only in words. Masterpieces enriched with elements of the historical masterpieces “BLACK SABBATH” and “PARANOID” are played with plenty, and sung in the initial lyrics (whether somehow after the album production) “Iron Man” “War Pigs” “Hand Of “Doom” and so on are also dazzling. The whole story is too great.
 I have no intention of denying the official version for the degree of completeness as a music work, but I would like to greatly criticize the commercial law that made it out of print in a hurry. And since it is reprinted, it is a full-length master of the excavated version, and it approaches the fact of “1970” to the limit. This work is one piece that made such a determination. Please experience it on a permanent preservation press CD.

英国ロックの……いえ、世界中のヘヴィ・ミュージックの重鎮BLACK SABBATH。その最高峰ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが最高峰クオリティで復刻です。

その最高峰アルバムに刻まれているのは「1970年8月31日モントルー公演」。音楽祭“MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL”に出演した際の超・極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。このライヴアルバムは、まさに頂点。70年代のオリジナルSABBATHには数限りない名作ライヴアルバムが存在しますが、その頂点レースにノミネートしうるのは3本だけ。伝統の公式ライヴアルバム『LIVE AT LAST』、中期の頂点サウンドボード『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AST LAST』、そして本作です。この3強はいずれ劣らぬ超傑作揃いですが、その中でも頂点の最有力候補となるのは本作に間違いない。「超絶」としか言いようのないクオリティ、ショウを完全収録した内容、歴史を変えた大名盤『BLACK SABBATH』『PARANOID』時代のバンド・ポテンシャル……すべてが頂点的。可能性の拡大を図っていた中期の『LIVE AT LAST』『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AST LAST』とは違い、オリジナル4人の純な初期衝動がパンパンに詰まったサウンドボード。空気の振動であるはずの音楽に「重量」の概念を(言葉ではなく実感で)ねじ込んだ衝撃は、半世紀の時間を経て色あせるどころか、ますます輝きを増すばかりです。


もちろん、無闇矢鱈な音圧稼ぎなどしておらず、ただひたすら現場の再現に注力。ヘッドフォンでも聴き取れるかどうかの微細なノイズ(例えば「Iron Man」イントロ)まで補修し、録音時に発生した音量のブレも修正。「まるで別物」とまでは言えません(もしやったら、せっかくの頂点マスターが台無しです)が、超絶サウンドボード・マスターが伝える“1970年の現実”を正確に復刻したのです。

その最高峰クオリティで甦った初期SABBATHの粋を究めたライヴ。これはもう、言葉にするだけで無粋となってしまう素晴らしさです。歴史的大名盤『BLACK SABBATH』『PARANOID』のエレメントを濃縮した名曲群がたっぷりと演奏され、(なぜかアルバム製作後にも関わらず)初期歌詞で歌われる「Iron Man」「War Pigs」「Hand Of Doom」等々などもひたすら眩しい。その全編が最高すぎるのです。

1. Intro. 2. Paranoid 3. N.I.B. 4. Behind The Wall Of Sleep 5. Iron Man 6. War Pigs
7. Fairies ar Boots 8. Hand Of Doom

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass Bill Ward – Drums




Black Sabbath / Pro-Shot Collection 1970 / 1DVDR / Non label
“Beat-Club” Bremen, Germany 25th May 1970 & “Rock Of The Seventies” Theatre 140, Brussels, Belgium 3rd October 1970
and various Pro-shot footage

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 The main press CD is a transcendent stereo soundboard album that stands at the top of the original BLACK SABBATH, which has permanently changed the music history. Of course, it is an unnecessary overkill such as a bonus, but the image is hot in fact in the early days of recent years SABBATH. Therefore, we prepared one bonus shot that included a series of professional shots from 1970, including a series of new excavations.
 Such this work includes seven kinds of about 92 minutes of professional shots of 1970 when BLACK SABBATH debuted. There are three main types, so let’s introduce each in detail.

[May 25, 1970: Bremen (BEAT-CLUB)]
 First to appear is a great video representative of the immediate after debut. It is 4 songs broadcasted on West Germany’s famous program “BEAT-CLUB”. Actually, two songs are shot separately, and “Black Sabbath” and “Blue Suede Shoes” are recorded on “May 25”, and “Iron Man” and “Paranoid” are unknown on the shooting date. It was once referred to as “September 26”, but it turned out that this was a broadcast date.
 This video has been commercialized in several times whether the rights were subtle. Half-official works such as “THE BEST OF MUSIKLADEN LIVE” and CDV “BLACK MASS” have been loved. This work is different, it is the highest full-fledged regular release version. It was originated from the bonus DVD that came with the RHINO label “BLACK BOX”. It is a prestigious box of masterpieces with the best remasters, but it is difficult to obtain now 14 years after its release. This work reprints the beauty of such an extreme image.
 And the live performance depicted in that quality is the best. It’s not a concert, but a studio appearance live on television, and frames and image processing like those that decorate them, such as a photo album, are perfect for the times. Especially valuable is “Blue Suede Shoes”. Of course, it’s an Elvis cover, but it’s a very rare song that has been played only once later. In fact, the TV station side at the time demands a cover if it is troubled with the original song which he does not know in heavy. It was played almost in the production. It is amazing that it is decided wonderfully, but this seems to be those of them just after their debut. As a matter of fact, the 1st album “BLACK SABBATH” is also produced almost at studio live, and on the stage he plays cover songs “Warning” and “Evil Woman”. The debut film and this film are officially leaving their side which was actually a cover expert.

[October 3, 1970 Brussels performance] It will be
 followed by a professional shot of the original SAB BATH’s super standard Brussels performance. It was broadcasted on “ROCK OF THE SEVENTIES”, but there are many people who say that it is “Paris in 1970”. However, in recent research, it has become clear that “It’s not really Paris but Brussels performance.”
 What is included in this work is the highest ever version of such a super famous video. “THE ULTIMATE OZZY OSBOURNE YEARS” version master. Seven years have passed since the excavation, but the throne has not been shaken yet. As a matter of fact, recently it was also uploaded to Youtube’s BLACK SABBATH official account, but still it does not exceed the “THE ULTIMATE OZZY OS BOURNE YEARS” version. Moreover, the credit remains “Paris show” and is an incomplete version with a cut. It is a vertex master that can not be exceeded even by the official.
 The super-standard professional shot drawn by the image beauty is just the best. From the blockbuster “PARANOID” all songs other than “Planet Caravan” and “Electric Funeral” are shown, and there is an initial concentration set covered with “Black Sabbath”, “NIB” and “Behind The Wall Of Sleep”. In addition, the band potential that has been playing a large number of performances in a row is fully open. Needless to say, it is one of the most important images of BLACK SAB BATH and even British rock as a whole. It is the highest peak version.

[Further six types of treasure pro shots]
 Actually, 1970 was a time of the pro-shots, a rare sight in the history of SAB BATH. The above two types are famous, but there are also many other types of small professional shots. This film is a compilation of currently known professional videos. Let’s take a closer look.
-DOEBIDOE TV (1 song) The
 first to appear is the Dutch TV program “DOEBIDOE” that appeared on “May 22, 1970” which is three days before “BEAT-CLUB”. Although it is a monochrome mime, I am playing “NIB” in a studio performance that looks like “BEAT-CLUB”.
● ROCK CIRCUS (2 songs + α)
 followed by a professional shot is a treasure! West Germany program “ROCK CIRCUS” on June 21, 1970. It is a multi-camera pro shot that is one month after “BEAT CLUB”. It is not a complete play, but the quality is just amazing. A super ultra beautiful image with beautiful appearance and no blur at the spine of the building. With the pillowwords of “for the time” and “for analog shooting”, it is a perfect official pro shot that is super superior even with the current digital standards.
 ”War Pigs” is also an early version of the temporary lyrics that were also called “Walpurgis”. Moreover, the sense of time of the year 1970 is huge. If the dodecadic telop is also vintage, I somehow go up in the ring and play “Iron Man” is also vintage. Here too, the image quality and the sound quality are amazing products, and the version of the lyrics difference is unfolded. There is also a hippie feeling that has been delayed by the frenzied spectators and the scenes where they are interviewed non-bride outdoors. In the end, where was this much video left … If you find the continuation, it’s definitely going to be one of the biggest and strongest in BLACK SABBATH history. It is an amazing pro shot that you definitely want to unearth.
● BILZEN FESTIVAL (1 song) The
 third one is super precious monochrome image again. It is an indoor studio live called “BILZEN BLUES AND JAZZ FESTIVAL” on August 21, 1970. While “PARANOID” is being completed, it is a TV program at a timing that has not yet been released, and will play almost full single “Paranoid” released prior to the album. The sound does not reach “ROCK CIRCUS”, but the image quality is superb here. Although the live is indoors, the audience is a mysterious pro shot called the outdoors.
 lasts 10 days. It is a black-and-white news image that deals with the “Montreux performance on August 31, 1970,” the same as the main story press CD. “NIB” comes out just a few from the various bands, but that day also had a camera in it …. It is an extremely valuable video that gives a glimpse of the “other side” of the main press CD.
● TOP OF THE POPS appearance (1 song)
 The ultra-professional official pro shot again! Appeared on the British special program “TOP OF THE POPS” which appeared on September 24, 1970 (9 days after the above-mentioned Brussels) which is about a week after “PARANOID” release. There is only one song “Paranoid”, but the beauty of the image is super-bleaching even “BEAT-CLUB”. The audience of the studio is also a masterpiece pro shot that dances crazy with a sense of time, but because it was excavated after “THE ULTIMATE OZZY OSBOURNE YEARS” release, it can not be seen even in that masterpiece. It is one of the super beautiful beautiful shots in this work.
● TOP POP appearance (1 song) The
 last is black and white professional shot of “September 29, 1970, 1970” five days later. It is a picture when it appeared in the Dutch TV program “TOP POP”. It is only one song “Paranoid” of the mime, but this is the official quality as it is written in the official history DVD “THE BLACK SAB BATH STORY VOL.1”. Eleven days after the release of “PARANOID”, we can enjoy the appearance of the four young people who swept the world.

 Above, 6 kinds, 20 songs, about 92 minutes, super super best multi camera pro shot. It is one of the collection of professional images left in 1970 when BLACK SAB BATH was a revolutionary child. Although this work is also a super masterpiece which should be pressed if it is originally, there may be a terrific new excavation only for the 50th anniversary of the debut next year … … such a light expectation was not wiped out and it stopped in bonus DVDR. One super-abstract that has made up the master of the highest peak in 2019. Please enjoy it in conjunction with the main story press CD which is the top live album of BLACK SAB BATH whole history.

本編プレスCDは、音楽史を永久に変えてしまったオリジナルBLACK SABBATHでも頂点に立つ超絶ステレオサウンドボード・アルバム。もちろん無論ボーナスなど不要な超絶作ではあるのですが、実は近年の初期SABBATHは映像が熱い。そこで相次ぐ新発掘も含め、1970年のプロショットを総ざらいした1枚をボーナスにご用意しました。
そんな本作はBLACK SABBATHがデビューした1970年のプロショットを7種類・約92分も収録したもの。大きく3つに分けられますので、それぞれ詳しくご紹介していきましょう。

まず登場するのはデビュー直後を代表する名映像。西ドイツの名物番組“BEAT-CLUB”で放送された4曲です。実は2曲ずつ別々に撮影され、「Black Sabbath」「Blue Suede Shoes」が「5月25日」収録で、「Iron Man」「Paranoid」は撮影日不明。かつて「9月26日」とも言われましたが、これは放送日だった事が判明しています。
この映像は権利が微妙だったのか、幾度となく商品化。『THE BEST OF MUSIKLADEN LIVE』やCDV『BLACK MASS』といったハーフオフィシャル的な作品が愛されてきました。本作はそれとは違い、最高峰とされる完全正規リリース・バージョン。RHINOレーベルの『BLACK BOX』に付属していたボーナスDVDから起こされたものです。極上リマスターと共に名作の誉れ高いボックスではありますが、発売から14年が経った現在では入手困難。本作は、そんな極めつけの映像美を復刻しているのです。
そして、そのクオリティで描かれる生演奏こそが最高。コンサートではなくテレビ出演のスタジオ・ライヴで、その彼らを飾るプリクラのようなフレームや画像処理も時代感満点です。特に貴重なのは「Blue Suede Shoes」。もちろん、エルヴィスのカバーですが、後にも先にも1回しか演奏されていない激レア曲です。実は、当時のテレビ局側がヘヴィでわけのわからないオリジナル曲では困るとカバーを要求。ほぼぶっつけ本番で演奏されたのです。それが見事に決まってしまうのも凄いですが、これがまたデビュー直後の彼ららしい。実のところ、1stアルバム『BLACK SABBATH』もほぼスタジオ・ライヴで制作され、ステージではカバー曲「Warning」「Evil Woman」を演奏している。デビュー作と本作こそが、実はカバー巧者だった彼らの一面を公式に残しているのです。

続いて登場するのは、オリジナルSABBATHの超定番となるブリュッセル公演のプロショット。“ROCK OF THE SEVENTIES”で放送されたものですが、むしろ「1970年パリ公演」と言った方がピンと来る方も多いでしょう。しかし、近年のリサーチでは「実はパリではなくブリュッセル公演」と判明しています。
本作に収録されているのは、そんな超有名映像の史上最高峰版。『THE ULTIMATE OZZY OSBOURNE YEARS』版マスター。発掘から7年が経つマスターですが、未だに王座が揺るがない。実のところ、最近にYoutubeのBLACK SABBATH公式アカウントにもアップされましたが、やはり『THE ULTIMATE OZZY OSBOURNE YEARS』版を超えてはいない。しかもクレジットは「パリ公演」のままですし、カットのある不完全版。オフィシャルでも超えられない頂点マスターなのです。
その映像美で描かれる超定番プロショットは、まさに至高。大ヒット作『PARANOID』から「Planet Caravan」「Electric Funeral」以外の全曲が披露され、そこに「Black Sabbath」「N.I.B.」「Behind The Wall Of Sleep」をまぶした初期の濃縮セット。しかも、演奏も大名盤を連発しまくっていたバンド・ポテンシャルが全開。四の五の言うまでもなく、BLACK SABBATHどころか英国ロック全体でも最重要映像の1つ。その最高峰版なのです。

続くプロショットこそお宝! 1970年6月21日の西ドイツ番組“ROCK CIRCUS”。“BEAT CLUB”の1ヶ月後となるマルチカメラ・プロショットです。完奏ではないのですが、とにかく凄まじいのがクオリティ。ビルの背筋までクッキリと美しく、滲みも一切ない超ウルトラ美麗映像。「当時にしては」「アナログ撮影にしては」の枕詞をヌキにして、現在のデジタル基準でも超極上の完全オフィシャル級プロショットです。
「War Pigs」も「Walpurgis」と呼ばれていた仮歌詞の初期バージョンです。しかも、1970年の時代感も絶大。ドデカいテロップもヴィンテージなら、なぜかリングに上がって演奏する「Iron Man」もヴィンテージ。ここでも画質・音質ともに驚愕の逸品で、歌詞違いのバージョンが繰り広げられます。さらに熱狂する観客や野外でノンビリとインタビューを受ける光景にも遅れてきたヒッピー感が漂う。一体、どこにこれだけの映像が残っていたのか……もし、続きが発見されたら間違いなくBLACK SABBATH史上、最大・最強の1本になること間違いなしです。ぜひとも発掘していただきたい驚異のプロショットです。
3つめはまたしても超貴重なモノクロ映像。1970年8月21日の“BILZEN BLUES AND JAZZ FESTIVAL”と言われる屋内のスタジオ・ライヴです。『PARANOID』が完成しつつ、まだ発売になっていないタイミングのテレビ番組で、アルバムに先立ってリリースされたシングル「Paranoid」をほぼフル演奏します。サウンドは“ROCK CIRCUS”には及びませんが、画質はコチラも極上。ライヴは屋内なのに観客は野外という不思議なプロショットです。
再び超絶極上のオフィシャル級プロショット! 『PARANOID』リリースの約一週間後となる1970年9月24日(上記ブリュッセルの9日後)に出演した英国の名物番組“TOP OF THE POPS”に出演したもの。1曲「Paranoid」だけではありますが、その映像美は“BEAT-CLUB”さえ凌駕する超絶ぶり。スタジオの観客も時代感たっぷりに踊り狂う名作プロショットですが、『THE ULTIMATE OZZY OSBOURNE YEARS』リリース後に発掘されたために、あの傑作でも観られない。本作でも屈指の超美麗プロショットです。
●TOP POP出演(1曲)
最後は5日後「1970年1970年9月29日」のモノクロ・プロショット。オランダのテレビ番組“TOP POP”に出演した際の映像です。マイムの「Paranoid」1曲だけですが、これは公式ヒストリーDVD『THE BLACK SABBATH STORY VOL.1』に収録されていたもので文字どおりの公式クオリティ。『PARANOID』リリースから11日後であり、世界を席巻していた若き4人の姿を楽しめます。

以上、6種・20曲・約92分に及ぶ超・極上マルチカメラ・プロショット。BLACK SABBATHが革命児であった1970年に残されたプロ映像を集大成した1枚です。本来であれば、本作もプレスすべき超傑作ではありますが、来年はデビュー50周年だけに凄まじい新発掘があるかも知れない………そんな淡い期待が拭いきれずにボーナスDVDRに止めました。2019年現在で最高峰のマスターを総ざらいした超絶なる1枚。BLACK SABBATH全史の頂点ライヴアルバムである本編プレスCDと併せ、たっぷりとお楽しみください。

Bremen, Germany 25th May 1970

1. Iron Man 2. Paranoid 3. Black Sabbath 4. Blue Suede Shoes

Theatre 140, Brussels, Belgium 3rd October 1970

5. Tune Up #1 6. Paranoid 7. Hand Of Doom 8. Rat Salad 9. Iron Man
10. Black Sabbath 11. Tune Up #2 12. N.I.B. 13. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
14. War Pigs 15. Fairies Wear Boots


16. N.I.B (Doebidoe 1970)
17. War Pigs (Rock Circus 1970)
18. Iron Man (Rock Circus 1970)
19. Interview (Rock Circus 1970)
20. Paranoid (Bilzen Festival 1970)
21. N.I.B. (Montreux Festival 1970)
22. Paranoid (Top Of The Pops 1970)
23. Paranoid (Top Pop 1970)


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