Black Sabbath / Definitive Hollywood Bowl 2016 / 2CD

Black Sabbath / Definitive Hollywood Bowl 2016 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA. USA 19th September 2016.  STEREO SBD


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It was long. Finally, this time finally came. About 3 years since “THE END” was announced …… No, 6 years since the reunion press conference was held on November 11, 2011. Finally the first superb full sound board · album is appearing.
Of course, during the past six years there was “LIVE … GATHERED IN THEIR MASSES”. There was also “THE END: LIVE IN BIRMINGHAM”. However, the official products were “works” to the last, they were replaced with a studio just as they wished for the best and the best, and they were preparing mixes. It was not “real life sabbath”. However, this work is “real life”. BLACK SABBATH I was breathing, singing, strumming at the stage. It is an outflow stereo sound board that exposed their lives to unprocessed.

【Ultra-fine outflow stereo · sound board】
It is contained in such a work “Hollywood performance on September 19, 2016”. It is a scene of their last tour “THE END” who has already gone to sleep eternally. There are also people who have been heard already, as fans all over the world are standing in the long-awaited sound board runoff, but this work is a bit different from that topic master. Actually, the master who is making noise on the net has one channel recorded with phase inversion, so that the sounds cancel each other out and it is a strange sound far from Mokomoko.
However, this work is a normal master without phase inversion. This difference is overwhelmingly superior! Those who listen to the net sound source will be thought that “super-super best” by that sound, but the original sound is totally different. Clear and sunny sound is absolutely incomprehensible in equalizing and remastering. I think that people who listen to the Internet public master will be surprised by their tremendous mutation, but this work is “real sound”. Even so, why did the net public master have reversed the phase?!?!?
And while its quality is completely official, it is totally different from the official “direct feeling of desk” is fully open. Guitar and bass roar like rough rope, Ozzy regenerates brain sound even in brain. Even the Adam · Wakeman keyboard and rhythm guitar are pretty brilliant. There is not a lot of fine dust, such as a sense of reality of the scene in the balance where the great cheers are one kilometer ahead, but instead there is a sense of sync with the band abnormally. This brilliant direct-coupled sound board has been since “ROCKWAVE FESTIVAL 2005” in Greece in 2005. It is literally “more than once in 10 years”, it is finally the album “Completely Unified with SABBATH” that the zodiac signature finally came round.

【Greatest show full + super valuable sound check】
The real 100% stage drawn with such a sound is also surprisingly good condition. The stability of Iomi / Gieser is within the range of expectation, but it is unknown Ozzy that is worrisome. It is natural for me to remove it from long ago, in recent years it has no choice but to do hello … … and I was on the midst of giving up, but this show is truly amazing! It is stable all the time and it stretches well. Although “Children Of The Grave” on the final stage is the last minute, the tattered brunt is stepping on the default difficulties “Snowblind” and “Dirty Women”. Even though I’m glad simply being a superb sound board, it is the first time in a great performance. Although this show was uneasy because there is no audience recording, it is determined to be one of the highest peaks of “THE END” without asking questions !!
In addition, this work also includes the sound check of the day. Several sound checks were on the circle at “THE END”, but they were all audience recordings of VIP ticket customers. However, this work is the same super board sound board recording as the main part live. As a matter of fact, this is super rare even in BLACK SABBATH’s entire history beyond the ogy period. It is a great excavation of the century. Moreover, the contents are super real and wonderful. MC who welcomes VIP ticket customers introduces members (funny like a professional wrestler) while each instrumental team checks. Adam plays “Mr. Crowley”, jumps “Symptom Of The Universe” in the band, “Sweet Leaf” which does not play in the main part live is also displayed, and service full marks as well. And Ogi Otomi appeared. I will also play “Iron Man” with songs.

Anyway, Ozzy Sabbath is the full sound board for the first time in 12 years. It restarted in 2011 and ended in 2017 “Last BLACK SABBATH”, it is the only one of that. However, what was stuck in there was the superb quality and prestige which seems to be blown away in precious moments (Although it seems persistent, you should not look sweetly on this soundboard with the master of the net).
As well as being “THE END” highest masterpiece without asking questions, plenty of sense of reality and sense of real existence that can not be tasted by the official live work. Now that BLACK SABBATH has fallen asleep, it may not be possible to meet such a sound board anymore. For the first time in 12 years, it is a super masterpiece sound board that may be the last. With press 2CD that will not lose its radiance permanently, at your convenience.

★ It is one of the strongest and the best of the year, line with Earls Court of Bowie.
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長かった。遂に、遂にこの時が来ました。“THE END”が公表されてから約3年……いえ、2011年11月11日に再結成の記者会見が行われてから6年。遂に初の極上フルサウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。
もちろん、この6年の間に『LIVE… GATHERED IN THEIR MASSES』がありました。『THE END: LIVE IN BIRMINGHAM』もありました。しかし、それらはオフィシャル品はあくまでも“作品”であり、最善・最良を願うばかりにスタジオで差し替えられ、ミックスを整えられていた。“本生のサバス”ではなかったのです。しかし、本作こそは“本物の生”。ステージでつま弾き、歌い、呼吸していたBLACK SABBATH。彼らのライヴを無加工にさらけ出した流出ステレオ・サウンドボードなのです。

そんな本作に収められているのは「2016年9月19日ハリウッド公演」。すでに永遠の眠りに就いた彼らの最後のツアー“THE END”の一幕です。現在、待望のサウンドボード流出に世界中のファンが色めき立っているだけに、すでに耳にされている方もいらっしゃるかも知れませんが、本作はその話題マスターとはちょっと違います。実は、ネットを騒がせているマスターは片チャンネルが位相反転で収録されており、そのために音が打ち消し合ってモコモコと妙に遠いサウンドになっているのです。
ところが、本作はその位相反転がない正常マスター。この差は超絶に圧倒的! ネット音源を聴いた方は「あの音で“超極上”は言い過ぎ」と思われるでしょうが、本来のサウンドはまったく違う。クリアにサッと晴れ渡ったサウンドは、イコライジングやリマスターでは絶対、到達し得ない次元。ネット公開マスターを聴いていた方ほど、その凄まじい変異ぶりに驚かれると思いますが、本作こそが“本当の音”なのです。それにしても、ネット公開マスターはなぜ位相反転させていたのか?!?!?
そして、そのクオリティは完全にオフィシャル級ながら、オフィシャルとはまったく違う“卓直結感”が全開。ギターもベースも荒縄のごとく轟き、オジーは呼吸音さえも脳内再生。なかなか聴けないアダム・ウェイクマンのキーボードやリズムギターさえも鮮やかです。大歓声が1キロ先にいるようなバランスに現場の臨場感など微塵もありませんが、その代わりにバンドとのシンクロ感は異常にもほどがある。これほど鮮烈なド直結サウンドボードは、2005年ギリシャ公演の『ROCKWAVE FESTIVAL 2005』以来。文字通り「10年一度」以上、干支が1周してようやく巡り会えた“SABBATHと完全一体”アルバムなのです。

そんなサウンドで描かれる本生100%ステージがまた意外なほどの絶好調。アイオミ/ギーザーの安定ぶりは予想の範囲内ですが、気になるのは無修正のオジー。昔から外すのも当たり前で、近年ではヘロヘロでも仕方ない……と半ばあきらめ気味でしたが、このショウは実に実に素晴らしい! いつになく安定していて良く伸びる。最終盤の「Children Of The Grave」こそギリギリではあるものの、ボロボロがデフォルトの難曲「Snowblind」「Dirty Women」でも踏ん張ってくれます。単に極上サウンドボードというだけでも嬉しいのに、まさかの名演ぶり。このショウはオーディエンス録音もないので不安でしたが、問答無用に“THE END”最高峰の1本に決定です!!
さらに、本作には当日のサウンドチェックも収録しています。“THE END”ではサウンドチェックもいくつか出回っていましたが、それらはVIPチケット客のオーディエンス録音ばかり。しかし、本作は本編ライヴと同じ超極上のサウンドボード録音なのです。実のところ、これはオジー期を超えたBLACK SABBATH全史でも超珍しい。まさに世紀の大発掘なのです。しかも、中身も超リアルで素晴らしい。VIPチケット客を迎えるMCがメンバーを紹介(プロレスみたいで可笑しい)しながら楽器隊が1人ひとりチェック。アダムが「Mr. Crowley」を弾いたり、バンドで「Symptom Of The Universe」をジャムったり、本編ライヴでは演奏しない「Sweet Leaf」も披露したりとサービス満点。そして、御大オジーも登場。歌入りの「Iron Man」も演奏します。

とにもかくにも、オジー・サバス12年ぶりとなるフル・サウンドボード。2011年に再始動し、2017年に終わった“最後のBLACK SABBATH”、その唯一無二の1本です。ところが、そこに詰まっていたのは貴重ぶりと吹っ飛ばすような超極上のクオリティと名演でした(しつこいようですが、ネットのマスターでこのサウンドボードを甘く見てはいけません)。
問答無用に“THE END”最高傑作なだけでなく、公式ライヴ作品では味わえない本生の現実感とシンクロ感もたっぷり。BLACK SABBATHが眠りに就いてしまった今となっては、もうこれほどのサウンドボードには出逢えないかも知れません。12年ぶりにして、最後かも知れない超傑作サウンドボード。永久に輝きを失わないプレス2CDで、あなたのお手元に。



Disc 1 (58:59)
1. Intro 2. Black Sabbath 3. Fairies Wear Boots 4. After Forever 5. Into the Void
6. Band Introductions 7. Snowblind 8. War Pigs 9. Behind the Wall of Sleep
10. Bassically / N.I.B.

Disc 2 (79:52)
1. Hand of Doom 2. Rat Salad incl. Drum Solo 3. Iron Man 4. Dirty Women
5. Children of the Grave 6. Paranoid

7. MC Intro 8. Keyboard & Guitar 9. Drums 10. Bass & Symptom Of The Universe
11. Sweet Leaf 12. Iron Man 13. Guitar & Bass


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