Black Sabbath / Definitive Philadelphia 2013 / 6CDR

Black Sabbath / Definitive Philadelphia 2013 / 6CDR / Shades
Live at Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA. USA 10th August 2013

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From the 2013 North American Tour with BLACK SAB BATH’s “13”, the Philadelphia concert in Philadelphia on August 10 will be released in a six-disc set using three of the best Audience Masters directly! This work is a luxury set to enjoy the highlight of the first half of the tour, from the different angles. It is a collector’s specification of limited 20 sets with stickers numbered that deep fans all over the world hate!

Since the announcement of the reopening in November 2011, BLACK SABBATH has had some unexpected challenges. Even after overcoming Tony Iomimi’s illness and Bill Ward’s non-participation issues and performing three shows in 2012, the fans have been anxious at the same time as expecting a new album and “Is it really all right?” It was
It was the tour that started from the second half of April that one answer was shown to the mixed “Expectation and Anxiety”. Prior to the release of the new album “13”, at a live performance held in New Zealand and Australia, eight new performances have been actively selected along with the familiar Sabbath classic, and of course the content of the music is “perform, of course” “Sabas!” And relieved fans all over the world.
A feeling of relief transformed into enthusiasm, came to Japan performance as “OZZFEST JAPAN 2013” performed on May 12. The legendary performance unfolded here is as shown in the press CD title “JAPAN AT LAST” (SABS-013). At this point, Sabbath, who has dispelled the dark clouds since 2011, announced the long-awaited new work “13” in June. We won first place simultaneously in the United States and the United Kingdom, and played a long-awaited “world domination”.

The North American Tour, which began on July 25th at the Houston Tour, shows great excitement around the world with the top position in the US (The gift title “AGE OF REASON IN AUSTIN” released recently) is part of that I could see a glimpse). In this North American tour, some actions have been added to the set list, and the newly set-in “Age Of Reason” and “Satass” that has been a live performance since ’70 have attracted attention. .
The North American Tour, which has been booked up to September 3, ended 13 performances during the planned 20 performances (including the August 16 additional performances and Chicago performances) and exceeded the turning point. All of them were large-scale venues, but of these, the first half of the yard was the Philadelphia concert in August 10, Pennsylvania. The venue, the Wells Fargo Center, has a capacity of approximately 20,000 people. Along with the live show in Boston, Massachusetts on August 12, it is the highlight of the North American Tour.
In this work, the special live is packaged with three top-class audience recordings! In the same live, many tapers are turning the equipment, and both materials and videos are known via the net, but here we use the master provided by enthusiastic Sabass mania from overseas. We will enjoy the spectacular Sabbath live with the thick sound and natural tone, which is different from the compressed net sound source with a little bit more or less taste!

In “Source # 1” recorded on Disc 1 and 2, based on the master captured by the taper in the front row of the venue, the band performance is heard with a line-like balance, a clear contour, and a powerful sound image.
In the first half of the live, “War Pigs” and “Into The Void”, the intense heaviness and powerful sound knock out the listener from the intro! The rich, black bass represented by “Under The Sun” reproduces the Iomi’s guitar riff and the Gieser’s bass with an ideal tone (Gieser fans must listen for the bass that pops up everywhere). In addition, the drums of Tommy Kulfetus with a heavy weight and feeling of weight may be connected to the sound image in “JAPAN AT LAST”!
Ozzy’s vocals located in the middle of the stereo are very easy to hear, and it is realistic to be able to unfold in front of the eyes, of course, to singing and singing in the song. If you listen to “Age Of Reason” and “Rat Salad” that can be enjoyed with line-class sounds, it may not be that everyone in the fans feels “I want this Source # 1 to be a press!” It is regrettable that “Methademic” has fallen off just before. The intro part of the show that precedes “War Pigs” and the outro with “Zeitgeist” are not recorded, but it is 117 minutes that makes the listener feel overwhelmed with the super heavy sound!

“Source # 2” on discs 3 and 4 is characterized by a sound image in which the feeling of air in the hall and the spread of sound are well-balanced, while properly capturing the performance of the band. While the song between the song confirming the excitement of the venue with just enough, but the sound begins to close up to the performance of the song when the song starts, there is even a taste like an official live. Especially in the first half of “War Pigs”, the sound image with depth that resonates in the scene that Ozzy sings to the audience is unique to this recording!
Depending on the setting of the equipment, the overall tone is also sharp and vivid compared to “Source # 1” or “Source # 3”. The crisp sound of “Snowblind” and the “Age Of Reason” where Tommy’s drums squeaky (of course enough weight) from the introductory part would be great listening places. As with the “Age Of Reason”, the sound of this recording looks very similar with “End Of The Beginning” or “God Is Dead?” “Fairies Wear Boots” full of liveliness and “Dirty Women” where you can clearly listen to keyboards played by Adam Wakeman are also points for listening.
This “Source # 2” includes the live intro before “War Pigs” and the short but show Outro “Zeitgeist”, and achieves the longest recording time (about 120 minutes) in this work. Also points. If you focus on entertainment, I would like you to enjoy this “Source # 2” first.

And with the final “Source # 3” discs 5 and 6, you can enjoy Sabas live enthusiasm with a realistic feeling like a floor! The band’s performance that is attacking from above the listener’s head is of course clear and easy to hear, but the reaction of the audience like the hot air spewing from the opening, the excitement between the songs spreading like cheers of the sea is great. It is a word. The heat of “War Pigs” where the musical tone comes to the front as the band’s performance pushes through the excitement of the venue that doesn’t know to stop is just a momentary musical moment. Above all, the great chorus of the scene that Ozzy sings is wonderful. The enthusiastic enthusiast will insist, “This is a live tape!”
From the intro thunderstorm SE that exudes a creepy mood, the “Sabth of Black Sabbath” where the guitar of Iomi bursts like lightning, the “1st album part from NIJ” where the entire space jumps from the jazzy “Behind The Wall Of Sleep” “Say right! The excitement of the promised “Iron Man”, “Children Of The Grave”, and “Paranoid”, which pushes up the end of the live show with enthusiasm, is whether the “Wells Fargo Center” accommodating 20,000 people is shaking. It seems!

The three sources recorded here are all based on “playing the band’s musical tones”, but it is interesting that they have the characteristics of three parties and three by the setting of the recording position and the equipment. It is also good to get the whole picture of the day by comparing various sound sources. It is also good to use it as a clue to know the “favorite sound” that suits the taste of each listener. The fun of this work is how to listen and enjoy, and it will expand in many ways!
A special piece of special live, which will be featured on the 2013 North American Tour of Sabbath, is here! Don’t miss out on a complete limited set of 20 sets you can only get now, and a 6-disc set with Sabbath Mania!

BLACK SABBATHの「13」に伴う2013年北米ツアーより、8月10日のペンシルバニア州フィラデルフィア公演が、3種類の極上オーディエンス・マスターをダイレクト使用した6枚組でリリース決定です! 本作はツアー前半でもハイライトになったライヴを、異なる角度から思う存分楽しませる豪華セット。世界中のディープファンが羨む、ナンバリング入りステッカー付き・限定20セットのコレクターズ仕様です!

2011年11月に活動再開を発表して以来、BLACK SABBATHには思いがけない難題が付きまとっていました。トニー・アイオミの病気やビル・ワードの不参加問題を乗り越え、2012年に3回のライヴを行った時点でも、ファンの間では新作への期待と同時に「本当に大丈夫なのか?」という不安が付きまとっていました。
安堵感が熱狂へと転化したのが、5月12日に行われた”OZZFEST JAPAN 2013″としての来日公演。ここで繰り広げられた伝説的なパフォーマンスは、プレスCDタイトル「JAPAN AT LAST」(SABS-013)で示されているとおりです。この時点で2011年以来の暗雲を払いのけたサバスは、6月に待望の新作「13」を発表。アメリカとイギリスで同時一位を獲得し、念願の”世界制覇”を果たしたのです。

7月25日のヒューストン公演より始まった北米ツアーは、全米一位の勢い背景に、各地で素晴らしい盛り上がりを見せています(先日リリースされたギフト・タイトル「AGE OF REASON IN AUSTIN」でも、その一端を垣間見る事ができました)。この北米ツアーではセットリストに一部手が加えられ、新たにセットインした「Age Of Reason」や、サバスとしては’70年以来のライヴ演奏となった「Rat Salad」が話題を呼んでいます。
本作ではその特別なライヴを、何と3つの最上級オーディエンス録音でパッケージした決定版! 同ライヴでは多数のテーパーが機材を回しており、音源・映像とも複数の素材がネットを介して知られていますが、ここでは海外の熱狂的なサバス・マニアから提供されたマスターを使用。圧縮されたネット音源とは一味もふた味も違う、分厚いサウンドとナチュラルな音色で、スペクタクルなサバス・ライヴを楽しませます!

ディスク1・2へ収録された”Source #1″では、会場前列のテーパーが捉えたマスターを元にして、バンドの演奏をライン並みの均整と明瞭な輪郭、そして迫力ある音像で聴かせます。
ライヴ前半の「War Pigs」や「Into The Void」などは、強烈なまでのヘヴィネスとパワフルなサウンドが、イントロから聴き手をノックアウトします! 「Under The Sun」に代表される豊かで黒々とした低音は、アイオミのギターリフとギーザーのベースをこの上なく理想的な音色で再現(随所で浮かび上がるようなベースはギーザー・ファン必聴)。さらにドシンと重量感あるトミー・クルフェトスのドラムは「JAPAN AT LAST」での音像に通じるものがあります!
定位のど真ん中に位置するオジーのヴォーカルは非常に聴き取りやすく、歌唱やMCはもちろん曲中の煽りまで、目の前で繰り広げられるようにリアルです。ライン級のサウンドで楽しめる「Age Of Reason」や「Rat Salad」を聴けば、ファンの誰もが「このSource #1だけでもプレス化して欲しい!」と感じるのではないでしょうか(音が良いだけに直前で「Methademic」がセット落ちしたのは悔やまれます)。「War Pigs」に先立つショウのイントロ部分、および「Zeitgeist」を用いたアウトロは未収録ですが、最上級のヘヴィ・サウンドで聴き手をとことん痺れさせる117分間です!

ディスク3・4における”Source # 2″は、バンドの演奏をきちんと捉えつつも、場内の空気感や音の広がりもバランスよく配分した音像が特徴。曲間では会場の盛り上がりを過不足なく確認させつつも、曲が始まると演奏へぐぐっとクローズアップするサウンドは、まるで公式ライヴのような趣きすら漂います。特に「War Pigs」前半部分、オジーが観客に歌わせる場面で響く奥行きのある音像は本録音ならでは!
機材のセッティングによるのか、全体の音色も”Source #1″や”Source #3″と比べシャープでヴィヴィッド。「Snowblind」の切れ味冴えるサウンドや、導入部分からトミーのドラムが小気味良く(もちろん重さは充分)鳴り渡る「Age Of Reason」などは大きな聴き所でしょう。その「Age Of Reason」と同様、今のサバスを体現する「End Of The Beginning」や「God Is Dead?」では、本録音のサウンドがとても似合って感じられます。躍動感溢れる「Fairies Wear Boots」や、アダム・ウェイクマンの奏でるキーボードがはっきりと聴き取れる「Dirty Women」も必聴のポイントです。
この”Source # 2″は、「War Pigs」前のライヴ・イントロや、短いながらもショウのアウトロ「Zeitgeist」を含み、本作中でも一番長い収録時間(約120分)を実現しているのもポイント。エンターテイメント性を重視する方なら、まずはこの”Source # 2″からお楽しみ頂きたいと思います。

そして最後となる”Source #3″のディスク5そして6では、サバス・ライヴの熱狂をフロアさながらの臨場感で満喫できます! 聴き手の頭上から襲い掛かるようなバンドの演奏は当然クリアで聴き易いサウンドながら、オープニングから熱気が噴き出すようなオーディエンスのリアクション、曲間では歓声が海鳴りのように広がっていく興奮ぶりなどは素晴らしいの一言です。止む事を知らない会場の盛り上がりを、バンドの演奏が押し切るように楽音が前面へ出る「War Pigs」の熱さは、まさに一瞬の音楽的瞬間。中でもオジーが歌わせる場面の大合唱は素晴らしい。熱心なマニアは「これこそライヴ・テープ!」と、思わず唸ってしまうでしょう。
不気味なムードを醸すイントロの雷雨SEから、アイオミのギターが落雷のように炸裂する「Black Sabbath」、ジャジーな「Behind The Wall Of Sleep」から場内全体が飛び跳ねる「N.I.B.」への”1stアルバム・パート”はまさに必聴。お約束の「Iron Man」や「Children Of The Grave」、ライヴの最後を怒涛の勢いで押し上げる「Paranoid」での盛り上がりは、2万人を収容する”ウェルズ・ファーゴ・センター”が揺れ動いているかのようです!

ここに収録された3種類のソースは、いずれも”バンドの楽音を聴かせる”事が大前提となりつつも、録音位置や機材のセッティングにより、三者三様の個性をもっているのが面白い! 各種音源を聴き比べて当日の全容を掴むも良し。聴き手それぞれの好みに合った”お気に入りのサウンド”を知る手がかりにするのもまた良いでしょう。本作の面白さは、聴き方や楽しみ方で、それこそ何通りにも広がっていきます!
サバスの2013年北米ツアーでも特筆される、特別なライヴの特別な一本がここに登場です! 今しか手に入らない完全限定20セット、サバス・マニア必携の6枚組を、どうぞお見逃しありませんように!



Disc 1(64:17)
1. War Pigs 2. Into The Void 3. Under The Sun 4. Snowblind 5. Age Of Reason 6. Black Sabbath
7. Behind The Wall Of Sleep 8. Bassically / N.I.B. 9. End Of The Beginning

Disc 2(53:52)
1. Fairies Wear Boots 2. Rat Salad 3. Drums Solo 4. Iron Man 5. God Is Dead? 6. Dirty Women
7. Children Of The Grave 8. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Intro) / Paranoid


Disc 3(64:12)
1. War Pigs 2. Into The Void 3. Under The Sun 4. Snowblind 5. Age Of Reason 6. Black Sabbath
7. Behind The Wall Of Sleep 8. Bassically / N.I.B. 9. End Of The Beginning

Disc 4(53:59)
1. Fairies Wear Boots 2. Rat Salad 3. Drums Solo 4. Iron Man 5. God Is Dead? 6. Dirty Women
7. Children Of The Grave 8. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Intro.) / Paranoid / Zeitgeist (Outro.)


Disc 5(64:15)
1. War Pigs 2. Into The Void 3. Under The Sun 4. Snowblind 5. Age Of Reason 6. Black Sabbath
7. Behind The Wall Of Sleep 8. Bassically / N.I.B. 9. End Of The Beginning

Disc 6(53:41)
1. Fairies Wear Boots 2. Rat Salad 3. Drums Solo 4. Iron Man 5. God Is Dead?
6. Dirty Women 7. Children Of The Grave 8. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Intro) / Paranoid

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass Tommy Clufetos – Drums
Adam Wakeman – Keyboard

Strictly limited 20 sets only. Numbered stickered edition(No.1-20)

Shades 566

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