Black Sabbath / 13 In USA / 6CDR

Black Sabbath / 13 In USA / 6CDR / Shades

Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA. USA 12th August 2013, First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre, Tinley Park, Chicago, IL. USA 16th August 2013
Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville, IN. USA 18th August 2013

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From the 2013 North American Tour of BLACK SAB BATH, the live source of the enthusiast must-hear along with the “DEFINITIVE PHILADELPHIA 2013” comes with a numbered sticker with a limited edition of 20 sets.
In this film, the performances of Mansfield, Massachusetts on August 12, the performances in Chicago, Illinois on the 16th, and the performances of Noblesseville, Indiana on the 18th are all turned into soundboard-class superior audience masters. You can enjoy 3 performances representing the middle to the second half of the North American tour with a large volume of about 355 minutes!

The BLACK SAB BATH’s 2013 US Tour, which started on July 25 in Houston, Texas, is already in the second half, and the final day of the North American Los Angeles show on September 3 is approaching. In other words, the 2013 live show, which started in late April with the completion of the new album “13”, has also exceeded the majority of the 48 performances (including 2 cities of additional performances).
By this point Savas 2013 live sound source and video have become a lot of items and delight the fans. The head of each is the press CD title “JAPAN AT LAST” (SABS-013) of the performance to Japan, and it is “COMPLETE MELBOURNE 2013” which recorded Melbourne performance 2Days while being a gift title. Also, the recently released “DEFINITIVE PHILADELPHIA 2013” (Shades-566) covers the Philadelphia show, which is the highlight of the US tour, with three different audience sources, and allows the stage of the same day to be heard thoroughly The This is also an impressive one for deep Sabbath mania.
This time also from the North American tour, the item of the heart perfect score which is equal to the above “DEFINITIVE PHILADELPHIA 2013” is appeared. In this film, live 3 performances after the Philadelphia performance … · · · · Boston Mansfield performances of Massachusetts on August 12 and Tinley Park performances of Chicago, Illinois on the 16th, Indiana on the 18th The state of Indianapolis, Noblesse, turned into a record from the finest digital audience masters! This time, as with “DEFINITIVE PHILADELPHIA 2013”, it is a sound source brought in via overseas enthusiastic Sabbath mania, and its quality is with origami. The sound is unique even if it is converted into a press CD all in one piece, I will enjoy the burning Sabas live until it goes to heart!

Discs 1 and 2 contain a live performance at Mansfield in Boston, Massachusetts on August 12, the 10th tour of the North American Tour.
“War Pigs” which opens a curtain with plenty of presence in outstanding clearness and prospects should make the listener realize the greatness of this recording. You can enjoy the performance with the realism and ease of listening like a line sound source while picking up the excitement of the venue with enthusiasm (you can hear the keyboard of Adam Wakeman well as well as Ozzy’s vocals and MC as well as scenes ).
The music is the best listening response. Above all, the new songs “Age Of Reason” and “End Of The Beginning” are so overwhelming that it seems like “If you have this take you don’t even need line sound source”. Other than this, I have a guitar with a viciously beat “Under The Sun”, Gieser’s bassline “Gloevi” “Fairies Wear Boots” is a great listening place. Furthermore, the reaction of the audience rising in the climax “Children Of The Grave” is wonderful. If you are a mania who has experienced the performances in Japan, you will vividly recall the heat and excitement of the live. Along with the last Philadelphia show, this recording delivers a lively Boston night with a high reputation for mania!

And Disc 3.4 will be able to enjoy live at Tinley Park, Chicago, Illinois on August 16 as an additional performance. The live of this day has multiple audience sources as well as the Philadelphia show. In this work, they are compared and adopted, and the take judged to be particularly excellent is adopted. You can enjoy the sound that can be said that the live of fulfillment is the best.
The sound image is closer as compared to the disc 1 and 2. Strong Sabbath classics hit the listener with more punch. Of course, the excitement of the venue is also captured in an ideal allocation, and the choir at “War Pigs” and the reaction at the beginning of “Black Sabbath” are worth listening to. Of course, the enthusiasm for “Iron Man” and “Paranoid” is tremendous!
A little place to hear this day is the beginning of “NIB”. Originally from the last of “Behind The Wall Of Sleep”, we receive the drum of Tommy Kulphetus and move to the solo “Bassically” of Gieser. However, on this day Gieser put a solo right after Ozzie’s call, causing a gap with Tommy’s drum. Geezer listens to the play which changed a part of the pattern a little longer than usual to recover the mistake.
If you think that Chicago appeared in “Lollapalooza”, but the place where Sabbath performed the only live in America in 2012. It would be a frustrating thing for the band and local fans to come back with a new album a year after that (Ozzy and Iomimi seem to be good mood, “God Is Dead?” Starts with improvisation in Chicago I am pleased with the fans). This live is also interesting to compare with the gift title “LOLAPALOOZA 2012”.

Last disc 5 ・ 6, Noblesville, Indiana performances of August 18 complete recording in the best sound, especially excellent in this work! The airy sound, the immersive sound image, and the powerful band’s tone are the impression that the sound of the Boston sound source and Chicago sound source were well mixed. Aiomi’s guitar and Tommy’s drums are housed in great tones, and the live response to “Into The Void” and “Under The Sun” is really amazing! Any listeners should be knocked out by the eclectic and heaviness waves of “Black Sabbath” and “End Of The Beginning”, and the swaying venue “Iron Man”. Furthermore, “Dirty Women” where Iomi plays heavy riffs with Geiser, “Paranoid” where the band bursts together is unbearable! Ozzy is doing well enough, and the listeners will have the feeling that they are actually experiencing live in the audience.
This day is also a listening place where the beginning of “N.I.B.” is a bit. In the last show at Chicago, Gieser made a mistake to go into solo early, but in this Noblesse show, Tommy stopped playing with Ozzy’s call and changed the arrangement so that Gieser’s solo could begin immediately is. It is a trivial thing, but it is an important point that the change of the performance can not be overlooked for the mania.

This work lets you understand the design of the tour with three different lives against “DEFINITIVE PHILADELPHIA 2013” which thoroughly delves into one live with three different same day sound sources and listens deeply. Even in the same six-disc set of the 2013 North American Tour, the uniqueness of each item is unique. Please take this opportunity to get this work that you can not miss if you are a Sabas Mania. One of the particularly fattering ones at the 2013 live of Sabbath is the release decision here with a complete limited set of 20!

BLACK SABBATHの2013年北米ツアーから、あの「DEFINITIVE PHILADELPHIA 2013」に並ぶマニア必聴のライヴ・ソースが、ナンバリング入りステッカー付き,完全限定20セット・6枚組の豪華仕様で登場です!

7月25日のテキサス州ヒューストン公演から始まったBLACK SABBATHの2013年アメリカツアーもすでに後半へと差し掛かり、9月3日の北米最終日・ロサンゼルス公演が目前に迫っています。すなわち、新作アルバム「13」の完成に伴い4月後半からスタートした2013年ライヴも、全48公演中(追加公演の2都市を含む)の過半数を超えたのです。
この時点までにサバスの2013年ライヴ音源および映像は、数多くのアイテムとなってファンを喜ばせてきました。その筆頭各が来日公演のプレスCDタイトル「JAPAN AT LAST」(SABS-013)であり、ギフト・タイトルながらメルボルン公演2Daysを収録した「COMPLETE MELBOURNE 2013」なのです。また、先日リリースされた「DEFINITIVE PHILADELPHIA 2013」(Shades-566)では、アメリカツアーのハイライトと言えるフィラデルフィア公演を3つの異なるオーディエンス・ソースで網羅し、同日のステージを徹底的に聴き込ませました。こちらもディープなサバス・マニアにとって、印象深い一本となりました。
今回もその北米ツアーから、上記「DEFINITIVE PHILADELPHIA 2013」に勝るとも劣らない、ボリューム満点のアイテムが登場です。本作ではフィラデルフィア公演以後に行われたライヴ3公演・・・・・・8月12日のマサチューセッツ州ボストン・マンスフィールド公演と、16日のイリノイ州シカゴのティンリー・パーク公演、さらに18日のインディアナ州インディアナポリス・ノブレスビル公演を、全て最上級のデジタル・オーディエンス・マスターより音盤化! 今回も「DEFINITIVE PHILADELPHIA 2013」と同じく、海外の熱狂的サバス・マニア経由でもたらされた音源であり、そのクオリティは折り紙つき。全て単品でプレスCD化されても不思議ではないサウンドで、燃え上がる一方のサバス・ライヴを心行くまで満喫させます!

抜群のクリアネスと見通しの中、臨場感たっぷりに幕を開ける「War Pigs」は、聴き手に本録音の素晴らしさを実感させるはず。会場の興奮を熱気たっぷりに拾いながらも、演奏はライン音源並みのリアルさと聴き取りやすさで楽しめます(オジーのヴォーカルやMCはもとより、場面によってはアダム・ウェイクマンのキーボードもしっかり聴き取れるほどです)。
楽曲はいずれも最高の聴き応え。中でも新曲「Age Of Reason」や「End Of The Beginning」は、「このテイクがあればライン音源すら不要」と思えるほど圧倒的です。このほか、アイオミのギターが凶悪に吼える「Under The Sun」、ギーザーのベースラインがグルーヴィ極まりない「Fairies Wear Boots」は大きな聴き所です。さらにクライマックスの「Children Of The Grave」で湧き上る観客のリアクションは素晴らしい。来日公演を体験したマニアなら、ライヴの熱さや盛り上がりを色鮮やかに思い起こすでしょう。直前のフィラデルフィア公演と並んでマニアの評価が高いボストンの一夜を、本録音は生々しく伝えてくれます!

ディスク1・2と比較して、音像はより密接。ストロングなサバス・クラシックはより強烈なパンチ力で聴き手に迫ります。もちろん場内の盛り上がりも理想的な配分で捉えられており、「War Pigs」での合唱や、「Black Sabbath」冒頭でのリアクションは一聴に値します。もちろん「Iron Man」や「Paranoid」での熱狂ぶりは凄まじいものがあります!
この日のちょっとした聴き所は「N.I.B.」の冒頭でしょう。本来は「Behind The Wall Of Sleep」のラストから、トミー・クルフェトスのドラムを受けてギーザーのソロ「Bassically」へ移行します。しかしこの日はギーザーがオジーのコール直後にソロを入れてしまい、トミーのドラムとズレを生じているのです。ギーザーはこのミスを挽回するためか、普段よりちょっと長めに、またパターンを一部変えたプレイを聴かせてくれます。
思えばシカゴは、”ロラパルーザ”に出演したサバスが、2012年に唯一アメリカでライヴを行った場所。あれから一年後に新作を引っ提げ戻って来た事は、バンドにとっても現地のファンにとっても感慨深い事でしょう(オジーやアイオミも上機嫌のようで、「God Is Dead?」の冒頭では即興でシカゴのファンを喜ばせています)。本ライヴはギフト・タイトル「LOLLAPALOOZA 2012」と聴き比べても面白いでしょう。

最後のディスク5・6では、8月18日のインディアナ州ノブレスビル公演を、本作中でも特に優れた極上サウンドで完全収録! 空気感の広がりに優れたサウンド、臨場感ある音像、そして迫力あるバンドの楽音は、ボストン音源とシカゴ音源の長所を上手くミックスしたような印象です。アイオミのギターとトミーのドラムは素晴らしい音色で収められており、ライヴ序盤の「Into The Void」や「Under The Sun」の聴き応えは本当に凄い! 不気味さとヘヴィネスの波状攻撃である「Black Sabbath」や「End Of The Beginning」、会場が揺れるような「Iron Man」のド迫力には、いかなる聴き手もノックアウトされてしまうはず! さらにアイオミがギーザーと共に重厚なリフを奏でる「Dirty Women」、バンドが一体となって爆発する「Paranoid」も堪りません! オジーも充分に好調で、聴き手は実際に客席でライヴを体験しているような気持ちを味わえるでしょう。

ひとつのライヴを3つの異なる同日音源により徹底的に掘り下げ、深く聴き込ませた「DEFINITIVE PHILADELPHIA 2013」に対し、異なるライヴ3本でツアーの模様を理解させる本作。同じ2013年北米ツアーの6枚組でも、アイテムとして個性はそれぞれオンリーワンです。サバス・マニアならば見逃せない本作を、この機会にどうぞゲットしてください。サバスの2013年ライヴでも特に分厚い一本が、完全限定20セットでここにリリース決定です!


Live at Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA. USA 12th August 2013

Disc 1(63:56)
1. War Pigs 2. Into The Void 3. Under The Sun 4. Snowblind 5. Age Of Reason 6. Black Sabbath
7. Behind The Wall Of Sleep 8. Bassically / N.I.B. 9. End Of The Beginning

Disc 2(54:10)
1. Fairies Wear Boots 2. Rat Salad 3. Drums Solo 4. Iron Man 5. God Is Dead? 6. Dirty Women
7. Children Of The Grave 8. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Riff Only) / Paranoid

Live at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre, Tinley Park, Chicago, IL. USA 16th August 2013

Disc 3(63:46)
1. War Pigs 2. Into The Void 3. Under The Sun 4. Snowblind 5. Age Of Reason 6. Black Sabbath
7. Behind the Wall Of Sleep 8. Bassically / N.I.B. 9. End Of The Beginning

Disc 4(53:48)
1. Fairies Wear Boots 2. Rat Salad 3. Drums Solo 4. Iron Man 5. God Is Dead? 6. Dirty Women
7. Children Of The Grave 8. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Riff Only) / Paranoid

Live at Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville, IN. USA 18th August 2013

Disc 5(63:07)
1. War Pigs 2. Into The Void 3. Under The Sun 4. Snowblind 5. Age Of Reason 6. Black Sabbath
7. Behind The Wall Of Sleep 8. Bassically / N.I.B. 9. End Of The Beginning

Disc 6(53:40)
1. Fairies Wear Boots 2. Rat Salad 3. Drums Solo 4. Iron Man 5. God Is Dead? 6. Dirty Women
7. Children Of The Grave 8. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Riff Only) / Paranoid

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass Tommy Clufetos – Drums
Adam Wakeman – Keyboard


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