Black Crowes / Lockin Festival 2013 / 1DVDR

Black Crowes / Lockin Festival 2013 / 1DVDR / Johanna

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Oak Ridge Estate, Arrington, VA. Webcast/ Audio Matrix Version


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★ The Black Crowes, the latest of 2013 pro-shot Live
★ Tedeschi Trucks & Bob Weir is guest starring!

Than the spare is while also 2010 of 2013 that hiatus Crows that period had entered was limited resurrected from years live, stage for about 2 hours at the celebration “LOCKN FESTIVAL” jam band that has been held in Virginia of Arlington, PROSHOT recording.

Their loose of the number of representative music and outdoor festivals for the real thrill plenty of Southern rock and long installation song of all Man’s Burr,.
Furthermore Velvet Underground cover of “Oh! Sweet Nuthin ‘” also, such as a set-list has been enhanced.

Also appeared folks of Tedeschi Trucks Band in the encore, also Derek Trucks guitar Vocal of Susan Tedeschi must see!
And, just “living legend” of … jam band culture leader – Grateful Dead Bob Weir also appeared, and let me hear the play that was laid back in the specialty of Turn on Your Love Light.


惜しまれながらも2010年から活動休止期間に入っていたクロウズが限定復活した2013年のライヴより、バージニア州のアーリントンで開催されたジャム・バンドの祝典”LOCKN FESTIVAL”でのステージを約2時間、PROSHOT収録。

更にはヴェルヴェット・アンダーグラウンドのカヴァー”Oh! Sweet Nuthin'”などセットリストも充実しています。

そして、まさに”生きるレジェンド”・・ジャムバンド文化の総帥~グレイトフル・デッドのボブ・ウィアーも登場し、お得意のTurn on Your Love Lightでレイドバックした演奏を聴かせてくれます。

■1DVDR ; JPD-V1-087■ 118mins / PROSHOT
[Oak Ridge Estate, Arrington, VA / Sept 8th 2013]

Seeing Things
My Morning Song – Stare It Cold – My Morning Song
She Gave Good Sunflower
Space Captain
Garden Gate
Another Roadside Tragedy
Nonfiction (X)
Shine Along
Ballad In Urgency
Wiser Time
Oh Sweet Nuthin’
Let’s Go Get Stoned *
Turn On Your Lovelight **

* with Tedeschi Trucks Band
** with Tedeschi Trucks Band and Bob Weir



Johanna. JPD-V1-087

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