Black Crowes / Tokyo 1999 / 2CD+2Bonus Single CDR

Black Crowes / Tokyo 1999 / 2CD+2Bonus Single CDR / Zodiac
Translated Text:
Live at On Air East, Tokyo, Japan 27th January 1999 Plus Bonus 2CDR “Atlanta 1999”. STEREO SBD

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An official stereo sound board · album of stakeholders of “BY YOUR SIDE” era who has revived is appearing.
Moreover, this work was included here in Japan. It is a live album of the secret · gig realized “Immediately after the release of” BY YOUR SIDE “” ON AIR EAST Show on January 27, 1999 “. This show was a show performed in Japan before the first visit to Japan in 1992. It was a showcase · gig made in front of a limited number of invited guests, including listeners selected by lottery of radio programs.
This work is a superb item that the stakeholders recorded such a special show with direct connection to the sound board table. It is what made direct CD to the original master of our own acquired our shop. In fact, the sound is at an abnormal level, although a vivid mix can not be called “official grade”, it is not a drawback but a beauty point. As the cheers are still small and distant, it is a Direct direct sound like you just plug in live music directly into the inner ear. This is also a mess of live band band THE BLACK CROWES. The band is made naked, and the immersive feeling like having dwelled in the brain’s miso is terrible. Besides rock ‘n roll and jam which is heating, rather than’ hear it ‘,’ sense from the brain miso comes out ‘sense. When listening with headphones, there is a band in my head, my ears are turned to PA and the sound seems to go out towards the outside.
THE BLACK CROWES painted with such sounds is a tremendous show where the momentum of the masterpiece “BY YOUR SIDE” · band potential explodes on the stage. It is about 2 weeks from the new release, but the axis is the three pillars of that “BY YOUR SIDE” and the major representative work “SHAKE YOUR MONEY MAKER” “THE SOUTHERN HARMONY AND MUSICAL COMPANION”. From 3rd · 4th 2 songs “Blackberry” and “Wiser Time” stopped, about the great sunrise and the new song of returning to the origin point of sight. Both the unique taste and the refreshing feeling are covered with the full story.
It is the performance itself that smells a sense of refreshing more than a set. Newly joined Oudry Fried and Sven Pipine also understand the concept of returning to the point more than enough and it is different from the cat who borrowed it without any sense of incongruity. Especially the interaction with Rich Robinson to let us hear at “Wiser Time” will be hot and sublime while watching the influence of Jimihen. And, it is the big favorite Chris & Rich Robinson that it is more than two such new members! Regardless of any band, returning to the origin is supposed to be exquisite, but it created a satisfactory comfortable work, and the joy that came back to the road for a long time to fully open. You can hear plenty of playable performances that you can hear without saying “This is us!”

It is a story not limited to music, but human beings are strongly convinced when they come back after coming home. The other day, the officials coming to Japan who released the other day, the soundboard album “TOKYO 1992 (ZODIAC 218)” is also very popular, but if his masterpiece is innocent momentum of a great heyday, this work rejoices himself with joy One to put out. A more loop than the heyday, “Straight without THE BLACK CROWES” 2 sheets set screwed into the brain’s miso with the finest stereo sound board. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.
復活を遂げた『BY YOUR SIDE』時代の関係者流出ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。
しかも、本作が収められたのは、ここ日本。『BY YOUR SIDE』リリース直後に実現したシークレット・ギグ「1999年1月27日ON AIR EAST公演」のライヴアルバムです。このショウは1992年の初来日以来となる日本公演で、ラジオ番組の抽選で選ばれたリスナーなど、ごく限られた招待客の前で行われたショーケース・ギグでした。
本作は、そんなスペシャル・ショウを関係者がサウンドボード卓直結で録音した極上品。独自入手した当店だけのオリジナル・マスターをダイレクトにCD化したものなのです。実際、そのサウンドは異常なレベルでして、生々しいミックスは「オフィシャル級」とは呼びがたいものの、それは欠点ではなく美点。歓声も遠く小さいまま、生演奏だけを内耳に直接プラグインしたようなド直結サウンドなのです。これがまた、生粋のライヴバンドであるTHE BLACK CROWESにはめちゃくちゃ似合う。バンドを丸裸にし、脳ミソの中に住まわせたような没入感が凄まじい。滾るロックンロールも、加熱していくジャムも「聞こえる」というより、「脳ミソの中から音が出てくる」感覚。ヘッドフォンで聞いていると、頭の中にバンドがいて、耳がPAになって外に向かって音が出ていくようです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるTHE BLACK CROWESは、傑作『BY YOUR SIDE』の勢い・バンドポテンシャルがステージ上で爆発する凄まじいショウ。新作リリースから約2週間というタイミングなのですが、軸となるのはその『BY YOUR SIDE』と大代表作『SHAKE YOUR MONEY MAKER』『THE SOUTHERN HARMONY AND MUSICAL COMPANION』の3本柱。3rd・4thからは2曲「Blackberry」「Wiser Time」程度に止め、大全盛期と原点回帰の新曲の一気呵成。彼らならではの味わいと、リフレッシュな感覚の両立が全編を覆い尽くしているのです。
セット以上にリフレッシュ感が匂い立つのは、パフォーマンスそのもの。新加入のオウドリー・フリード、スヴェン・パイピーンも原点回帰のコンセプトを十二分に理解して違和感なく、それでいて借りてきたネコとは違う。特に「Wiser Time」で聞かせるリッチ・ロビンソンとの掛け合いは、ジミヘンの影響を窺わせつつ熱く熱く昇華していく。そして、そんな新加入2人以上なのが、大本命のクリス&リッチ・ロビンソン! どんなバンドでも原点回帰はイキイキとするものですが、その手応え十分の快作を創り上げ、久々にロードへ戻ってきた喜び全開。「これが俺たちだ!」と言わずとも聞こえてくる弾けるパフォーマンスをたっぷりと聞かせてくれるのです。

音楽に限らない話ですが、人間は一度寄り道して戻って来た時ほど、強く確信するもの。先日リリースした初来日の関係者流出サウンドボード・アルバム『TOKYO 1992(ZODIAC 218)』も大好評ですが、彼の傑作が大全盛期の無邪気な勢いなら、本作は自分を取り戻した喜びが溢れ出す1本。全盛期より更に輪をかけて“迷いのないTHE BLACK CROWES”を極上ステレオサウンドボードで脳ミソにねじ込む2枚組。今週末、あなたのお手元にお届けいたします。

Disc 1(52:02)
1. 1812 Overture 2. Remedy 3. Go Faster 4. Sting Me 5. Hotel Illness 6. Kickin’ My Heart Around
7. Sometimes Salvation 8. My Morning Song 9. Heavy 10. Blackberry 11. Thick N’ Thin

Disc 2(40:30)
1. Wiser Time 2. By Your Side 3. Jealous Again 4. No Speak No Slave 5. She Talks To Angels
6. Twice As Hard 7. Virtue And Vice


Chris Robinson – vocals Rich Robinson – guitar Audley Freed – guitar
Eddie Harsch – keyboards Sven Pipien – bass Steve Gorman – drums



Black Crowes / Atlanta 1999 / 2Single CDR / Non Label
Translated text:
Live at Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA. USA 4th April 1999 STEREO SBD

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Excellent stakeholder outflow soundboard board “TOKYO 1999”. It is a super masterpiece full of amazingly full of direct desk recording. Originally it is a super sound board that does not need a bonus, but in the “BY YOUR SIDE” era, there is a superb soundboard in the broadcasting system. Also, let’s have fun together as it is an outrageous gem!
It is contained in this work is “FM broadcast of” 4 April 1999 Atlanta performance “. THE BLACK CROWES who released a bizzard “BY YOUR SIDE” started a national tour with that momentum. The main performance of the press 2CD was a spot-like realization in the meantime. After that Japan I will return to my home country and continue the tour. This work will take about two months from the Japanese performance.
Such a work is exactly the best stereo sound board. The main press 2CD was a direct desk that the stakeholders recorded, but this work was planned beforehand, FM broadcast mixed for kitchen and home speakers. Although it is a broadcast that is known from that time, in this work I used the best version by DAT Direct Master which was released by the prestigious “KRW_Co”.
That sound has a wonderful feeling like FM. Radio broadcasting that enters DJ and interview at the beginning, but the main part of the live is also a radio style like anything. Unlike the feeling of “direct” in the desk, the stereo feeling is also organized, and an effect mix where each part is specialized in conjunction with “listening place”. Of course, among the songs, the great cheers are swayed, and as soon as the song begins, it gets dragged. Furthermore, the broadcast prohibition term of MC is “covered” (laugh). It is a perfection degree built just like an official live album.
Not only the sound, but the show itself is somewhat different from the main press 2CD. (It can not be declared because it is a band that changes the set flexibly everyday.) Due to the fact that the tour has progressed, new songs of the comic “BY YOUR SIDE” are increased. “Go Tell the Congregation” “Only A Fool” has been performed, so that you can enjoy up to seven songs of all 11 songs “BY YOUR SIDE”. Furthermore, “Stare It Cold” of “SHAKE YOUR MONEY MAKER”, “Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye” of “THE SOUTHERN HARMONY” is also a number that can not be heard in press 2CD.
Such a set is also delicious, but full power driving of the band which raised the tone further by repeatedly playing fields is dazzling. Even though the mix is ​​built in, the performance itself is tough and it is tough, pushing the feverishly full of heat unique to the live show. You can taste plenty of scales different from the main press press 2CD at a small venue.

If the main press press 2CD is “Directly connected to a desk, closed feeling of a small venue, special feeling of a special performance”, this work is plenty full of “FM’s pro mix, scale feeling of big places, enthusiasm for enthusiasm”. This is no longer a story which is better. Even if it says “Supreme stereo sound board of the same period” to a bite, it is different so far. Not only one album is an ultra-powerful live album, but also the difference is also an interesting finest set. Please, please enjoy it altogether
極上の関係者流出サウンドボード盤『TOKYO 1999』。卓直結録音の凄味満載の超傑作です。本来であれば、ボーナス不要のスーパー・サウンドボードなのですが、『BY YOUR SIDE』時代には、放送系にも極上サウンドボードがある。これまた、とんでもない逸品なので併せてお楽しみ頂きましょう!
本作に収められているのは「1999年4月4日アトランタ公演」のFM放送。快作『BY YOUR SIDE』をリリースしたTHE BLACK CROWESは、その勢いで全米ツアーを開始。本編プレス2CDの日本公演は、その合間にスポット的に実現したものでした。その日本の後には本国に戻ってツアーを続行。本作は、日本公演から約2ヶ月後にあたります。
サウンドだけでなく、ショウ自体も本編プレス2CDとはやや違う。(毎日セットをフレキシブルに変えるバンドなので断言は出来ませんが)ツアーが進んだこともあってか、快作『BY YOUR SIDE』の新曲が増量。「Go Tell the Congregation」「Only A Fool」が披露されており、これで『BY YOUR SIDE』全11曲中7曲まで堪能できるのです。さらに『SHAKE YOUR MONEY MAKER』の「Stare It Cold」、『THE SOUTHERN HARMONY』の「Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye」も本編プレス2CDでは聴けないナンバーです。


Disc 1 (47:46)
1. Intro/Interviews/1812 Overture 2. Remedy 3. Go Faster 4. Sting Me
5. Kickin’ My Heart Around 6. Stare It Cold 7. Go Tell the Congregation 8. Thick N’ Thin
9. Wiser Time 10. Thorn in My Pride

Disc 2(46:47)
1. Heavy 2. Blackberry 3. Only A Fool 4. By Your Side 5. Jealous Again 6. No Speak No Slave
7. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye 8. Twice As Hard 9. Virtue And Vice 10. Outro


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