Billy Joel / Wembley 1984 / 2 DVDR

Billy Joel / Wembley 1984 / 2 DVDR / Non Label

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Live At Wembley Arena, London, England 6th June 1984.

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Billy announced in 1983, “AN INNOCENT MAN” is one of his representative works lined up in the “PIANO MAN” and “THE STRANGER” of the ’70s. But is this “AN INNOCENT MAN”, which until Billy work with different points of, not only the United States and Japan, it was a big hit as well in Europe such as the United Kingdom. That proved it from the surface of live, after the end of ’84 years of the Japan tour, is three consecutive performances in “Wembley Arena” of London, UK that have been made over the 9 days from June 6. This live that has reached the popularity of the vertex in the United Kingdom, as well as the ’87 years of the Soviet Union tour, also located in the important position in his career.
From the special “Wembley Arena” performance in this work, that the stage of the June 6, which corresponds to the premiere, was recorded over a period of 1 hour and 45 minutes in the superlative of a multi-camera professional shot was based on the time of the BBC take . The video is famous from the VTR era, this work is using a more high-quality master, the ideal quality that do not also almost feel screen degradation. The video also has become a big topic when they are released from TRIAL label in 2005, this time as a bonus title, let again surprised the fans!

Live is ushered in Japan tour as well of the same year, “Prelude / Angry Young Man”. Such as “My Life” and “Do not Ask Me Why” from there, he hit number will be barrage. Japan’s “Stranger” is not listen, which is featured in the concert is a pity, but here is set in the “Piano Man”, it will grasp firmly the fan of the mind.
In tow the strongest support members, the appearance of Billy charm energetic performance, as the cause even big stage of Wembley feeling to an ordinary size. The band By joined the brass section, the sound would further increase the thickness, visual on the stage also has become more lively. Although Billy ( ’70s to run around on the stage did not move very much devoted to the piano, when it comes to this time it has become to move around freely in one hand the microphone. Tour called “From A Piano To An Innocent Man” also from the name, I feel his attitude to achieve a change of image), a unique approach in the mark Rivera blown a breath of fresh air to the tune sax etc., of each member to shine stage performance … at the time of Billy live splendor is, would that say to be able for the first time understood by watching the video.
“An Innocent Man” from “The Longest Time”, and the classic “This Night” to fly out at the beginning of the disk 2, highlight new number is also great to be barrage in the middle live. Stage decoration and of the gymnasium-style, won the first place charts in the UK, “Uptown Girl” audience swells big at the scene also, would be the charm of the video unique that can not know in the sound source. Large-scale staging and sound were alive in the gorgeous “You May Be Right” is really amazing!

Billy has released the best album “GREATEST HITS” to the next ’85. Live in this Wembley against it, such as ushering in the album “Best Selection in the stage”. His culmination in the ’80s the first half, is 105 minutes of enhancement to enjoy to all the fans! Excellent master high-quality video and audio through the use and give the original menu of this work only, decisive one of the live video,. This work and in conjunction with the “INNOCENT NIGHTS”, please enjoy thoroughly the ’84 years of Billy live that has reached the apex!


ビリーが1983年に発表した「AN INNOCENT MAN」は、’70年代の「PIANO MAN」や「THE STRANGER」に並ぶ彼の代表作のひとつです。しかしこの「AN INNOCENT MAN」が、これまでのビリー作品と異なる点は、アメリカや日本だけでなく、イギリスなどヨーロッパにおいても大ヒットした事。それをライヴの面から証明したのが、’84年のジャパンツアー終了後、6月6日から9日にかけて行われたイギリス・ロンドンの”ウェンブリー・アリーナ”における3連続公演です。イギリスにおいても人気の頂点に達したこのライヴは、’87年のソ連ツアーと同じく、彼のキャリアにおいても重要な位置づけにあります。

ライヴは同年の来日公演同様に「Prelude / Angry Young Man」で幕を開けます。そこから「My Life」や「Don’t Ask Me Why」など、彼のヒット・ナンバーが連発されます。日本公演で取り上げられた「Stranger」が聴けないのは残念ですが、こちらでは「Piano Man」がセットインしており、ファンの心をがっちり掴みます。
最強のサポート・メンバーを従えて、エネルギッシュなパフォーマンスを魅せるビリーの姿は、ウェンブリーの大きなステージすら普通の広さに感じさせるほど。バンドにはブラス・セクションが加わった事で、サウンドはさらに厚みを増し、視覚的にもステージはより賑やかになっています。ステージ上を駆け回るビリー(’70年代はピアノに専念してあまり動きませんでしたが、この当時になるとマイクを片手に自由に動き回るようになっています。”From A Piano To An Innocent Man”というツアー名からも、イメージの変化を図る彼の姿勢を感じます)、独自のアプローチで曲に新風を吹き込んだマーク・リヴェラのサックスなど、ステージ映えするメンバーそれぞれのパフォーマンス・・・当時のビリー・ライヴの素晴らしさは、映像で観る事によって初めて理解できると言うものでしょう。
「An Innocent Man」から「The Longest Time」、そしてディスク2の冒頭で飛び出す名曲「This Night」と、ライヴ中盤で連発される新作ナンバーも大きな見所。体育館風のステージ装飾や、イギリスでもチャート1位を獲得した「Uptown Girl」で観客が大きく盛り上がる場面も、音源では知り得ない映像ならではの魅力でしょう。ゴージャスで大掛かりなステージングとサウンドが活きた「You May Be Right」は本当に凄いです!

ビリーは翌’85年にベスト・アルバム「GREATEST HITS」をリリースしています。それに対してこのウェンブリーでのライヴは、アルバムに先駆けるような”ステージにおけるベスト・セレクション”。’80年代前半における彼の集大成を、全てのファンへ満喫させる充実の105分間です! 優良マスター使用による上質な映像と音声、そして本作のみのオリジナル・メニューで贈る、同ライヴ映像の決定的な一本。本作と「INNOCENT NIGHTS」を併せて、頂点に達した’84年のビリー・ライヴをとことんお楽しみください!

Disc 1
1. Prelude/Angry Young Man 2. My Life 3. Piano Man 4. Don’t Ask Me Why 5. Allentown
6. Goodnight Saigon 7. Pressure 8. Leave A Tender Moment Alone 9. An Innocent Man
10. The Longest Time

Disc 2
1. This Night 2. Just The Way You Are 3. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
4. Sometimes A Fantasy 5. It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me 6. Uptown Girl 7. Big Shot
8. Tell Her About It 9. You May be Right 10. Only The Good Die Young


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