Billy Joel / The Bridge Japan Tour / 4CD

Billy Joel / The Bridge Japan Tour / 4CD /Zion

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Live At Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan 8th June 1987 & Live At Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan, 13th June 1987.

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As part of the world tour due to total 10 of his studio album “THE BRIDGE”, from 1987, of “The Bridge” Japan tour, which played a visit to Japan that Billy Joel is the first time in three years, it can be said that the definitive edition one release decision! Japan and the Tokyo Yoyogi Olympic pool performances of June 8, which became the premiere, 4 the Osaka Castle Hall performances of June 13, which corresponds to the performance day, in both excellent audience source by the same taper (of course full first appearance) the package, the fan must-have is a complete limited press CD4 Disc!

In published in ’83, “AN INNOCENT MAN”, Billy is also a huge success in Europe as well as the United States and Japan, the ’80s after the middle stage went more and more rich in public and personal. In 1984 to participate in “USA FOR AFRICA”, “We Are The World” in fulfilling the yearning of Ray Charles and co-star, best album “GRATEST HITS” which was released in 1985 as well, such as a big hit , of this at the time Billy was the era exactly it can be said that the commercial peak.
When Billy enters the ’86 year, it announced a new work for the first time in three years, “THE BRIDGE”. Although the work was called a big topic, such as Ray Charles addition to Cyndi Lauper of guest participation, in the style of calm on the whole, sales of about was commercially great success “AN INNOCENT MAN” did not show ( still 100 million copies have been sales in the United States).
Billy is to eliminate the combination of the Phil Ramone, who has served the producer in the work of later “STRANGER” this album to the end, was appointed a new member to the back band. In addition to achieve live in the Soviet Union in the tour, such as give his own a big impact on the direction of, “THE BRIDGE” is became a turning point even during Billy career.
The two shows in Japan than the important “THE BRIDGE” tour in this work, from the original cassette master by the recording of the same taper as the “INNOCENT NIGHTS” (ie, “GLASS HOUSES IN JAPAN” with the same person), of four it records to the press CD. Also in the ’84 years of “AN INNOCENT MAN” Japan tour has been limited Collector’s items that are currently known, but this ’87 “THE BRIDGE” Japan tour situations sound source is poor any more. This work is in the relationship, such as the brothers as “INNOCENT NIGHTS” is probably the definitive edition of the ’87 Japan sound source definitely!

In the disk 1 and 2, June 8 visit to Japan premiere, it records the stage in Tokyo Yoyogi Olympic pool.
Musical tone was captured by the clear outlook from opening, the sound image to feel the spread and wide of is, “A Matter Of Trust” and “You’re Only Human”, such as reproducing the New number of the time in the sparkling beauty and Kana image. In matches and ’84 years of live “INNOCENT NIGHTS” At listen did not “Paino Man”, fan of joy can be enjoyed in the sense of realism, such as spread to the venue full (such as “The Stranger” and “Allentown” was above even compared to the 1984 record would be interesting). As typified by the “Prelude / Angry Young Man”, which was moved to the middle from the live of dawn, the classic song even while pressing, is also interesting strangely a Kikikoma to set a list of song order. Of course at the time of the “Big Man On Mulberry Street” also from new and “Baby Grand” is listening to meet plenty. And “An Innocent Man” from “AN INNOCENT MAN”, chorus work is wonderful, “The Longest Time” of the band is the ’84 similar scenes.
The second half of the live, masterpieces of “It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me” for the third consecutive songs from “GLASS HOUSES”, “Keeping The Faith” of Angkor is a listening station of this day do not miss to listen to. Listen to hand over the 130 minutes, it would would have been drawn into the first day of the great performance.

After finishing the two shows in Tokyo, Billy moved the stage to Osaka, gave a two-day consecutive performances in Osaka Castle Hall. In the disk 3, 4, you can enjoy the Osaka the second day of the pattern that took place on June 13. Preeminent in the clear sound outlook, overflowing sense of realism just is no way inferior splendor to disk 1 and 2. In impression that direct feeling of playing in this recording is better, you will be able to relive the live venue just like the sound wrapped in excitement (such as a particularly dynamic “Pressure” and “The Stranger” is great).
Set list are common nearly the Tokyo premiere, also performance of Billy and bands can be enjoyed in a high sense of stability unity seems professional. Audience also the climax seems to Osaka performances, “Do not Ask Me Why” and “An Innocent Man” and the like good cheers and clapping degree is, you have created a live together with Billy and the band.
“Uptown Girl” and then finished off the set story in the “AN INNOCENT MAN” of “Tell Her About It”, in the encore featured is “She Loves You” of THE BEATLES, the venue is large upsurge again. Singing of Billy also there is a great thing. Last is “Big Shot” is, concludes the live of more than 125 minutes in a fun mood.

The most striking in the “THE BRIDGE” tour (although of course a there is) would also have been the Soviet Union tour formulation. However, even that Japan was done in a little before the tour, Omoidebukaku, is a special live for the Japanese fans. This work was packaged in one the Tokyo performances and Osaka performances should say the definitive edition of the ’87 Japan tour definitely.
Of 1981 “GLASS HOUSES IN JAPAN”, ‘If you enjoy 84 years of in conjunction with the “INNOCENT NIGHTS”, should that can be easily understood evolution of Billy live in the’ 80s. I want you to collection in all of Billy Joel fan, must-listen must-have is a complete limited press CD4 Disc!


通算10作目のスタジオ・アルバム「THE BRIDGE」に伴うワールド・ツアーの一環として、ビリー・ジョエルが3年ぶりとなる来日を果たした1987年の”The Bridge”ジャパンツアーより、決定版といえる一本がリリース決定! 来日初演となった6月8日の東京・代々木オリンピックプール公演と、4公演目に当たる6月13日の大阪城ホール公演を、どちらも同一テーパーによる優良オーディエンス・ソース(もちろん完全初登場)でパッケージした、ファン必携の完全限定プレスCD4枚組です!

’83年に発表した「AN INNOCENT MAN」で、ビリーはアメリカや日本だけでなくヨーロッパでも大成功を収め、’80年代中盤以降は公私共にますます充実していきました。’84年には”USA FOR AFRICA”に参加して、「We Are The World」で憧れのレイ・チャールズと共演を果たし、’85年にリリースしたベスト・アルバム「GRATEST HITS」も大ヒットするなど、この当時のビリーはまさに商業的なピークといえる時代でした。
ビリーは’86年に入ると、3年ぶりの新作「THE BRIDGE」を発表。同作はレイ・チャールズほかシンディ・ローパーのゲスト参加など大きな話題を呼びましたが、全体的には落ち着いた作風で、商業的に大成功した「AN INNOCENT MAN」ほどの売れ行きは見せませんでした(それでもアメリカで100万枚をセールスしています)。
ビリーはこのアルバムを最後に「STRANGER」以降の作品でプロデューサーを務めてきたフィル・ラモーンとのコンビを解消し、バック・バンドにも新たなメンバーを起用しました。さらにツアーにおいてはソ連でライヴを実現し、彼自身の方向性にも大きな影響を与えるなど、「THE BRIDGE」はビリーのキャリア中においてもターニング・ポイントになったのです。
本作ではその重要な「THE BRIDGE」ツアーより日本における2公演を、「INNOCENT NIGHTS」と同じテーパー(すなわち「GLASS HOUSES IN JAPAN」とも同一人物)の録音によるオリジナル・カセット・マスターから、4枚のプレスCDへと収録しています。’84年の「AN INNOCENT MAN」ジャパンツアーでも現在知られているコレクターズ・アイテムは限られていますが、この’87年「THE BRIDGE」ジャパンツアーはそれ以上に音源が乏しい状況。「INNOCENT NIGHTS」と兄弟のような関係にある本作は、間違いなく’87年来日音源の決定版と言えるでしょう!

オープニングからクリアな見通しで捉えられた楽音、広がりとワイドさを感じる音像は、「A Matter Of Trust」や「You’re Only Human」といった当時のニュー・ナンバーを煌びやかなイメージで再現。’84年のライヴを収めた「INNOCENT NIGHTS」では聴けなかった「Paino Man」では、ファンの喜びが会場いっぱいに広がるような臨場感で楽しめます(「The Stranger」や「Allentown」などは上記した’84年録音と較べても面白いでしょう)。ライヴの幕開けから中盤へと移った「Prelude / Angry Young Man」に代表されるように、定番曲は押さえつつも、曲順の妙で聴き込ませるセットリストもまた興味深いです。もちろん当時の新作からも「Big Man On Mulberry Street」や「Baby Grand」は聴き応えたっぷり。「AN INNOCENT MAN」からの「An Innocent Man」や、バンドのコーラス・ワークが素晴らしい「The Longest Time」は’84年同様の名場面です。
ライヴの後半、「It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me」から3曲連続する「GLASS HOUSES」の名曲、この日の聴き所であるアンコールの「Keeping The Faith」も聴き逃せません。聴き手は130分間に渡って、初日の名演へ引き込まれてしまうでしょう。

東京での2公演を終えた後、ビリーは大阪へと舞台を移し、大阪城ホールでの2日間連続公演を行いました。ディスク3・4では、6月13日に行われたその大阪二日目の模様を楽しめます。抜群にクリアな音の見通し、溢れんばかりの臨場感はディスク1・2に勝るとも劣らない素晴らしさ。本録音では演奏のダイレクト感がより優れている印象で、盛り上がりに包まれたライヴ会場さながらのサウンドを追体験できるでしょう(特にダイナミックな「Pressure」や「The Stranger」などは素晴らしいです)。
セットリストは東京初演とほぼ共通しており、ビリーやバンドのパフォーマンスもプロフェッショナルらしいまとまりと高い安定感で楽しめます。オーディエンスも大阪公演らしい盛り上がりで、「Don’t Ask Me Why」や「An Innocent Man」などは程良い歓声や手拍子が、ビリーやバンドと一緒になってライヴを作り上げています。
「Uptown Girl」と「Tell Her About It」の「AN INNOCENT MAN」でセット本編を締めくくった後、アンコールではTHE BEATLESの「She Loves You」が取り上げられ、会場は再び大盛り上がり。ビリーの歌唱も素晴らしいものがあります。ラストは「Big Shot」が、125分を越えるライヴを楽しいムードで締めくくります。

この「THE BRIDGE」ツアーで最も特筆すべきは、(当然ではありますが)公式化もされたソ連ツアーでしょう。しかしその少し前に行われたジャパンツアーも、日本のファンにとっては思い出深く、特別なライヴです。その東京公演と大阪公演をひとつにパッケージした本作は間違いなく’87年ジャパンツアーの決定版と言うべきです。
’81年の「GLASS HOUSES IN JAPAN」、’84年の「INNOCENT NIGHTS」と併せて楽しめば、’80年代におけるビリー・ライヴの変遷も容易に理解できるはず。全てのビリー・ジョエル・ファンにコレクションしてほしい、必聴必携の完全限定プレスCD4枚組です!

Live at Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan 8th June 1987

Disc 1 (59:41)
1. Opening S.E. 2. A Matter Of Trust 3. Pressure 4. You’re Only Human 5. Piano Man
6. The Stranger 7. Allentown 8. My Life 9. Prelude / Angry Young Man 10. Don’t Ask Me Why
11. Big Man On Mulberry Street

Disc 2 (72:03)
1. Baby Grand 2. An Innocent Man 3. The Longest Time 4. Only The Good Die Young
5. It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me 6. Sometimes A Fantasy 7. You May Be Right 8. Uptown Girl
9. Tell Her About It 10. Keeping The Faith 11. Big Shot

Live at Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan 13th June 1987

Disc 3 (74:32)
1. Opening S.E. 2. A Matter Of Trust 3. Pressure 4. You’re Only Human 5. Piano Man
6. The Stranger 7. Allentown 8. My Life 9. Prelude / Angry Young Man 10. Don’t Ask Me Why
11. Big Man On Mulberry Street 12. Baby Grand 13. An Innocent Man

Disc 4 (52:29)
1. The Longest Time 2. Only The Good Die Young 3. It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me
4. Sometimes A Fantasy 5. You May Be Right 6. Uptown Girl 7. Tell Her About It
8. She Loves You 9. Big Shot

Billy Joel – Vocals, Piano, Guitar David Brown – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Russell Javors – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals Doug Stegmeyer – Bass, Backing Vocals
David Lebolt – Keyboards Mark Rivera – Saxophones, Flute, Backing Vocals
Liberty Devitto – Drums, Percussion


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