Billy Joel / Osaka 1995 1st Night / 2CD

Billy Joel / Osaka 1995 1st Night / 2CD / ZION

Translated Text:
Live at Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 18th January 1995 .


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Has become the rock album of the last of Billy until now “RIVER OF DREAMS” was released in August 1993, but Japan tour had been craving from immediately after. But be that the tour of Billy himself is stretched from the fact that a joint tour with Elton John “FACE TO FACE” planning is started between tours desperately same album, yet it has become very popular, Japan Tour finally But did you realize it was in January 1995 that a year and a half has passed almost from the release of the album.
But Japan tour at this time will remain the same as those that can not be forgotten in the history of Japan unexpectedly Billy. It is because we decided that it encounters a disaster that the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurs in the midst of the Japan tour, Billy himself occur periodically in Japan. Billy line that had been digested Fukuoka performances in Tokyo and the first half already become a thing to be involved in the earthquake exactly by the 17th January, and had to stay in Osaka earthquake, himself from the magnitude of the shaking of the remainder I taste the fear enough to testify to and after “was prepared for death” also. Damage in the Kansai district by the earthquake is enormous, of course, performance in Osaka the first day, which had been scheduled for the day, the more that you return home from the tour stop was also seriously considered temporary.
But Billy decided to continue the tour rather than to return home, I was Mise to complete the Japan tour, which had been scheduled to transfer to the 19th performances of this day further. It is live at Osaka Castle Hall of the 18th the next day was the decisive action in such a situation. Amid fresh too the impact of the earthquake that occurred in the early morning of the day before still, Billy towards fans who gathered still (fan that would have not come of course is not a few, vacancy was also seen) to But I have said a hearty comments. (Earthquake has been named “Kobe Earthquake” at this stage, Billy also. Uses the word) message was Tsutae-rae in Japanese by an interpreter was something like the following.
That I would like to sympathy and refrain against damage of “earthquake. Our tour everyone involved was a safe occasion of the earthquake of this time was there a blessing in disguise, but the injury or the people who love now we feel that we have felt a deep sorrow to those who lost in the. to be if Re serve you to the victims of the Kansai share together this experience. will be postponed performances, which had been scheduled for yesterday the significance of this concert in order to want will be performances gladly everyone if us come to see us, below is encouraging at the same time comfort. everyone has let me transfer to tomorrow performances yesterday we wanted to be something ”
It is a show that began after a hearty message from these Billy, but they will be overwhelmed intently to enter the power of three songs at the beginning especially. Image relationship has blessed “RIVER OF DREAMS” tour, called Frankfurt classic performances of the previous year there will be, among others. But as it is played at the opening, and which does not hold a candle to the barrel and in Susamaji screaming Billy while playing the guitar hard of “No Man’s Land”, a performance of Frankfurt.
And it is a great play that will be impressed hugely popular in Japan in “Honesty” Kamata hearty singing. As we have Mise singing heartfelt appeal to this classic that continues to maintain up to now the status of Billy in Japan, as you can imagine that the audience who gathered the day has been overwhelmed by emotion. Audience recordings Mise captured firmly such atmosphere is a DAT sound source of first appearance this time, but rather that it boasts a clearness that dismissed lightly the item was recorded live on the same day that had been released in the past. Sound image feel the depth in addition to it of us also conveyed the sincere feeling of air in this day it would be a big attraction.
Relaxed atmosphere from “I Go To Extremes” around is also born towards the show, said to be fleeting, it has changed to more laughter spilling from the venue of the city was damaged by the earthquake. And I think we can say that the real intention Billy went on a live this day what it. When it comes to music selection of angry waves from there, what a climax that show no different from the usual live longer it is also impressive. High-quality sound that captures the impassioned performance of so much, yet is a live historic. Performances as well as such as Led Zeppelin was Mise go to concerts after you donated to Hiroshima, to be re-evaluated as a masterpiece of the artist showed me the correspondence in good faith to Japan will be released at a press CD limited. Please taste to your heart’s content the historic live performance!


 現在に至るまでビリーの最後のロック・アルバムとなっている「RIVER OF DREAMS」は1993年の8月にリリースされましたが、その直後から来日公演が渇望されていました。しかし同アルバムを引っ提げたツアーの間でエルトン・ジョンとジョイントツアー「FACE TO FACE」企画がスタートし、しかもそれが大好評となったことからビリー自身のツアーも引き伸ばされることとなり、ようやく来日公演が実現したのはアルバムのリリースからほとんど一年半が経過した1995年の1月のことでした。
こうしたビリーから心のこもったメッセージの後から始まったショウですが、特に冒頭三曲の力の入りようにはひたすら圧倒されてしまいます。「RIVER OF DREAMS」ツアーは映像関係が恵まれており、中でも前年のフランクフルト公演という定番が存在します。しかしオープニングで演奏され、しかもビリーがギターを弾きながら絶叫するハードな「No Man’s Land」の凄まじさたるや、フランクフルトの演奏など足元にも及ばないほど。
ショウの方は「I Go To Extremes」辺りからリラックスした雰囲気も生まれており、束の間とはいえ、地震で傷ついた街のライブ会場から笑いがこぼれるほどに変わっています。それこそビリーがこの日のライブを決行した本意と言えるのではないでしょうか。そこから怒涛の選曲となると、もはや通常のライブと何ら変わりない盛り上がりを見せているのも感動的です。それほどの熱演を捉えた高音質音源、しかも歴史的なライブです。広島に寄付した後にコンサートまで行ってみせたレッド・ツェッペリンなどと同様に、日本へ誠実ある対応を見せてくれたアーティストの名演として再評価すべき公演が限定のプレスCDにてリリースされます。その歴史的ライブ・パフォーマンスを心ゆくまで味わってください!

Disc 1 (68:04)
1. Introduction 2. Message for the victims of Kobe Earthquake 3. No Man’s Land 4. Pressure 
5. Honesty 6. Prelude / Angry Young Man 7. Allentown 8. Band Introduction #1
9. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant 10. My Life 11. Band Introduction #2
12. I Go To Extremes 13. Shades Of Grey 14. Goodnight Saigon 15. Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) 

Disc 2 (44:19)
1. The River Of Dreams 2. Band Introduction #3 3. We Didn’t Start The Fire
4. A Hard Day’s Night 5. It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me 6. You May Be Right 
7. Only The Good Die Young 8. Big Shot 9. Piano Man 

Billy Joel – Vocal, Piano, Guitar Marc Rivera – Saxophone Tommy Burns – Guitar 
Dave Rosenthal – Keyboards T-Bone Wolk – Bass Liberty DeVitto – Drums 


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