Billy Joel / Innocent Nights / 4CD

Billy Joel / Innocent Nights / 4CD /Zion

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Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 21st May 1984 & Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 30th May 1984.

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Fan packaging 2 Days at Tokyo · Nippon Budokan from Japan tour of “Piano Man To An Innocent Man” in 1984 which Billy · Joel took the big hit “AN INNOCENT MAN” and fulfilled his fourth visit to Japan A must-have board is released with a 4-disc set of fully-limited press CDs! Among all seven performances in Japan, on May 21 and premiered May 30 th (which is surprise on this day!) Are recorded with the best audience sound. You can experience realistic Billy Live at the time when it reached one vertex!
In case
America’s leading singer-songwriter, New York’s “Piano poet” Billy Joel. All works which he has published until the present from the ’70s are all suitable for the name of a masterpiece. Among them “AN INNOCENT MAN” in ’83 will be special. “AN INNOCENT MAN”, a style that is bright and exciting from the “The NYLON CURTAIN” in the year 82, which was serious in content, became an explosive hit not only in the United States and Japan, but also in Europe and the UK , Billy was scaled up to a world-wide artist literally. Having evaluated works based on Oldies · Sound which can be said as his roots is not only overcoming the ’82 years that had been suffering from a series of troubles but also’ purifying ‘the inner face of him, It also had a big influence on the work.
As a result, at that time, a large-scale tour was realized even in Billy’s career, comparable to those of the ‘TURNSTILES’ and ‘STRANGER’ in the late ’70s. Three consecutive performances of London ‘Wembley Arena’ in June in ’84 live are too famous, but for Japan fans the Japan tour just before that is supposed to be a wonderful memory. However, at this time the sound source coming to Japan is surprisingly few kinds, and it is difficult to obtain.
In this work, from the precious ’84 Japan tour, the first day and the sixth performances that were held at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo were converted from the original · cassette · master with the same taper to the sound (Recorder visited that ’81 year Japan A masterpiece of the sound source “GLASS HOUSES IN JAPAN” same as)! Together with 2 performances, with a volume of 220 minutes, I am sure to entertain special Japanese tours.

Discs 1 and 2 can enjoy the premiere of Japan on May 21st. The excellent clearness unique to the master and the sound field with the spread like Budokan live are levels that you can understand immediately after playing the disc. The ease of listening to a certain direct feeling and the clear outline of the performance will surprise the listener from the opening “Prelude / Angry Young Man” (around 1:56 of the same song, in the great cheers of boiling up Scenes where you can clearly hear Billy ‘s vocals, you can taste the splendor of this recording). At “The Stranger”, at the moment that the introduction was played, it seems to be slightly peak-over due to too much excitement and cheers, but you can hear delicate tones and whistles firmly. Billy ‘s play is easy to listen to the line source class over the entire story. In addition, the rhythm that resonates with a bold tone is a perfect score in listening.
“My Life” includes not only hit songs such as “Just The Way You Are” but also “Allentown” and “Pressure” (recently the topic of that Nobel laureate is listening) The masterpieces from THE NYLON CURTAIN “are also wonderful. “Goodnight Saigon” is also played on this day, and we will listen to the famous performances that will soak in the listener’s heart.
Songs from “AN INNOCENT MAN” also appeared in the latter half of the show. The fun mood filled “The Longest Time” and “Uptown Girl” produce the excitement involving the whole venue. Furthermore, the dynamic mood in Dandy of “Stiletto” which was impressive even “52 nd STREET” would be a big listening place. We will listen to the last “You May Be Right” and “Only The Good Die Young” at once!

And on discs 3 and 4, we recorded the 6th performance on May 30th with superior audience sounds that will not be beat the discs 1 and 2. The clearness, the spread of sound, the ease of grasping of performance are mutually equal, a sound like image which is like a tape is characterized by reasonably rounded sound (In proportion, there are also many people who will raise orders for this recording). The introduction of “The Stranger” which was somewhat over input on Disk 1 has become easy to listen here. In addition to the ease of listening to the performance, the encouragement and clapping of the venue further enhances the excitement of the live, you can enjoy an ideal audience recording.
Compared to the premiere on the 30th, it is noteworthy that new songs from “AN INNOCENT MAN” are taken up more. In the first half of the show ‘This Night’ is set, and in the latter half ‘Leave A Tender Moment Alone’ is set in, so let’s enjoy the Billy Live which seems to be the height of ’84 years commercially. Is not everyone listening unintentionally to romantic “This Night”?
Also, the scene that flows from “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” to “The Longest Time” with “Little Star” in between is an indispensable part. Billy’s skillful vocals are certain, but the exquisite chorus work that all the members breath was perfect is truly amazing! The warm excitement of the place where you can listen here and the immersive presence feeling is that you can taste it as an excellent audience recording like this recording.
Furthermore, at the encore “Tell Her About It” of this day, it is famous even that the biggest surprise occurred also in the ’88 Japan tour. That same song, especially famous in the country, that female singer participated as a chorus, and brought the fan a dreamlike moment (as it is natural, it is a tremendous excitement in the place). It is fascinating by the audience recording which is the document of the site, which firmly holds this state as well!
From the circumstances of tape change “Uptown Girl” The beginning is somewhat missing, but contents other than that are almost perfect. It will be one of the best audience recordings in the same year Billy Live!

After completing this tour in Japan, Billy adorned the climax of “Piano Man To An Innocent Man” tour with three consecutive performances at London’s “Wembley Arena”. The Japan tour contained in this work will be positioned as an important live not to be missed from the aspect of the prologue of the London performance.
This work that makes you experience the 2 performances that had a strong impact on Japanese Billy fans, with a superb audience sound, is one of all the American rock and fan listeners. I’d like to have fun together with the ‘THE BRIDGE JAPAN TOUR’ that included the ’87 year tour, so please do not miss it for everyone ‘s quite limited press CD 4 CDs!

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 21st May 1984

ビリー・ジョエルが大ヒット作「AN INNOCENT MAN」を引っ提げて、通算4度目の来日を果たした1984年の”Piano Man To An Innocent Man”ジャパンツアーより、東京・日本武道館における2Daysをパッケージしたファン必聴盤が、4枚組の完全限定プレスCDでリリース決定です!日本での全7公演のうち、初演となった5月21日と、6公演目の5月30日(この日はサプライズあり!)を極上のオーディエンス・サウンドで収録。ひとつの頂点に達した当時のビリー・ライヴを、リアルに体感できます!

アメリカを代表するシンガー・ソングライター、ニューヨークの「ピアノ詩人」ことビリー・ジョエル。彼が’70年代から現在に至るまで発表してきた作品はいずれも傑作の名にふさわしいものばかりです。それらの中でも’83年の「AN INNOCENT MAN」は特別な存在でしょう。内容的にシリアスだった’82年の「THE NYLON CURTAIN」から一転し、明るくウキウキするような作風の「AN INNOCENT MAN」は、アメリカや日本だけでなく、イギリスなどヨーロッパでも爆発的なヒットになり、ビリーを文字通りワールド・ワイドなアーティストへとスケールアップさせました。彼のルーツとも言えるオールディーズ・サウンドに基盤を置いた作品が評価された事は、トラブルの連続に見舞われた’82年を乗り越えるだけでなく、彼の内面を”浄化”し、後のビリーの作品へも大きな影響を与えたのです。
本作ではその貴重な’84年ジャパンツアーより、東京の日本武道館で行われた初日と6公演目を、どちらも同一テーパーによるオリジナル・カセット・マスターから音盤化(録音者はあの’81年来日音源の大傑作「GLASS HOUSES IN JAPAN」と同一)!2公演あわせて220分の大ボリュームで、特別なジャパンツアーを存分に楽しませます。

ディスク1と2では5月21日の来日初演を楽しめます。マスターならではの優れたクリアネスや、武道館ライヴらしい広がりのある音場はディスクを再生した直後に理解できるレベル。確かなダイレクト感と明瞭な輪郭で浮かび上がる演奏の聴き易さは、オープニングの「Prelude / Angry Young Man」から聴き手を驚かせるでしょう(同曲の1:56頃、沸き上がる大歓声の中でビリーのヴォーカルがはっきり聴こえる場面などは、本録音の素晴らしさを味わえます)。「The Stranger」では、あのイントロが奏でられた瞬間、余りの盛り上がりと歓声の大きさで若干ピークオーバー気味になりますが、繊細なトーンや口笛もしっかりと聴き取れます。ビリーのプレイは全編に渡ってライン音源級の聴き易さ。さらに骨太な音色で響きわたるリズムは聴き応え満点です。
「My Life」に「Just The Way You Are」などのヒット曲はもちろん、「Allentown」や「Pressure」(最近はあのノーベル賞受賞者が愛聴している事でも話題になりました)といった「THE NYLON CURTAIN」からの名曲も素晴らしい。この日は「Goodnight Saigon」も演奏されており、聴き手の心に染み入る名演を聴かせます。
ライヴ後半は「AN INNOCENT MAN」からの楽曲も登場。楽しいムードいっぱいの「The Longest Time」や「Uptown Girl」が、会場全体を巻き込んだ盛り上がりを演出します。さらに「52nd STREET」でも印象的だった「Stiletto」のダンディでダイナミックなムードは大きな聴き所でしょう。ラストの「You May Be Right」や「Only The Good Die Young」まで、一気に聴かせてしまいます!

そしてディスク3・4では5月30日の6公演目を、ディスク1・2にも負けない優れたオーディエンス・サウンドで収録。クリアネスや音の広がり、演奏の掴み易さは互角ながら、テープらしい程よく丸みを帯びた音像が特徴(均整では本録音に軍配を上げる人も多いでしょう)。ディスク1ではやや入力過多だった「The Stranger」のイントロも、こちらでは聴き易くなっています。演奏の聴き易さに加え、会場の声援と拍手がライヴの盛り上がりをより一層引き立てる、理想的なオーディエンス録音を楽しめます。
この30日は初演と比べ、「AN INNOCENT MAN」からの新曲が多めに取り上げられているのが特筆されます。ライヴの前半では「This Night」が、後半では「Leave A Tender Moment Alone」がそれぞれセットインし、商業的に絶頂期といえる’84年らしいビリー・ライヴを満喫させます。ロマンティックな「This Night」には、誰もが思わず聴き入ってしまうのではないでしょうか?
また、ライヴの中盤、「The Lion Sleeps Tonight」から「Little Star」を挟み「The Longest Time」へ流れる場面は必聴のパート。ビリーの巧みなヴォーカルはもちろんですが、メンバー全員の息がぴったりあった絶妙なコーラス・ワークは本当に素晴らしい! ここで聴ける場内の温かな盛り上がりと絶品の臨場感は、本録音のような優れたオーディエンス録音だから味わえるというものです。
さらにこの日のアンコール「Tell Her About It」では、’84年ジャパンツアーでも最大級のサプライズが起きた事でも有名でしょう。同曲では国内でもとりわけ有名な、あの女性シンガーがコーラスとして参加し、ファンに夢のようなひと時をもたらしました(場内は当然のように凄まじい盛り上がりです)。この様子もしっかりと収めているのが、現場のドキュメントであるオーディエンス録音ならではの面白さでしょう!
テープチェンジの都合から「Uptown Girl」冒頭が若干欠落してはいますが、それ以外はほとんど完璧と言える内容。同年のビリー・ライヴでも屈指のオーディエンス録音でしょう!

この来日公演を終えた後、ビリーはロンドンの”ウェンブリー・アリーナ”における3連続公演で、”Piano Man To An Innocent Man”ツアーのクライマックスを見事に飾りました。本作に収められたジャパンツアーは、そのロンドン公演のプロローグという側面からも見逃せない、重要なライヴだと位置づけられるでしょう。
日本のビリー・ファンに強烈なインパクトを与えた2公演を、極上のオーディエンス・サウンドで追体験させる本作は、全てのアメリカン・ロック・ファン必聴の一本。’87年ツアーを収めた「THE BRIDGE JAPAN TOUR」と併せて楽しみたい完全限定プレスCD4枚組を、皆さんどうぞお見逃しありませんように!

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 21st May 1984

Disc 1 (45:38)
1. Opening (The Mexican Connection) 2. Prelude / Angry Young Man 3. My Life 4. The Stranger
5. Don’t Ask Me Why 6. Allentown 7. Goodnight Saigon 8. Pressure 9. Just The Way You Are

Disc 2 (63:54)
1. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant 2. An Innocent Man 3. The Longest Time 4. Stiletto
5. Sometimes A Fantasy 6. It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me 7. Uptown Girl 8. Big Shot
9. Tell Her About It 10. You May Be Right 11. Only The Good Die Young

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 30th May 1984

Disc 3 (41:08)
1. Opening (The Mexican Connection) 2. Prelude / Angry Young Man 3. My Life 4. The Stranger
5. Don’t Ask Me Why 6. Allentown 7. This Night 8. Pressure 9. Just The Way You Are

Disc 4 (71:39)
1. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant 2. An Innocent Man 3. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
4. The Longest Time 5. Leave A Tender Moment Alone 6. Sometimes A Fantasy
7. It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me 8. Uptown Girl 9. Big Shot 10. Tell Her About It
11. You May Be Right 12. Only The Good Die Young

Billy Joel – Vocals, Piano David Brown – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Russell Javors – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals Doug Stegmeyer – Bass, Backing Vocals
David Lebolt – Keyboards Mark Rivera – Saxophones, Flute, Backing Vocals
Liberty Devitto – Drums, Percussion

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