Billy Joel / Madison Square Garden 1984 / 2CD

Billy Joel / Madison Square Garden 1984 / 2CD / ZION

Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA 27th June 1984

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About 10 days ago, a new shocking sound source appeared before Billy Joel Mania around the world. The 1984 “FROM A PIANO MAN TO AN INNOCENT MAN” tour, which took place with the hit album “AN INNOCENT MAN”, was enormous in the half-year schedule from January to July. This was the result of not only albums but also singles such as “Uptown Girl”, all of which were huge hits and were very successful. Furthermore, based on the fact that the tour at the time of the release of the previous work “ THE NYLON CURTAIN ” was only performed in the United States, it was necessary to go around the world this time to confirm the success of “ AN INNOCENT MAN ” Let’s go. In fact, “Uptown Girl” became a big hit in the UK.
Following the success, the live image at Wembley Arena taken by the British BBC has been released as a gift item many times with the highest quality version “ WEMBLEY 1984 ”, but there are extremely few items other than this It will be a tour. The only Budokan performance was that the Gene-Ochi Copy was available to traders for some time, and a CD-R was released as it was, but it was said that this was the only record item on the 1984 tour. However, the masterpiece “INNOCENT NIGHTS” recorded the same sound source in an exceptional upper version from the master, and excavated with the highest sound quality even to the first appearance of the first day Budokan sound source.
With this, the image is BBC’s Wembley, the sound source is “ INNOCENT NIGHTS ” reigned as the “ FROM A PIANO MAN TO AN INNOCENT MAN ” two major giants of the 1984 tour, but what happened to the other day’s sound source at all Not released. In 2016, a great sounding audience recording of the Philadelphia performance in February was unearthed, but it is regrettable that it was only talked about by some geeks.
However, this June’s Madison Square Garden show on the internet was an ultra-quality audience recording that surpassed Philadelphia, and was digging in for surprises to geeks around the world. Outstanding sound quality after all. The sound image is considerably on, and it seems to be an illusion that this is a sound board completely in the SE of a helicopter flowing in “Goodnight Saigon”. And yet, the clarity and freshness are great, and it’s surprising to see that this finest recording has been discovered since the 1984 tour.

The contents are wonderful again. That classic BBC footage captured the stunning stage of the tour, with the band sound and stage completely completed. However, three weeks after Wembley, despite the fact that the tour was in the middle of Chiaki Raku, it was also worth noting that the composition did not solidify, but also conveyed that it continued to evolve with the highest sound quality.
In Wembley, Billy was humming the Righteous Brothers ‘“ You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling ” just in front of “ The Longest Time ”, but here he not only sang one chorus but also the band It has evolved into a short but respectable performance. From here, the familiar “What’s Your Name?” Part starts, but then it moves to Dion & Belmont’s “Teenager In Love” and finally the “Escalate” that “The Longest Time” begins.
After receiving a huge hit on the album, Billy’s “ FROM A PIANO MAN TO AN INNOCENT MAN ”, which was carried out on a hard schedule, was nearing the end, but instead of entering safe defense, Billy did not break his aggressive attitude Isn’t it a bold attitude? The composition of the live itself is in the early stages of the set, and there is no “AN INNOCENT MAN” song, and the fact that the title song was played in the middle stage, playing continuously, gives a similar attack. Above all, the lively feeling of Bali is transmitted only because the album or single was a huge hit.
Many masterpieces that you may know from MTV at the time, even if you are not a mania, will be performed by skilled members such as Liberty Devito and the late Doug Stigmeyer who supported Billy’s golden age. I really miss this. And at the end of the tour, the midnight of the seven performances at Madison Square Garden, set in Billy’s local New York, was a mid-night night with the best sound quality (only a few noises were removed for release). Limited press CD Odins album to catch. It is finally the birth of a new classic from that brilliant 1984 tour!

★ The fourth day of the 7th consecutive MSG performance. The first super high quality audience recording.

今から10日ほど前、世界中のビリー・ジョエル・マニアの前に衝撃の新音源が登場しました。大ヒット・アルバム「AN INNOCENT MAN」を引っ提げて行われた1984年の「FROM A PIANO MAN TO AN INNOCENT MAN」ツアーは1月から7月までという、一年の半分をつかったスケジュールの中で大々的に行われたのですが、これは一重にアルバムだけでなく「Uptown Girl」を始めとしたシングルもことごとく大ヒットを記録して大成功を収めた結果だったのです。さらに前作「THE NYLON CURTAIN」リリース時のツアーがアメリカでしか行われなかったことを踏まえ、今度は世界中を回って「AN INNOCENT MAN」の成功を確固たるものにしなければならいということもあったのでしょう。実際「Uptown Girl」はイギリスで大ヒットとなりました。
その成功を受けてイギリスBBCが撮影したウェンブリー・アリーナでのライブ映像は最高画質のバージョン「WEMBLEY 1984」が何度もギフト・アイテムとしてリリースされてきましたが、これ以外になると極端にアイテムが少ないツアーとなってしまいます。唯一、武道館公演だけは以前からジェネ落ちコピーがトレーダーに出回っており、それをそのままリリースしたCD-Rがリリースされたこともありましたが、これこそが数少ない1984年ツアーの音盤アイテムだったという。ところが同じ音源をマスターから別格のアッパー版にて収録し、さらに初登場の武道館初日音源まで最高音質で発掘してみせたのが名作「INNOCENT NIGHTS」でした。
これで映像はBBCのウェンブリー、音源は「INNOCENT NIGHTS」が「FROM A PIANO MAN TO AN INNOCENT MAN」1984年ツアーの二大巨頭に君臨したのですが、どうしたことか他の日の音源がまったくリリースされない。2016年になって2月のフィラデルフィア公演の素晴らしい音質のオーディエンス録音が発掘されたものの、一部のマニアの間でしか話題とならなかったのが惜しまれます。
ところが今月ネット上に現れた6月のマディソン・スクエア・ガーデン公演はフィラデルフィアをも凌ぐウルトラクオリティのオーディエンス録音であり、ひょっこり発掘されて世界中のマニアを驚かせたのでした。何しろ抜群の音質。音像は相当にオンで、これが「Goodnight Saigon」で流れてくるヘリのSEなどではまるっきりサウンドボードだと錯覚しそうになってしまいます。それでいてクリアネスや鮮度も素晴らしく、今になって1984年ツアーからこれほどの極上録音が発掘されたことには驚きを禁じ得ません。

ウェンブリーでは「The Longest Time」の前でビリーがライチャス・ブラザースの「You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling」をほんのさわりだけ口ずさんでいましたが、ここでは彼がワンコーラス歌い上げるだけにとどまらずバンドもそれに合わせており、短いながらも立派な演奏へと進化を遂げているのです。ここからおなじみ「What’s Your Name?」パートが始まるのですが、そこからディオン・アンド・ベルモンツの「Teenager In Love」へと移り、ようやく「The Longest Time」が始まるというエスカレートぶり。
アルバムの大ヒットを受け、ハードなスケジュールで敢行された「FROM A PIANO MAN TO AN INNOCENT MAN」が終わりに近づいているというのに、無難な守りに入るどころかむしろ攻めの姿勢を崩さなかったビリーの果敢な姿勢だとも言えるのではないでしょうか。ライブの構成自体がセット序盤で「AN INNOCENT MAN」の曲は一切登場せず、中盤でタイトル曲が演奏されたのを皮切りとして立て続けに演奏してくれる点も同様な攻めを感じさせる。何よりアルバムやシングルが大ヒットしたからこそ伝わってくる、バリバリの現役感。


Disc 1(58:50)
1. Mexican Connection
2. Prelude/Angry Young Man
3. My Life
4. Piano Man
5. MC
6. Don’t Ask Me Why
7. Allentown
8. Goodnight Saigon
9. Pressure
10. Just The Way You Are
11. Band Introductions
12. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

Disc 2(61:24)
1. Introduction of Glenn Stulpin, Bob Livingood, Larry Etkin (Brass Section)
2. An Innocent Man
3. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling
4. Introduction of Frank Simms & Peter Huwlett (Backing Vocals)
5. What’s Your Name?
6. Teenager In Love

7. The Longest Time
8. Leave A Tender Moment Alone (with Jean “Toots” Thielmans on Harmonica)
9. Stiletto
10. Sometimes A Fantasy
11. It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me
12. Uptown Girl
13. Big Shot
14. Tell Her About It
15. You May Be Right
16. Only The Good Die Young

Billy Joel – Vocals, Piano David Brown – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Russell Javors – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals Doug Stegmeyer – Bass, Backing Vocals
David Lebolt – Keyboards Mark Rivera – Saxophones, Flute, Backing Vocals
Liberty Devitto – Drums, Percussion

Larry Etkin – trumpet Bob Livingood – trumpet Glenn Stulpin – saxophones

Frank Simms – backing vocals Peter Huwlett – backing vocals
Bob Duncan – backing vocals Jean “Toots” Thielmans – Harmonica



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