Billy Joel / Live At Msg November 2015 / 2CDR

Billy Joel / Live At Msg November 2015 / 2CDR /Non Label

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Live At Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY USA 19th November 2015.


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“BILLY JOEL IN CONCERT TOUR”. The latest live album has arrived. 2014 one began from May tour, a one-year 10 months during the course was currently still continuing, has been announced to finally Germany performances across the sea in the next year in September. This work is the audience album of such “BILLY JOEL IN CONCERT TOUR” of 63 performances eyes “November 19, 2015 Madison Square Garden.”
Is such this work a maximum of points, best sound in the best. Core is also thick, outline rise perpendicularly sound, beautiful neat about lose to the sound board. It is not no reverberation of the site, but it is profusely thin, it is unbelievably huge tradition venue “Madison Square Garden”. However, here it is definitely MSG. Musical tone is even in vivid, I enthusiasm of Americans that are filled to the site there is a spectacle that spread like ocean. The ocean is no sea view standing on the beach. From the top of the steep cliff, distant sea of ​​great cheer that seemed to look far. The enthusiastic, cheers of a huge scale feeling upsurge from the feet, and spread like the tone of the band overlying the top of the sea. No matter how excited hot, let alone interfere with the musical sound, we have a three-dimensional appearance, such as push to further heights. …… that such 20,000 chorus Corps tag along to the piano of Billy. Original masterpieces us of course, “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” of the “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Simon & Garfunkel of QUEEN and so on, I also little fun of the cover of impressive live album.
But just this sound is a special one, even further specials in this work. “Big Man On Mulberry Street,” “Zanzibar,” “New York State Of Mind” The Chick Corea jazz pianist guest participation. Also appeared further “She’s Always A Woman” for flute Cindy Ruggles. The flute and the chanting of the crowd Tokeai, … surrounding the Billy singing. Again, it is a great scene that does not taste only in this work.

Sense of scale was able to capture Precisely because in the audience recording, and what the best sound because the latest digital equipment. To ear until now, classic who were engraved on the heart, has established an entirely new sound world. The other day gift released Elton John of “YOKOHAMA 2015: AUDIENCE RECORDING (. November 18, recording of difference one day and this work in Japan and New York of the time difference because it is 14 hours, half a day is also not different live)” and Moso will Although Could, This is what’s the world that does not draw only to the latest audience recordings. “Until well each recording equipment evolves, …… me have alive and well”, one that even such a preposterous thing would crossed my head. This weekend, we hope you’ll spend the Billy masterpieces that revives in us a new appeal to today.

 “BILLY JOEL IN CONCERT TOUR”。その最新ライヴアルバムが到着しました。2014年1月から始まったツアーは、1年10ヶ月が経過した現在もなお続行中で、来年9月にはいよいよ海を渡ったドイツ公演まで発表されました。本作は、そんな“BILLY JOEL IN CONCERT TOUR”の63公演目「2015年11月19日マジソン・スクエア・ガーデン」のオーディエンス・アルバムです。
そんな本作最大のポイントは、極上中の極上サウンド。芯も太く、輪郭切り立つサウンドは、サウンドボードにも負けないほど端正で美しい。現場の残響もなくはないのですが、それがやたらと薄く、巨大な伝統会場“マジソン・スクエア・ガーデン”とは思えないほどです。しかし、ここは間違いなくMSG。楽音はビビッドではあっても、現場に充満しているアメリカ人の熱狂が大海のように広がるスペクタクルがあるのです。その大海も砂浜に立って見る海ではありません。切り立った崖の上から、遠く遠く眺めるような大歓声の海。熱狂的で、巨大なスケール感の歓声が足もとから沸き上がり、バンドの楽音がその海の上を覆い被さるように広がる。どれだけ熱く盛り上がっても、楽音を邪魔するどころか、更なる高みへと押し上げるような立体感があるのです。そんな2万人のコーラス隊がビリーのピアノに付き従う……。オリジナルの名曲たちはもちろん、QUEENの「Bohemian Rhapsody」やサイモン&ガーファンクルの「Bridge Over Troubled Waters」等々、ちょっとしたお楽しみのカバーも感動的なライヴアルバムなのです。
このサウンドだけでも特別な1本ですが、本作には更なるスペシャルも。「Big Man On Mulberry Street」「Zanzibar」「New York State Of Mind」にはジャズ・ピアニストのチック・コリアがゲスト参加。さらに「She’s Always A Woman」にはフルートのシンディ・ラグルスも登場します。そのフルートと観客の唱和が溶け合い、ビリーの歌声を囲む……。やはり、本作でしか味わえない素晴らしいシーンです。

オーディエンス録音でだからこそ捉えることができたスケール感、そして最新のデジタル機材だからこその極上サウンド。今まで耳に、心に刻まれた名曲たちが、まったく新しい音世界を築いている。先日ギフトリリースされたエルトン・ジョンの「YOKOHAMA 2015: AUDIENCE RECORDING(本作とは1日違いの11月18日録音。日本とニューヨークの時差は14時間ですから、半日も違わないライヴです)」もそうでしたが、これこそ最新の客席録音にしか描けない世界なのです。「よくぞ録音機材が進化するまで、健在でいてくれて……」、そんな本末転倒なことさえ頭をよぎってしまう1本。今週末は、ぜひ新たな魅力で蘇るビリーの名曲を供にお過ごしいただければ幸いです。

Disc 1(77:25)
1. Intro 2. My Life 3. Pressure 4. The Entertainer 5. Vienna 6. Say Goodbye To Hollywood
7. Big Man On Mulberry Street (with Chick Correa) 8. Zanzibar (with Chick Correa)
9. New York State Of Mind (with Chick Correa) 10. Movin’ Out 11. Bohemian Rhapsody (Teaser)
12. Sleeping With The Television On 13. The Longest Time 14. Allentown
15. Keeping The Faith

Disc 2(67:00)
1. Sometimes A Fantasy 2. She’s Always A Woman (with Cindy Ruggles on flute)
3. Don’t Ask Me Why (prelude “Not Fade Away”) 4. Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Teaser)
5. The River Of Dreams / A Hard Day’s Night 6. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
7. Piano Man 8. We Didn’t Start The Fire 9. Uptown Girl 10. It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me
11. Big Shot 12. You May Be Right / Rock And Roll 13. Only The Good Die Young

Billy Joel – Lead Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Harmonica, Guitar
Tommy Byrnes – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals Andy Cichon – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dave Rosenthal – Keyboards Chuck Burgi – Drums, Percussion
Crystal Taliefero – Percussion, Backing Vocals, Saxophone, Harmonica
Mark Rivera – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Saxophone, Percussion
Carl Fischer – Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone Mike Delguidice – Guitar, Vocal


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