Beck, Bogert & Appice / Rainbow 1974 1st Show / 1CD

Beck, Bogert & Appice / Rainbow 1974 1st Show / 1CD / Wardour

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Live at Rainbow Theatre, London, UK 26th January 1974 (1st Show)


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Large classic and famous in the die classic “1974 Rainbow Theatre performances January 26”. Kano name recorded in the name of the recording is, is the appearance in the press CD of rainy day master quality.
Upon the top end of the “January 26” is BB & A, 1 days 2 performance is carried out, which is said to have been recorded for a live album at the official. The continued rise to a myriad of its outstanding title for a long time, in the play and its wonderful sound, to say the presence to symbolize the super group “BB & A” of the legend is not an exaggeration. This work is our shop is the live album that matches the first show at the master quality that has its own available.
No longer hundreds, thousands of times and Although it is live that has been heard, it is brought about a master this level that has not been heard at all. Of course, it is not a such as its outstanding copying or re-master. On the contrary, it brought the master is too perfect a generation also save state is also undisputed. For this reason, it is about all of equalizing, did not even pitch adjustment (there was no spear use). Although the drifts are natural sound nuances of the 70s aroma, freshness of the more of the time more than 40 years will not believe that has elapsed. without that the quality is falling all over 79 and a half minutes, we’re exhausted covered live full-length.
Last unfolds in its sound performances, even where great. The Kiritachi rock history strongest trio contour ensemble was clearly of, glossy even where the vibe that was wrapped in the outline. Not just a powerful, simply Tim Bogert of rhythm that dynamic in the percussive just do not even Carmine Appice and poetic sentiment overflowing lines, intertwined Katsuaki up nuances of each note. And, mischief Ppoku ran tour the meantime that, whim guitar of Jeff Beck churning. It no two powerful super ensemble also in the history of Jeff has been in relief in any more without vivid.
Yet three, which is tailored to the best lock in any songs, set list of this work even more special. This day, it also serves as a preview show of the phantom of the second album, “Satisfied”, “Laughin from the new I ‘Lady,” “Jizz Whizz”, “Prayin’ even” comes popping out. Concentration of performance, heat genius each other each other Semegi as equals, and a special set list …… too late, large Meien enough to feel intimidated even to tell its splendor in minute detail. It, …… it and could be heard in so much of the sound.

It starts from YARDBIRDS, even in the current still the history of Jeff Beck evolving, powerful and unleash the particulars in the straight rock style BB & A. The moment the possibility of Kitai super trio was Ultimately up to the verge of collapse, it is one that can be heard in the master quality. Because official studio album and “LIVE IN JAPAN” and even said recording to have the same value and meaning what, I want Ultimately the best sound to the limit. Such a superb live album, please housed all means to your collection.

どんな曲でも最高のロックに仕立て上げられる3人でありながら、本作のセットリストはさらに特別。この日は、幻のセカンドアルバムのプレビュー・ショウを兼ねており、新作からの「Satisfied」「Laughin’ Lady」「Jizz Whizz」「Prayin’」までもが飛び出してくるのです。演奏の集中力、天才同士が対等にせめぎ合う熱気、そしてスペシャルなセットリスト……今さら、その素晴らしさを事細かにお話しするのも気が引けるほどの大名演。それを、これほどのサウンドで聴くことができようとは……。

YARDBIRDSから始まり、現在もなお進化を続けるジェフ・ベックの歴史上でも、パワフルでストレートなロックスタイルで委細を放つBB&A。希代のスーパートリオの可能性が崩壊寸前にまで突き詰められた刹那を、マスター・クオリティで聴ける1枚です。オフィシャルのスタジオアルバムや「LIVE IN JAPAN」と同等の価値と意義を持つとさえ言える録音だからこそ、極限まで最高のサウンドを突き詰めたい。そんな極上のライヴアルバムを、ぜひあなたのコレクションにお収めください。

1. Satisfied 2. Livin’ Alone 3. Laughin’ Lady 4. Lady 5. Solid Lifter / Jizz Whizz
6. Morning Dew / Drums Solo 7. Prayin’ 8. Superstition
9. (Get Ready) Your Lovemaker’s Comin’ Home 10. Blues Deluxe / You Shook Me
11. Rainbow Boogie

Jeff Beck – Guitar Tim Bogert – Bass, Vocals Carmine Appice – Drums

Wardour 165

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