Beck, Bogert & Appice / Rainbow 1974 1st Show 2nd Press / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR

Beck, Bogert & Appice / Rainbow 1974 1st Show 2nd Press / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR / Wardour
Translated text:
Live at Rainbow Theatre, London, UK 26th January 1974 (1st Show) plus Bonus DVDR “Santa Monica 1973”


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Rainbow 1974 1ST SHOW, a masterpiece that updated the highest peak ever in the history of large classic sound sources. The stock which was sold out by haste while it is extremely popular is restocked with second press.
It is contained in such a work is “Rainbow Theater Performance January 26, 1974” which is famous as a big staple in the large staple. Historically it is the big decision board which drew a name recording under name recording in master quality. First of all, how special is this show? Let’s get started from there.
This “January 26, 1974” corresponds to the end of BB & A. Two shows of the day were held on this day, and the first show was also recorded at the official. “Blues Deluxe / You Shook Me” “Rainbow Boogie” was also included in the official box “BECKOLOGY”. And this day was also the day of destiny. Between the two shows, Beck Beck and Tim Bogart are fighting big fights at the backstage. That was the trigger for the end of BB & A.
It was the day of division of that fate, but the record of First Show increased the value in a long history. Besides being a wonderful sound, the performance was also acclaimed, and continued to produce countless already-developed titles from olden days, it became an existence symbolizing the legendary super group “BB & A”. This work is the highest peak of such name recording. It is a live album containing our first show at our master quality that our shop got independently.
Probably, I think that maniacs are hundreds and thousands of lives heard, but the master that became the basis of this work is a level that I have never heard. Of course, it is not a copy or remaster of the original. On the contrary, I did not even equalize or adjust the pitch (I could not do it). It is so perfect that the generation and preservation state are undisputed masters. Although the fragrance of the 70’s drifts to natural sound nuances, it is fresh enough to make it unbelievable that more than 40 years have passed. That quality does not go down at all for 79 minutes and half, covering the whole live.
The final performance that is unfolded with that sound is wonderful enough even for the words “legend” and “symbol”. The strongest trio ensemble in the history of rocks stands out with a sharp contour and the vibes wrapped in its contours are glossy everywhere. Tim Bogart ‘s rhythm team, which is simply not powerful, not only percussive, but Carmine Apis and a singing line full of rhythm, is intertwined with the nuances of one sound. And it is a whimsical guitar of Jeff Beck that stirs and runs around that mischief. In the history of Jeff there are no two powerful super ensemble which are emphasized vividly more than anything.
Despite being three who can be tailored to any song anyway, the set list of this work is more special. This day also serves as a preview show of the phantom second album, and even “Satisfied”, “Laughin ‘Lady”, “Jizz Whizz”, “Prayin'” from the new work also pops out. Concentration of performance, enthusiasm, set list …… It is a great performance so far that you can feel uncomfortable talking about its wonderful detail. I would like to hear it with such a sound ….

Jeff Beck, which starts from YARDBIRDS and continues to evolve today. Even in his history, BB & A continues to deliver a powerful and straight rock style. This work is one piece that you can listen to the moment that the possibility of such super-super trio is overwhelmed until collapse with master quality.
The value and significance of this work is the same dimension as the official studio album and “LIVE IN JAPAN”. The highest peak of historical name recording. Second opportunity to fit in your collection. Do not miss.
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大定番音源の史上最高峰を更新した名盤『RAINBOW 1974 1ST SHOW』。大人気のうちに速攻で完売した銘品がセカンド・プレスで再入荷です。
この「1974年1月26日」とは、BB&Aの最末期にあたります。この日は1日2公演が行われ、そのファーストショウはオフィシャルでも録音。「Blues Deluxe / You Shook Me」「Rainbow Boogie」が公式ボックス『BECKOLOGY』にも収録されました。そして、この日は運命の日でもあった。と言うのも、この2公演の合間に、楽屋裏ではベック・ベックとティム・ボガートが殴り合いの大喧嘩。それがBB&A終焉の引き金ともなったのです。
どんな曲でも最高に仕立て上げられる3人でありながら、本作のセットリストはさらに特別。この日は、幻のセカンドアルバムのプレビューショウを兼ねており、新作からの「Satisfied」「Laughin’ Lady」「Jizz Whizz」「Prayin’」までもが飛び出すのです。演奏の集中力、熱気、そしてセットリスト……今さら、その素晴らしさを事細かにお話しするのも気が引けるほどの大名演。それを、これほどのサウンドで聴くことができようとは……。

本作の価値や意義は、オフィシャルのスタジオアルバムや『LIVE IN JAPAN』と同等の次元です。歴史的な名録音の最高峰。あなたのコレクションに収める二度目のチャンス。ぜひ、お見逃しなく。
1. Satisfied 2. Livin’ Alone 3. Laughin’ Lady 4. Lady 5. Solid Lifter / Jizz Whizz
6. Morning Dew / Drums Solo 7. Prayin’ 8. Superstition
9. (Get Ready) Your Lovemaker’s Comin’ Home 10. Blues Deluxe / You Shook Me
11. Rainbow Boogie


Jeff Beck – Guitar Tim Bogert – Bass, Vocals Carmine Appice – Drums

Beck, Bogert & Appice / Santa Monica 1973 / 1Bonus DVDR / Non Label
Tranlsated Text:
Civic Center, Santa Monica. CA. USA May 1973 PRO-SHOT

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Super Trio, BB & A “RAINBOW 1974 1ST SHOW” which holds “1974 Rainbow Theater Performance” as masterpiece at the end of the term. In such a large press second press, we will give you a valuable collection of images that you can witness the “Legend that moves”.
What is contained in this work is “moving BB & A” for five songs of two kinds. “Santa Monica Show in May 1973” and “London Show on September 15, 1973”. The live album is one of the images archived as much as possible, as best seen in BB & A, which is desperate in the picture and is “this one!”. Let’s introduce about each image.

【Santa Monica Performance in May 1973】

It is a studio live TV show “Superstition” “Morning Dew”. It is a monochrome image known to maniacs from the past, but in this work 3 types (total of 5 songs) were recorded.
First of all, it is an exquisite stereo version. This is amazing. Although the sound was monaural naturally only at the time of television broadcasting at the time, this live was also broadcast on FM radio. That other broadcast was stereo, and overseas maniacs synchronized the two. As it has been known so far, although it is a distorted picture, its clearing is a record high. Besides, the sound is a superb stereo sound board which is a fine one, and the legendary image is the highest peak quality record ever revived with “best master & best stereo sound”.
It is the original broadcast version that will appear next. Audio is also monaural if the picture quality is too sweet, but this is the figure of itself at that time. It contains 2 masters, unfortunately the “Better Sound” version is only one song “Superstition”.

【London Show on September 15, 1973】

The second is a color image of the London performance. This was originally filmed with 8 mm silent film. Another overseas mania is overlaying another voice. However, here it is difficult to distinguish the shredded video or not synchro, “finally this song” “finally understand the atmosphere” finished.
However, its appearance goes beyond Santa Monica. Just to say “moving BB & A” is amazing, but the situation is abnormal. “Crystal · Palace · Bowl” which became the site is a square like a campground, and there is a big pond in front of the stage. I watch a concert while bathing in that pond. In addition, at that time weed grass was in a half jungle state. Young people in bathing suits swim slowly with Walla Walla. Tezuka Osamu’s “Buddha” had a scene in which Buddha preached crocodiles, but that’s the feeling. Besides, among them is the fierce battle of BB & A shining in the history of rock and the performances of three players are scooping up briskly. It is a terrible sight.

Valuable “moving BB & A”. Because it is valuable, maniacs too could not help finishing the best by pouring passion. One piece full of such masterpiece images. Please, please enjoy it to your heart’s content.
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スーパートリオ、BB&A最末期の大定番たる“1974年レインボウ・シアター公演”をマスター・クオリティで収めた『RAINBOW 1974 1ST SHOW』。そんな大名盤のセカンドプレスには、“動く伝説”を目撃できる貴重な映像集をお贈りいたします。


テレビ出演のスタジオライヴ2曲「Superstition」「Morning Dew」です。従来からマニアには知られるモノクロ映像ですが、本作では3種類(計5曲分)を収録しました。
続いて登場するのは、オリジナル放送版。画質も甘ければ音声もモノラルなのですが、これこそが当時そのものの姿。2種のマスターを収録しており、“Better Sound”バージョンは残念ながら1曲「Superstition」のみです。




1. Superstition (Stereo) 2. Morning Dew (Stereo) 3. Superstition (Intro Cut, Better Sound)
4. Superstition (Original Mono) 5. Morning Dew (Original Mono)

Bonus Tracks
Crystal Palace Bowl, London 15th September 1973 (8mm footage)

6. Superstition 7. Livin’ Alone 8. Lady


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