Beck Bogert & Appice / Seattle 1973 / 1CD

Beck Bogert & Appice / Seattle 1973 / 1CD / Wardour

Translated text:
Live at Paramount Northwest, Seattle, WA. USA 26th April 1973

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A new superb live album of the legendary Super Trio was born. It is permanent preservation press decision.
It is engraved on the new name board “Seattle performance on April 26, 1973”. Jeff Beck’s first performance in Japan was in May 1973, so it was a concert lasting about three weeks ago. It is its superb audience recording.
Although it is a new excavation of recording which was not known so far, it is a precious placement marking the appearance of suddenly. Actually, it is the master that the prestigious JEMS sent out to the world as a D & D archive series. “D & D” is Dove Departee & Donn Amick, a legendary sound composer who was active in Seattle in the 1970s. At JEMS, dozens of master of this combination are archived. Recently the speed of excavation has also declined, but this work is one of the latest excavations shining all along.
Furthermore, the new excavation and generation are also ultimate. The source became the oldest 1st Genes · cassette that is present. It seems that it was final reproduction by the test of the time spanning 45 years, but it was decided to stay forever with the timing of the last minute. Speaking of new discoveries that have passed over so long, it is natural that the recording person and the lineage are unknown, but it is unusual to know clearly up to this point. It also arrived after passing “only” of people called prestige / masterpiece in the rock and archive world. It is a live album that was born as a masterpiece indeed.
The sound flowing out of this work is wonderful to prove such circumstances with sound. Although it is merely a audience recording sucked in at the meeting venue acoustics, the delicacy, the vividness of detail loses the word. Carmine’s striking sound is clear up to every one of the cymbals being beaten, while the Bogato base is undulating but the line is clearer. Of course, Jeff’s mischievous guitar that teases super rhythm team is also super clear. In addition, even audience noise is miraculous. Clearly up to 1 grain of applause while tasting plenty of natural realistic feeling of action zero. However, the balance is splendid like an official work that mixes precisely, and it does not disturb the subtlety of performance sound at all. On the delicate top it sounds quite glossy and beautiful. It’s unbelievably stable that the freshness of the 1st Gen Cassette is fresh and fresh and it was the final play. Only at the 1:07 of “Sweet Sweet Surrender”, noise of the tape deterioration occurs momentarily, but in addition to that, the dubbing traces are lost, and noises and no distortion are missing, and the beautiful sound continues indefinitely.
In this work, I brushed up the master of such a miracle further. As a matter of fact, JEMS made no emphasis on the truth of excavation nor did any noise reduction nor mastering. Although hesitantly hesitated to modify the glow of the miracle, unfortunately the public sound source was about a semitone low pitch. It is also the truth of 1st Genie Tape, but in this work it took “the truth of the work place” than that. Correct pitch accurately, ease the range of echoes. It was to reproduce and deliver “the sound that was ringing at the scene” more.
The show drawn with such sound …… exactly the legendary site. The set closely resembles the imminent arrival in Japan, but the performance itself is more violent and more lively than the famous board “LIVE IN JAPAN”. The famous performances that traditional official boards become hazy are spelled out with the superb superb sound.

BECK, BOGERT & APPICE, engraved in the history of rocks, but still fleeting but dazzling. It is a phenomenal live album that suddenly appeared 45 years after that legend. The master of the performance spun, the master of the recording caught, the prestige of the archive permanently left “sound”. Although it is a piece that is too wonderful as a music work, it is the highest peak of the act of “leaving music” beyond that. It is also a crystal of that passion. The best new excavation live album that rock vintage can draw. Please, please enjoy this miracle glow forever with a permanent preservation press CD forever.

★ Fixed slightly lower pitch. (It compensates for the extent to change the impression)
★ We eased the echoed range and made it easier to hear.

これまで知られていなかった録音の新発掘なのですが、いきなりの登場にして由緒正しき銘品。実は、かの名門JEMSがD&Dアーカイヴ・シリーズとして世に送り出したマスターなのです。「D&D」とは、70年代のシアトルで活動していた伝説的録音家コンビDave Departee&Donn Amickのこと。JEMSでは、このコンビのマスターを数十種もアーカイヴ。最近は発掘のスピードも落ちてきたようですが、本作はそんな中で一際輝く最新発掘のひとつです。
本作から流れ出るサウンドは、そんな経緯を音で証明する素晴らしさ。ほんのりと会場音響も吸い込んだオーディエンス録音には違いないのですが、その繊細さ、ディテールの鮮やかさには言葉を失う。カーマインの打音は乱打されるシンバルの1つひとつまで鮮明で、ボガートのベースはうねりながらもラインがクッキリ。もちろん、スーパー・リズム隊をからかうようなジェフの悪戯ギターも超鮮明です。更に言えば、オーディエンス・ノイズまでもが奇跡的。作為ゼロの自然な臨場感がたっぷりと味わえつつ、拍手の1粒1粒までクッキリ。しかし、そのバランスは精緻にミックスした公式作品のように見事で、演奏音の機微をまったく邪魔しないのです。それだけ繊細な上に、鳴りが極めて艶やかで美しい。1stジェネ・カセットだからこその鮮度がどこまでも瑞々しく、最終再生だったというのが信じられないほど安定している。唯一、「Sweet Sweet Surrender」の1:07で一瞬だけテープ劣化のノイズが発生しますが、それ以外にダビング痕はおろか、ヨレや歪みも見当たらない美音が延々と続くのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるショウは……まさに伝説の現場。セットは間近に迫った来日公演と酷似していますが、演奏自体は名盤『LIVE IN JAPAN』よりもさらに苛烈でイキイキと躍動している。伝統のオフィシャル盤が霞んでしまうほどの名演が超極上のサウンドで綴られていくのです。

儚いながらも眩しすぎる輝きをロック史に刻んだBECK, BOGERT & APPICE。あの伝説から45年後になって突如出現した驚異のライヴアルバムです。演奏の達人が紡ぎ、録音の名手が捉え、アーカイヴの名門が永久に残した“音”。音楽作品として素晴らしすぎる1枚ではありますが、それ以上に“音楽を残す”という行為の最高峰。その情熱の結晶でもあるのです。ロック・ヴィンテージが描き得る最高の新発掘ライヴアルバム。どうぞ、この奇跡の輝きを永久保存プレスCDでいつまでもお楽しみください。



1. Superstition 2. Livin’ Alone 3. I’m So Proud 4. Lady 5. Morning Dew
6. Drum Solo/Morning Dew(reprise) 7. Sweet Sweet Surrender 8. Lose Myself With You
9. Bass and Drum Jam/Lose Myself With You 10. Black Cat Moan 11. You Shook Me/Black Cat Moan
12. Why Should I Care 13. Plynth 14. Shotgun 15. Jeff’s Boogie


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