Beck, Bogart & Appice / Frankfurt 1972 / 1CDR

Beck, Bogart & Appice / Frankfurt 1972 / 1CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Jahrhunderthalle Hohst, Frankfurt, Germany 8th October 1972


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1972-1974, I disappeared from rock history in the short-lived of about one year and four months
Super trio, BB & A. The latest stage serving large staple of the “1974 Rainbow Theatre performance” was achieved in the master quality “RAINBOW 1974 1ST SHOW” is exactly Kitai lords board. In the bonus, I will gift you a large classic live albums of super trio earliest.
They do not mean it was a trio from the beginning. Initially, Tim Bogert in the form of rhythm of the second phase JEFF BECK GROUP is changed, it merges with Carmine Appice, and doing a live while repeating the members change, and went calmly to the trio form. And, the trio was completed from the European tour in September 1972. This work is the audience album that contains the “Frankfurt performances October 8, 1972” to be the European tour 11 performances eyes. This is the first stage there is also Amsterdam performances September 30, but the sound quality unfortunately poor. This There are two types in Frankfurt performances, Duration was also already issued such a bad long sound quality “WHY SHOULD I CARE”, “GETREADY TO LIVE”. This work is different from them, but do not go with the complete recording, sound well with a jerk, and is a former “CHANGE OF PHASE” of the master that available in the world as part of.
The sound is exactly the most initial what you represent. “Superstition” the first half of the beginning what there is also a little noisy place, but it is also better soon, spreads direct sound profusely in the clear. In this direct sense of the best is what in the trio, not into three personality mass is loose in the entanglement, and audible ensemble clash is close look away again. Some people, it is the level it is not amusing even if it is stomach is preferred than the main press CD is a master quality.
And, what performance drawn by the sound is terrific. VANILLA FUDGE / CACTUS even fascinated was colorful in to powerful beat, phantasmagoric to driving bass and Jeff phrases like joy begins to play that got the desire of powerful rhythm,. the Super Play leaking of sigh just chasing one single instrument, will enhance each other while sympathetic to each other. Since the “music” just “playing” is a genius with each other not help but Awa recognized each other have gathered what, I what Meien variety of because the encounter is brilliant timing.

7 months official of after of this work also has been the birth of “LIVE IN JAPAN”, and BB & A that had collapsed along with the after the eight months “RAINBOW 1974 1ST SHOW”. Three of this work – “LIVE IN JAPAN”, “RAINBOW 1974 1ST SHOW” is, is also a live album to be representative of the very early and medium-term, the end of the short short BB & A. Main press CD, of course, also to the official “LIVE IN JAPAN”, please by all means enjoy in the trilogy masterpiece. This weekend, we will deliver to your home.

スーパートリオ、BB&A。その最末期の大定番たる“1974年レインボウ・シアター公演”をマスター・クオリティで収めた「RAINBOW 1974 1ST SHOW」は、まさに希代の大名盤です。そのボーナスには、スーパートリオ最初期の大定番ライヴアルバムをお贈りします。
彼らは最初からトリオだったわけではありません。当初は、第2期JEFF BECK GROUPのリズム隊が変わる形でティム・ボガート、カーマイン・アピスと合流し、メンバーチェンジを繰り返しながらライヴをこなし、トリオ形態へと落ち着いていきました。そして、トリオが完成したのが1972年9月のヨーロッパツアーから。本作は、そのヨーロッパツアー11公演目となる「1972年10月8日フランクフルト公演」を収めたオーディエンス・アルバムです。この最初期には9月30日アムステルダム公演もありますが、残念ながら音質は劣悪。このフランクフルト公演にも2種類があり、収録時間は長いものの音質の悪い「WHY SHOULD I CARE」「GETREADY TO LIVE」といった既発もありました。本作はそれらとは異なるもので、完全収録とはいきませんが、サウンドはグッと良く、かつて「CHANGE OF PHASE」の一部として世に出回ったマスターです。
そして、そのサウンドで描かれる演奏こそが凄まじい。VANILLA FUDGE / CACTUSでも魅せた多彩にしてパワフルなビート、変幻自在にうねるベース、そして念願の強力リズム隊を得た喜びが弾け出すようなジェフのフレーズ。1つひとつの楽器を追うだけでもタメ息の漏れるスーパープレイが、互いに交感しながら高め合っていく。「音楽」「演奏」だけで互いを認め合わずにはいられない天才同士が集っているからこそ、その出会いが鮮烈なタイミングだからこその名演なのです。

本作の7ヶ月後にはオフィシャル化もされた「LIVE IN JAPAN」が誕生し、その8ヶ月後には「RAINBOW 1974 1ST SHOW」と共に崩壊してしまったBB&A。本作・「LIVE IN JAPAN」・「RAINBOW 1974 1ST SHOW」の3本は、短い短いBB&Aの極初期・中期・末期を代表するライヴアルバムでもあるのです。本編プレスCDはもちろんのこと、オフィシャル「LIVE IN JAPAN」とも併せ、ぜひ三部作で楽しんでいただきたい代表作。今週末、あなたのご自宅へお届けします。

1. Superstition 2. Livin’ Alone 3. Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You
4. People Get Ready 5. Lady 6. Morning Dew 7. Drums Solo
8. Plynth / Shotgun / Bass Solo

Jeff Beck – Guitar Tim Bogert – Bass, Vocals Carmine Appice – Drums, Vocals

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