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Live at Budokan 30th June 1966 & 1st July 1966 Afternoon Show


Initially it was press CD planning to meet in Japan 50 anniversary, it will be released high-quality DVD + CD item from YD-based HMC, but this release was derailed once, to say that waste also to bury it Here is the restoration as a limited gift board of press CD.

Coupling of the afternoon show on June 30 and July 1.
In addition, June 30 includes a soundtrack from the video released in 1984.
July 1 was recorded as a remaster from the vintage analog LP “BUDOKAN 1966” (SAVAGE RECORDS).

Originally, is a “For Japan tour, polite mastering of items is hardly existed in the past,” this project that has been brought by the (project’s story), CD of applying the necessary minimum of mastering here.
Regarding June 30th, there is no need to fiddle at all, only adjusting the volume, equalizing etc. to change the tone is CD without any. In past items, it is only excessive hiss reduction processing, increased sound pressure increase of distortion, pseudo stereo items distorted by unnatural reverberation processing, etc. There was no item that could be heard with unexpected obedient sound. In this case, mastering was done with attention so that there is no problem such as level over at the time of volume adjustment.
If in recent years to compare the topic of the HMC board CD, intro part of the track 1 has been edited slightly shorter, it found that the cross-fade processing in the vicinity of the CD time 0:03 have been made, also cheers portion after the show’s video It is also a feature that the same cheering voice is casually repeated three times so that it is recorded “long” due to credit circumstances.
The voice itself is also compared to the HMC, you can see that the limiter at the time of the original video production to more than imagination is (only analog manner. Different from the limiter on the recent PC software) is used.

July 1 Afternoon show is from the vintage analog board. Although many 7.1 performances have been released in the past, perhaps the most recently released was the “WELCOME THE BEATLES” (CD) of QUATER APPLE label (released in 1997, released in 1997) There is also there is a difference) is not it? At the time GOLD WAX magazine which made a wide use as collector board magazine, I think that there was no article introducing the item of QA label at all (I’m not sure). Also, unlike now, the Internet is also in the early stages, it is also an era when the evaluation depends on journal information, and there are also people who do not know the existence of this 1997 QA board. Perhaps the other to be a good board is sleeping, but it is SAVAGE RECORDS board was to master the material in the current planning, was the reference for evaluation of sound quality will be a QA.
In order to make this analog board CD, scratch noise is eliminated one by one at pinpoint, and you can appreciate it with almost noiselessness. Also in this analog board there was a missing part between two songs, and that part was supplemented with the above QA board. The place is between several songs of If I Needed Someone and Day Tripper, and between I Feel Fine and Yesterday, which corresponds to the face of the record respectively.
Surprisingly, the sound quality of the QA board used for compensation with this analog board is similar, so we do not know the connection of the repairing point at all.
Moreover, even if the overall sound quality is compared with the topical HMC board, it is never said that it is inferior, rather it is strange as the HMC board seems to be too low-range short of too high, so this analog While there is a tick, some people say that the sound of this thick item with bass is more familiar to the ear.

The jacket was based on the famous analogue LP era “WELCOME THE BEATLES” (TB – 76057) as a motif.

* Planner comment
Fifty years have passed since the Beatles came to Japan, and various items have been released to date.
Inside was also excavated images of Budokan live with high sound quality and high image quality enough to say “No more!” It was only recently that I was shocked “Where were you!” It is a new place.

It is a “Japanese performance seen in the image” for now, but imagining that the sound source is mainstream rather than video, while watching the magazines with the photos of the Budokan, etc. Were not you doing it?

When the sound source was mainstream, there were a lot of Martial Arts Center sounds circulating around. There were many from high sound quality things to poor sound quality repeatedly copied. There are a lot of Beatle Mania who bothered with buying (this is bad sound quality · · ·)). I think that I want to point my eyes to the anniversary of the 50th anniversary (at the time of the dare to be a time of seeing the image, now at the live sound source “at that time) Moyamoya!


7月1日はヴィンテージアナログLP”BUDOKAN 1966″(SAVAGE RECORDS)からのリマスター収録。


7月1日アフタヌーンショーはヴィンテージ・アナログ盤からの採録。過去にもこの7.1公演は多数リリースされていますが、恐らく既発ベストはこのアナログ盤と1997年にリリースされたQUATER APPLEレーベルの”WELCOME THE BEATLES”(CD)(※QA盤には96年盤もありそれは違う)ではないでしょうか。当時コレクター盤掲載雑誌として幅を利かせたGOLD WAX誌では全くQAレーベルのアイテムを紹介した記事がなかったと思います(確信なし)。また、今とは異なり当時はインターネットも黎明期であり、概ね雑誌情報により評価が左右される時代でもあり、この97年QA盤の存在を知らない人もいるのではないでしょうか。他にも良盤は眠っているのかも知れませんが、今回の企画でマスター素材にしたのはSAVAGE RECORDS盤であり、音質の評価の参考にしたのがQAであります。
このアナログ盤のCD化にあたりスクラッチノイズを一個一個ピンポイントで除去、ほぼノイズレスで鑑賞頂けます。また当アナログ盤では2箇所の曲間欠落があり、その箇所を先述QA盤で補填しました。場所はIf I Needed SomeoneとDay Tripperの曲間、そしてレコードの面替わりに当たるI Feel Fine〜Yesterday間のそれぞれ数秒です。

ジャケットは、アナログLP時代の有名盤”WELCOME THE BEATLES”(TB-76057)をモチーフにしました。




Live at Budokan 30th June 1966
Taken from 1984 Video
01. Opening MC
02. Rock And Roll Music
03. She’s A Woman
04. If I Needed Someone
05. Day Tripper
06. Baby’s In Black
07. I Feel Fine
08. Yesterday
09. I Wanna Be Your Man
10. Nowhere Man
11. Paperback Writer
12. I’m Down

Live at Budokan 1st July 1966 Afternon Show
Taken from Vintage LP “BUDOKAN 1966” (SAVAGE RECORDS)
13. Opening MC
14. Rock And Roll Music
15. She’s A Woman
16. If I Needed Someone
17. Day Tripper
18. Baby’s In Black
19. I Feel Fine
20. Yesterday
21. I Wanna Be Your Man
22. Nowhere Man
33. Paperback Writer
24. I’m Down

Bonus Trax: Japan Tour Document
25. Opening (Welcome The Beatles!)
26. Haneda Airport – Police car siren
27. Mr. Moonlight (BGM)
28. Interview
29. Presidential Suite 1005
30. Press Conference
31. Arrive At Budokan


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