Beatles / Washington Coliseum 1964 Definitive Edition / 1DVD

Beatles, The / Washington Coliseum 1964 Definitive Edition / 1DVD / Non Label

Washington Coliseum, Washington, D.C. USA 11th February 1964 PRO-SHOT(UPGRADE)



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Washington DC in 1964, honored with the best images ever in the Beatles’ live history. At first it was a live video that was hardly talked about even among enthusiasts, because the degradation of the so-called kineko version dropped on film did not convey the appeal of the performance and the image. However, the situation has changed since the original video version was discovered at “BEATLES ANTHOLOGY”. In addition, the finale “Long Tall Sally” which was not found in the film was excavated. Ten years ago, the full-length version was released, and it was quickly promoted to the Beatles’ best live video.
リ リ ー ス The release 10 years ago had a huge impact on geeks all over the world, and a lot of items based on it were created. These were image quality that felt the limits of video compression technology at that time, but still recorded the best-selling video because of the legibility of the original video image. Rather, it has become a considerable standard. Nevertheless, in the era of HD quality, the roughness of compressed images 10 years ago is incredibly difficult, and while feeling the excitement that finally came to be seen, many enthusiasts said, “ I can see it in a slightly better condition Bah … ”
The lower version of this mania was reduced to the upper version video recorded on the limited press DVD “WASHINGTON COLISEUM 1964” released two years ago. Although it did not yet reach the level of smooth image quality of “BEATLES ANTHOLOGY”, it was still quick because the image quality was clearly improved compared to the previous version and the standard live video was also recorded at the same time Sold Out.

About a year ago, a more up-to-date version of the video footage of Washington DC after such twists and turns appeared. Just because it was released with the latest technology, its image quality is clearer than that of the 10-year-old version, as well as the DVD “WASHINGTON COLISEUM 1964”. This time, the latest version is remastered and released as a limited press DVD.
Notable is the image quality. Finally, you can enjoy the live video with the image quality comparable to the version recorded in “BEATLES ANTHOLOGY”. In the past version, the scenery including the audience behind the stage tended to be coarser, but this time it was wiped out. In the “I Want To Hold Your Hand” scene at the end of the live, you can clearly see that the audience is singing along with the audience around the stage. In addition, the movements of the members are suddenly smooth, and the texture of the suit being worn and the texture of the microphone stand are also realistic.
And although it is a live image that is often fascinated by the Beatles’ hot performance such as Apple’s strange hyper drumming, the dilemma that the camera angle is monotonous in fact. It is impossible to capture the face of the member in close-up from the position where the video camera was installed, and instead, the surrounding audience is projected more closely. In addition, from “Please Please Me”, the angle of capturing the Beatles’ stage with Hiki increases. In the first place, there is no trick in making the upper version, which is easily available, directly into a DVD. Therefore, in this release, the film footage of another angle that has been left fragmentary in the news video is inserted in some scenes. The Beatles stage appearance, or the previous “Please Please Me” etc. can be watched with this editing without getting tired. It is attractive that these news film images uniformly catch members up rather than the video image itself, but after all, at the beginning of “She Loves You”, the appearance of video images caused by the enthusiasts The audience, who became a big topic in the audience, “Audience Recording Girl” can be seen up. This is really interesting.

さ れ る Coupled to such a masterpiece, the Beatles live video, is this 1964 classic live video, Melbourne. Here, too, the clearness recorded by a video camera is attractive, and unlike Washington, it has spread at once since the VHS era. Although the image quality was easy enough to see from that era, the best version became popular 10 years ago. But that is old days now. After all, a better version (PAL Master) is now available, and this time it is remastered based on it.
As you know, if you know this video, the video recording button is pushed from the end of the opening “I Saw Her Standing There”, and the tape change (or pause) in the middle of “Till There Was You”, George’s ” Roll Over Beethoven “was resumed from the end of the game. Ten years ago, the version was dubbed the same stage radio sound source, and the cut part was supplemented with steel to make pseudo complete recording. This time, without adding such editing, the video is recorded as it is. After that, I replaced the two songs that appeared in “BEATLES ANTHOLOGY” with those versions.
編 集 By this editing, “All My Loving” takes the “ANTHOLOGY” take up to the point where George begins to hum, and then switches to the full-length version of this time, but there is almost no discomfort. This part alone will give you a feeling of the upper version of the version released this time. In addition, the camera angle, which is much more sophisticated as live video than Washington, is worth seeing. It is also a convinced live video that Brian Epstein, who was impressed by the finish of the video, permitted a longer broadcast than the original contract.

As a result, the strongest coupling of high-quality Beatles live video in the first half of 1964, both videos have high satisfaction in both image quality and performance content. Washington DC, who played a hyper-performance with the whole body and the whole spirit around apples to captivate the United States. Melbourne, which gained popularity in the United States and even finished its first starring movie, is no longer even a king. This video is a live performed at the end of the tour that hired Jimmy Nicol instead of Apple who became sick the day before the tour started, and finally the apple returned and the fans rejoiced. It can be said that strangely coupled live video of his presence.
And both videos are recorded with the best image quality and condition, the Beatles best 64 years live video collection that I would recommend to all rock fans with all my might. Please enjoy yourself in your room.

★ The highest image quality version at the moment when fans re-mastered based on the upgraded video of “WASHINGTON COLISEUM 1964” and released online. Compared to the already released board, the image quality has been improved at the level where you can clearly see the texture of the suit cloth and the texture of the microphone stand in the up scene.

★ For the Melbourne performance of the bonus, the one recorded here this time uses a separate PAL master from the channel source of Channel 9 Master, and the part recorded in Anthology has been replaced there. Includes master sauce. The already released board has a stuttering image in scenes with many movements such as Can’t Buy Me Love, but this time it returned to the PAL source and converted again correctly, so the movement was smooth.

ビートルズのライブ史上、最高の映像との誉れ高き1964年のワシントンDC。当初はフィルムに落とされた、いわゆるキネコ・バージョンの劣化具合のせいで演奏や映像の魅力が伝わらず、どちらかと言えばマニアの間ですらあまり語られることのないライブ映像でした。ところが「BEATLES ANTHOLOGY」で本来のビデオ・バージョンが発掘されてから状況は一転。さらにはフィルムでは見られなかったフィナーレ「Long Tall Sally」まで発掘。そして今から10年前にひょっこりと全長版がリリースされて一気にビートルズのベスト・ライブ映像へと昇格したのです。
そんなマニアの溜飲を下げてくれたのが今から二年前にリリースされた限定プレスDVD「WASHINGTON COLISEUM 1964」に収録されたアッパー版映像。もっとも「BEATLES ANTHOLOGY」の滑らかな画質のレベルにはまだ及ばなかったのですが、それでも従来のバージョンと比べてはっきり画質が向上した事、さらに定番ライブ映像も同時に収録していたことからあっという間にSold Out。

そんな紆余曲折を経たワシントンDCのビデオ映像も一年程前にさらなるアッパー版が登場。最新テクノロジーでリリースされただけに、その画質は10年前のバージョンはもちろん、DVD「WASHINGTON COLISEUM 1964」と比べてもさらなるアッパー感が明白。今回は最新バージョンをリマスターして限定プレスDVDとしてリリース。
特筆すべきはその画質。遂に「BEATLES ANTHOLOGY」に収録されたバージョンに匹敵する画質で名ライブ映像が楽しめるようになったのです。過去のバージョンは大なり小なりステージ後ろに映る観客を始めとした風景が粗くなりがちだったのですが、今回はそうした見苦しさが一掃。ライブ終盤に盛り上がった「I Want To Hold Your Hand」の場面ではステージの周りで遠巻きの観客が一緒に歌っていることがはっきり(=しかも演奏が聞こえている証でもある)解る。それにメンバーの動きが俄然滑らかで、着ているスーツの質感やマイクスタンドが放つ質感までもリアル。
そしてリンゴの異様なハイパードラミングを始めとしたビートルズの熱演ぶりに目を奪われがちなライブ映像ではありますが、実はカメラアングルが単調だというジレンマが。ビデオカメラを設置した位置からしてメンバーの顔をクローズアップで捉えるのが不可能であり、代わりに周りの観客の方がよっぽどアップで映し出されています。おまけに「Please Please Me」からはヒキでビートルズのステージを捉えたアングルの頻度が高くなる。そもそも簡単に手に入るアッパー版をそのままDVD化したのでは芸がない。そこで今回のリリースに当たっては、ニュース用映像で断片的に残されている別アングルのフィルム映像をいくつかの場面にインサート。ビートルズのステージ登場時、あるいは先の「Please Please Me」などがこの編集によってより飽きのこない状態で鑑賞できるようになっています。これらニュースフィルム用映像は一様にビデオ映像本体よりもメンバーをアップで捉えてくれている点が魅力なのですが、何と言っても「She Loves You」の冒頭ではビデオ映像の登場によってマニアの間で大きな話題となった客席の「オーディエンス録音少女」の姿までアップで見られてしまうのです。これはホントに面白い。

マニアならご存知のように、本映像はオープニング「I Saw Her Standing There」の終盤からビデオの録画ボタンが押され、さらに「Till There Was You」の途中でテープチェンジ(あるいは一時停止)、ジョージの「Roll Over Beethoven」の終盤から撮影再開という状態でした。10年前のバージョンは同じステージのラジオ音源をアフレコさせてカット箇所をスチールで補って疑似完全収録としていました。今回はそうした編集を加えることなく、映像をそのままの状態で収録。その上で「BEATLES ANTHOLOGY」で見られた二曲に関しては、そちらのバージョンへと差し替えました。
この編集によって「All My Loving」はジョージがハモり始めたところまでが「ANTHOLOGY」テイク、以降は今回の全長版へと切り替わる訳ですが、その違和感がほとんどない。この部分だけでも今回リリースされるバージョンのアッパーぶりを実感してもらえるのでは。それにワシントンよりもはるかにライブ映像として洗練されたカメラアングルは見応え十分。映像の仕上がりに感銘を受けたブライアン・エプスタインが当初の契約より長時間の放送を許可したというのも納得の名ライブ映像です。


★「WASHINGTON COLISEUM 1964」のアップグレード映像を元にファンが新たにリマスターしネット公開された現時点での最高画質決定版。既発盤と比べ、アップのシーンではスーツの布の質感やマイクスタンドの質感までクッキリ見えるレベルで画質が向上しました。

★ ボーナスのメルボルン公演は、今回ここに収録したものはChannel 9 Masterのネットソースとは別の枝分かれのPALマスターを使用し、Anthologyに収録されている箇所はそちらへ差し替えた本盤オリジナルの独自リマスターソースを収録。既発盤はCan’t Buy Me Loveなど動きの多いシーンでは映像がカクついていますが、今回はPALソースに立ち返って再度正確に変換しているため滑らかな動きになりました。

Washington Coliseum, Washington, D.C. USA 11th February 1964

1. Introduction
2. Roll Over Beethoven
3. From Me To You
4. I Saw Her Standing There
5. This Boy
6. All My Loving
7. I Wanna Be Your Man
8. Please Please Me
9. Till There Was You
10. She Loves You
11. I Want To Hold Your Hand
12. Twist And Shout
13. Long Tall Sally

-Bonus Tracks-

Festival Hall, West Melbourne, Australia 17th June 1964 Late Show

14. I Saw Her Standing There
15. You Can’t Do That
16. All My Loving
17. She Loves You
18. Roll Over Beethoven
19. Can’t Buy Me Love
20. Twist And Shout
21. Long Tall Sally

22. Trailer

PRO-SHOT B&W NTSC Approx.63min.


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