Beatles / The US Albums Rarities Original Capitol Masters Collection / 2CD

Beatles / The US Albums Rarities Original Capitol Masters Collection / 2CD / Digital Archives Promotion

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1960s Original Capitol Masters Collection Digitally Remastered


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80 as America edit album was completely covered the original Capitol sound source of non-collecting box set was released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of America ‘s first landing of the Beatles in ” THE USALBUMS ” and “The · US album vinegar RARITIES ” rare recordings collection of old and new has been left untreated on CD released in the year of ” RARITIES ” comes up with a set!
There is a unique charm unlike classic remastered sound source of the current Capitol sound source which gave the echo processing and mix of uniquely American and pseudo-stereo at the time the 60’s . Do not miss it by taking to the sound source collector sometimes valuable mix another completely different is produced from the original UK mix inside. A collection of the original sound source Capitol that was buried away in the official which is indispensable to the Beatles sound source research has become the best edits to listen compared to the current remastered sound source . Reproduce also Butcher cover and ” A Hard Day’s Night ” soundtrack album of the UA label released the 60’s [ Collector’s Point box set in the United States edit album released in 2014 ” Yesterday and Today ” and attracted the attention of equal collector that also included stereo / mono both sound album was not on CD officially to ” Hey Jude “, etc. This also includes , but recorded sound source to classic remastered sound source of current basically many of the unique mix of its own in the United States only editing was a non-collecting replaces . Also play a role compilation was recorded in remastered sound box of ” Past Masters ” is also not included in the box

ビートルズのアメリカ初上陸50周年を記念してリリースされたボックス・セット『THE U.S.ALBUMS』に未収録のオリジナル・キャピトル音源を完全網羅した『ザ・USアルバムス・レアリティーズ』そしてアメリカ編集アルバムとして80年にリリースされ未CD化のままとなっている『レアリティーズ』の新旧2つのレア音源コレクションがセットで登場!
60年代当時の疑似ステレオやアメリカ独自のミックスやエコー処理を施したキャピトル音源は現行の定番リマスター音源とは違い独特の魅力があります。中には英国オリジナル・ミックスとは完全に異なる貴重な別ミックスが生み出されていることもあり音源コレクターに とっては見逃せません。現行リマスター音源との聴き比べにも最適な編集内容となっておりビートルズ音源研究には欠かせない公式には葬り去られたオリジナル・キャピトル音源のコレクションです。 [コレクターズ・ポイント] 2014年にリリースされたアメリカ編集アルバムのボックス・セットは60年代UAレーベル発売のサントラ盤「ア・ハード・デイズ・ナイト」やブッチャー・カバーも再現する「イエスタデイ・アンド・トゥデイ」そして「ヘイ・ジュード」等これまで公式には未CD化だったアルバムも含まれ ステレオ/モノ両音源も収録する等コレクターの注目を集めたものの収録音源は基本的に現行の定番リマスター音源に差し替えられアメリカ編集ならではの独自のユニーク・ミックスの多くは未収録でした。またリマスター音源ボックスに収録された「パスト・マスターズ」の役割を果たすコンピレーションも ボックスには含まれておらず

Disc one

1. I Want To Hold Your Hand (duophonic stereo) 2. This Boy (duophonic stereo) 3. Roll Over Beethoven (dexterized capitol stereo) 4. Thank You Girl (dexterized capitol stereo) 5. You Really Got A Hold On Me (dexterized capitol stereo) 6. Devil In Her Heart (dexterized capitol stereo) 7. Money (That’s What I Want) (dexterized capitol stereo) 8. You Can’t Do That (dexterized capitol stereo) 9. Long Tall Sally (dexterized capitol stereo) 10. I Call Your Name (dexterized capitol stereo) 11. Please Mr. Postman (dexterized capitol stereo)12. I’ll Get You (duophonic stereo)13. She Loves You (duophonic stereo)14. Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand (capitol stereo)15. A Hard Day’s Night (duophonic stereo)16. Tell Me Why (duophonic stereo)17. I’ll Cry Instead (duophonic stereo)18. I’m Happy Just To Dance With You (duophonic stereo)19. I Should Have Known Better (duophonic stereo)20. If I Fell (duophonic stereo)21. And I Love Her (duophonic stereo)22. Can’t Buy Me Love (duophonic stereo)23. She’s A Woman (duophonic stereo)24. I Feel Fine (duophonic stereo)25. Love Me Do (duophonic stereo)26. PS I Love You (duophonic stereo)27. Yes It Is (duophonic stereo)28. Help! (mono) 29. Ticket To Ride (duophonic stereo)30. I’ve Just Seen A Face (dexterized capitol stereo)31. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (dexterized capitol stereo)32. You Won’t See Me (dexterized capitol stereo)

Disc two

1. Think For Yourself (dexterized capitol stereo)2. The Word (dexterized capitol stereo)3. Michelle (dexterized capitol stereo)4. It’s Only Love (dexterized capitol stereo)5. Girl (dexterized capitol stereo)6. I’m Looking Through You (dexterized capitol stereo)7. In My Life (dexterized capitol stereo) 8. Wait (dexterized capitol stereo)9. Run For Your Life (dexterized capitol stereo)10. I’m Only Sleeping (duophonic stereo)11. Dr. Robert (duophonic stereo)12. And Your Bird Can Sing (duophonic stereo)13. Drive My Car (mono)14. I’m Only Sleeping (mono)15. Dr. Robert (mono)16. I’m Only Sleeping (capitol stereo)17. Dr. Robert (capitol stereo)18. Got To Get You Into My Life (capitol single stereo)19. Penny Lane (promo single mono)20. Strawberry Fields Forever (capitol stereo)21. I Am The Warlus (capitol stereo)22. Penny Lane (duophonic stereo)23. Baby You’re A Rich Man (duophonic stereo) 24. All You Need Is Love (duophonic stereo)25. I Am The Warlus (single mono)26. Paperback Writer (capitol reversed stereo)27. The Ballad Of John & Yoko (capitol stereo fading out)

Digital Archives Promotion. DAP-B008AB

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