Beatles / The Ultimate Let It Be Companion / 2DVD Booksize

Beatles / The Ultimate Let It Be Companion / 2DVD Booksize / His Master’s Choice

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This Is The Second “Let It Be” Collection From HMC – A Follow Up To The Superior Quality Movie Finally Available In Stereo. It Is Designed For Both The Casual Fan And The Completist As The Essential Supplement To The Film. NTSC


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* HMC latest title limited monopoly stock of attention! Movie attention work following the “LET IT BE” remastered video! “LET IT BE” unpublished video and new excavation film further related promotional video also DVD2 Disc was recorded plenty ultimate collector’s item of the first appearance! !

HMC latest of Beatles collectors attention everyone Ya first appearance of rehearsal outtakes video has never been seen in the content that follows the previously released movie “LET IT BE” the main part of the best ever image quality remastered video ever new excavation of editing sound source, movie-related, such as successive edit version all the Journal from the promo video also at that time 70 years from the unpublished video further, “Let It be naked” promo and movies of the silent-film state up to 2015 recorded in press platen DVD2 Disc together a video. Of course, just the ultimate collector’s item also any other than the first appearance the video can not be overlooked in conjunction with has been recorded at the highest quality status quo movie “LET IT BE” story!
It is HMC latest title limited stock of the whole world of Beatles collectors must-have! !


*HMC注目の最新タイトル限定独占入荷!映画『LET IT BE』リマスター映像に続く注目作!初登場の『LET IT BE』未発表映像や新発掘フィルムさらに関連プロモ映像もたっぷり収録したDVD2枚組究極のコレクターズ・アイテム!!

ビートルズ・コレクター注目のHMC最新作は先にリリースされた映画『LET IT BE』本編の史上最高画質リマスター映像に続く内容でこれまで誰も見たことがない初登場のリハーサル・アウトテイク映像や新発掘の編集音源、サイレント・フィルム状態の未公開映像さらに『レット・イット・ビー・ネイキッド』プロモや映画からのプロモ映像も70年当時から2015年に至るまでの歴代編集バージョン全収録といった映画関連映像をまとめてプレス盤DVD2枚組で収録。もちろん初登場映像以外もいずれも現状最高のクオリティで収録されており映画『LET IT BE』本編と合わせて見逃せないまさに究極のコレクターズ・アイテム!

DISC 1: Outtakes & More
Complete Outtake Sessions
1-1 Brother Malcolm Version Of Let It Be 2 Full Takes In Color (Jan 31)
Two Of Us Rehearsal Session
1-2 With Medley That Also Include Hey Good Lookin’, Take This Hammer, Five Foot High & Rising, Bear Cat Mama, Run For Your Life, Friendship, Step Inside Love And Let It Be) (Jan 31)
For You Blue Brand New Re-edit
1-3 For You Blue – Newly Re-Cut With New Arrival Footage From Another day
Newly Discovered Sound Outtake Snippets
1-4 I Me Mine (Jan 8)
1-5 Don’t Let Me Down (Jan 22)
1-6 Two Of Us (Jan 22)
1-7 Paul and Heather (Jan 26)
1-8 Besame Mucho (Jan 29)
1-9 I Told You Before (Jan 27)
1-10 Three Cool Cats (Jan 29)
1-11 Let It Be TK27A (Jan 31)
1-12 Two Of Us (Jan 31)
From The Long And Winding Road Special
1-13 Yoko’s Bit (Upgrade)
1-14 You Win Again (Upgrade)
Trailers, Etc.
1-15 Original Movie Trailer – Theatrical Version
1-16 Original Movie Trailer – TV Version
1-17 Original Slate From 1992 Restoration
1-18 Ed Sullivan’s “The Beatles Songbook” (Fab 25 ’70)
1-19 Don’t Let Me Down – From Imagine 1988 Workprint
Let It Be – Naked Promotion
1-20 April Trailers
1-21 Japanese TV Commercial
1-22 Let It Be Naked Medley
1-23 November 17 Texted Trailer
1-24 November 17 Textless Trailer
1-25 Webtrailer
1-26 2013 iTunes Trailer
DISC 2: Promotional Films
The Promo’s
2-1 Don’t Let Me Down (1970)
2-2 Get Back (1970)
2-3 Let It Be (1970)
2-4 Two Of Us (1970)
2-5 Don’t Let Me Down (1992)
2-6 Get Back (1992)
2-7 I Me Mine (1992)
2-8 For You Blue (1996)
2-9 Let It Be (1996)
2-10 Two Of Us (1996)
2-11 Get Back (2000)
2-12 Let It Be (2000)
2-13 Don’t Let Me Down #1 (2003)
2-14 Don’t Let Me Down #2 (2003)
2-15 Get Back # 1 (2003)
2-16 Get Back # 2 (2003)
2-17 Let It Be (2003)
2-18 Two Of Us (animated) (2003)
2-19 One After 909 (2009)
2-20 Don’t Let Me Down (2015)
2-21 The Long And Winding Road (2015)
HQ Video’s With Native Audio Re-Dubbed
2-22 Let It Be – Native Audio Re-Dub
2-23 Two Of Us – Native Audio Re-Dub
Other Promotional Films Utilizing Get Back/ Let It Be Footage
2-24 Old Brown Shoe (2007)
2-25 Old Brown Shoe Dissolving Version
2-26 The Ballad Of John & Yoko (1969 Censored)
2-27 The Ballad Of John & Yoko (2000)

His Master’s Choice. HMC 036

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