Beatles / The Rooftop Concert Definitive Edition / 1CD

Beatles / The Rooftop Concert Definitive Edition / 1CD / Non Label

Apple Corps, 3 Savile Row, London, UK 30th January 1969. STEREO SBD

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It was just 50 years ago that the Beatles started a new work following the “White Album”. This time is called “Get Back Session”, as a result of shooting from the rehearsal for the later released movie “LET IT BE”, the discord within the group that had surfaced at the time of the previous album creation It became the document of the time when it was escalated. Although the production was proceeding with such a turbulence, still it was the Beatles that I finished off with a rooftop live at last.
Originally the get back session was a project that looked at the return of the Beatles’ live, but because of those they have become too big at that time, the plan to live will not materialize. George had not only left the group temporarily while rehearsing, but also showed a refusal response to the project itself to do the live. Although somehow fell into the original sheath, it was live scene that absolutely needed as a conclusion of the progressing recording and movie shooting. It was a guerrilla live on Apple’s rooftop on January 30th as it was not only a compromise plan but also the merit of being able to put it into action right away.

In the end this was the last live performance of the Beatles, but half of that was adopted for the film “LET IT BE” from the live performed for 40 minutes. Only three songs reach the album of the same name. However, the whole picture of the rooftop concert was revealed by excavating a monaural recorder sound source by Nagura Co., Ltd. by a cheerful movie photography team in the bootleg world. Takes that were not adopted in the film thanks to the movie, and even I was able to listen to “I Want You” and John British national anthem that John was playing in between. On the other hand, at the official, “Get Back” last played with “ANTHOLOGY 3” was released at the stereo mix, and when the best album “1” was released, the “Get Back” take 2 was newly made as a standalone MV It is realized stereo also the voice at that time.
The fact that the whole picture became clear thus became a trigger to make mania have the next ambition. That means I want to listen to the whole live stereo. Still speaking, sound sources that are heard are limited. Therefore, not only the sound source of each album, but also the stereo version as much as possible is managed somehow by currently pulling out the sound of the video version “ANTHOLOGY” to “Do not Let Me Down” as well. It was “THE LAUNCH INTERRUPTION” released by a person who faked a fake Purple Chick (confusing) in a package of live series released by fan / label Purple Chick.
A version made from a different perspective from this concept also appears on the Internet in recent years. It is a mania coltturkey familiar with “COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS”. In “I HOPE WE’VE PASSED AUDITION” by him, recording of the complete stereo sound of “Dig A Pony” was realized. This is a diversion from the sound of the movie of the version which was released by the HMC label, which was worked on the premise of release in 1992. In “THE LAUNCH INTERRUPTION”, the same song was diverted from the regular version of “LET IT BE”, and only the line of “All I Want Is You” cut there was patched the shooting team sound source. Thanks to that, there was a disadvantage that only that part became monaural.
However, “I HOPE WE’VE PASSED AUDITION” also had a problem, and in order to alleviate the sense of disorder due to the use of multiple sound sources, the overall equalized equalization was applied. Therefore, although this time is close to the concept of “THE LAUNCH INTERRUPTION”, yet “Dig A Pony” is a stereo full story, which is like editing like good things about items that appeared in the past. Moreover, when diverting the same song from the voice of HMC of the example, we adjusted the balance of the left ch and finished it so that it can be enjoyed in a more stable state. Besides, before the rooftop live start, various calls and interactions of the photography team before the Beatles appeared were dared to be cut, and I made it easy to hear it again.
And each take 2 of “I’ve Got A Feeling” and “Do not Let Me Down” was played only by the sound source of the movie team, but in the 21st century “LET IT BE … NAKED” At the time of editing, both songs were released in a version that coalesced two takes. As a result, in either take 2, about half of the performance will have a stereo sound source. So take 2 and mix the part of ‘LET IT BE … NAKED’ and the monophonic sound source of the film group. Of course, stereo and monaural will be mixed in one song, but it is surprising because it is a beautiful finish that can be heard without unexpected stress.

The rooftop live in which the reluctance to return to the live performances which the Beatles such as Paul originally painted for quite a while did not realize, and the struggle of disappointment came out. In addition, it is a scene that led the getback session that was extremely difficult for daughter to the end of beauty. Complete recording which will not be realized even in the official future (since the interaction between the performances will surely be cut), but by editing recorded maximally in stereo, virtually the Beatles’ last live It will faithfully reproduce about forty minutes that has become. That was a night of legend that happened 50 years ago … not lunch!

★ Please enjoy on January 30th of 50th anniversary with this title!

ビートルズが「ホワイト・アルバム」に続く新作に取り掛かったのは今からちょうど50年前のこと。この時期は「ゲットバック・セッション」と呼ばれ、後にリリースされる映画「LET IT BE」の為にリハーサルから撮影が行われた結果、先のアルバム制作時に表面化していたグループ内の不和がエスカレートした時期のドキュメントとなってしまいました。そうした波乱含みに制作が進行していたものの、それでも最後はきっちりと屋上ライブで締めくくってみせたのが流石はビートルズ。

結局これがビートルズ最後のライブ・パフォーマンスとなってしまった訳ですが、40分に渡って敢行されたライブから映画「LET IT BE」に採用されたのはその半分。同名のアルバムに至っては3曲のみ。しかしブートレグ界で白熱した映画撮影班によるナグラ社のモノラルレコーダー音源の発掘によって、屋上コンサートの全貌が明らかになりました。おかげで映画に採用されなかったテイク、さらには合間にジョンが弾いていた「I Want You」やイギリス国歌まで聞けるようになりました。一方オフィシャルでは「ANTHOLOGY 3」で最後に演奏された「Get Back」がステレオ・ミックスにてリリースされ、さらにベスト・アルバム「1」のリリース時には「Get Back」テイク2が単体のMVとして新たに作られ、その際の音声もステレオ化が実現。
こうして全貌が明らかになったことはマニアに次なる野望を抱かせるきっかけとなりました。それはライブ全編をステレオで聞いてみたいということ。とは言ってもステレオで聞かれる音源には限りがある。そこで各アルバムの音源はもちろん、映像版「ANTHOLOGY」から「Don’t Let Me Down」の音声までも引っ張り出すなどして現状で可能な限りのステレオ・バージョンを何とか作り上げています。それがファン・レーベルPurple Chickがリリースしていたライブ・シリーズのパッケージを装い、偽のPurple Chick(ややこしい)を騙った人物がリリースした「THE LAUNCH INTERRUPTION」だったのです。
このコンセプトとは別の視点で作られたバージョンも近年ネット上に現れています。それは「COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS」でおなじみのマニアcoltturkey作。彼による「I HOPE WE’VE PASSED AUDITION」において「Dig A Pony」の完全ステレオ音声の収録が実現しました。これはHMCレーベルがリリースした、1992年にリリースを前提として作業が行われていたバージョンの映画の音声からの流用。「THE LAUNCH INTERRUPTION」において同曲はレギュラーな「LET IT BE」のバージョンを流用しつつ、そこでカットされた「All I Want Is You」のラインだけ撮影班音源をパッチしていました。おかげでその部分だけモノラルになってしまうという欠点があったのです。
ところが「I HOPE WE’VE PASSED AUDITION」にも問題があって、複数の音源を使用したが故の違和感を緩和させようと、全体的に強めのイコライズが施されていたのです。よって今回は「THE LAUNCH INTERRUPTION」のコンセプトに近い内容でありつつも、それでいて「Dig A Pony」はしっかり全編がステレオという、過去に登場したアイテムのいいとこどりをしたような編集となっています。しかも同曲を例のHMCの音声から流用するに当たっては左chのバランス調整を施し、より安定した状態で楽しめるよう仕上げてあります。それでいて屋上ライブ開始前、ビートルズが現れる前の撮影班の各種コールとやりとりなどは敢えてカットし、これまた聞きやすくまとめ上げました。
そして「I’ve Got A Feeling」、「Don’t Let Me Down」それぞれのテイク2は映画班の音源のみでしか聞かれなかった演奏ですが、21世紀に入って「LET IT BE…NAKED」の編集時にどちらの曲も二つのテイクを合体させたバージョンでリリースされていました。これよってどちらのテイク2も演奏の約半分はステレオ音源が存在することになります。そこでこれらテイク2は「LET IT BE…NAKED」のパートと映画班のモノラル音源をミックス。当然ながら一曲の中にステレオとモノラルが混在することになるのですが、これが意外なほどストレスなく聞き込めてしまう綺麗な仕上がりだから驚き。




1. Warm Up
2. Get Back (Take 1)
3. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
4. Get Back (Take 2)
5. Don’t Let Me Down (Take 1)
6. I’ve Got A Feeling (Take 1)
7. One After 909
8. Dig A Pony
9. God Save The Queen
10. I’ve Got A Feeling (Take 2)
11. Get Back (Take 3)
12. Don’t Let Me Down (Take 2)
13. Get Back (Take 4)

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