Beatles / Roger Scott Master Collection 1965-1969 Black / 3CD

Beatles / Roger Scott Master Collection 1965-1969 Black / 3CD / Core Collection Project

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Revelation Of The Beatles Studio Recordings.


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2015 latest rarities compilation of Beatles attention by foreign production “Roger Scott Master Collection – Liberation Of The Beatles Studio Recordings” emergency monopoly in stock!

Once as a studio outtakes sound of the Beatles that has flowed from the Abbey Road Studios constitutes a “John Barrett Tapes” and matchless people “Roger Scott Master Collection”. John Barrett was the ’80s at the time engineers to investigate the session tapes of Beatles Roger Scott, who served as a DJ when it is published in the “Abbey Road Show” broadcast a portion of the session sound source in a subsequent radio show and sound source that he was treasured became the original story of the familiar Ultra Rare Tracks and answer Past Masters. Best first appearance version and mix even sound quality has been recorded many best of the past, including an additional correction by the cut portions and new excavation by the most recent edit than this time recording sound source a thing of the past that you were able to listen to this Quality. Also it has been recorded further rare sound source and edit version of in which was published on the radio show “Sgt.Pepper’s ~ History of the Beatles”. “John Barrett Tapes” along with the collector required of “Roger Scott Master Collection” before sequel is a collection of Beatles studio recording session ultimate a total of CD6 sheets set together! !


かつてアビー・ロード・スタジオから流出したビートルズのスタジオ・アウトテイク音源として”ジョン・バレット・テープス”と 双璧を成す『ロジャー・スコット・マスター・コレクション』。80年代当時エンジニアだったジョン・バレットがビートルズの セッション・テープを調査し”アビー・ロード・ショウ”で公開した際にDJを務めたロジャー・スコットはその後ラジオショウでも セッション音源の一部を放送そして彼が秘蔵していた音源はお馴染みのウルトラ・レア・トラックスやアンサーパスト・マスターズの元ネタとなりました。今回収録された音源はこれまで聴くことが出来た過去のものと比べ最新編集によってカットされた部分や新発掘による追加補正を含む初登場バージョンやミックスが多数収録されており音質も過去最高のベスト・クオリティ。さらにラジオショウ”Sgt.Pepper’s~History of the Beatles”で公開された中でのレア音源や編集バージョンも収録されています。”ジョン・バレット・テープス”と共にコレクター必須の『ロジャー・スコット・マスター・コレクション』前後編あわせて合計CD6枚セットとなるビートルズ・スタジオ・レコーディング・セッション究極のコレクションです!!


01. Help! (takes 1-3, 4 chat)02. Help! (take 5)03. Help! (takes 6-7)04. Help! (takes 8-9)05. Help! (take 10)06. Help! (takes 11-12) 07. Help! (RS2)08. Run For Your Life (with intro)09. Norwegian Wood (take 1)10. Day Tripper (take 1)11. Day Tripper (takes 2-3) 12. We Can Work It Out (take 1)13. We Can Work It Out (take 2)14. Think For Yourself (studio chat)15. We Can Work It Out (Sgt.Pepper’s Radioshow)16. (Extracts from) The Beatles’ Christmas Record 1965 17. Paperback Writer (takes 1-2)18. Rain (RS1)19. (Extracts from) The Beatles’ Christmas Record 1966


01. Strawberry Fields Forever (take 1)02. Strawberry Fields Forever (takes 2-4)03. Strawberry Fields Forever (takes 5-6) 04. Strawberry Fields Forever (take 7)05. Strawberry Fields Forever (take 25 minus track 2)06. Strawberry Fields Forever (take 26 minus beginning vocal)07. Strawberry Fields Forever (take 25)08. Strawberry Fields Forever (take 26 alternate mix)09. Strawberry Fields Forever (Sgt.Pepper’s Radioshow)10. When I’m 64 (take 3)11. A Day In The Life (RS1)12. A Day In The Life (RS2)13. A Day In The Life (RS3) 14. A Day In The Life (RS4)15. A Day In The Life (RS5)16. A Day In The Life (RS6)17. A Day In The Life (RS7)18. A Day In The Life (RS8)19. A Day In The Life (RS9)20. A Day In The Life (Sgt.Pepper’s Radioshow)21. Christmas Time Is Here Again 1967


01. All You Need Is Love (take 59)02. Flying (take 8 + overdubs 1-5)03. Flying (alternate edit)04. Your Mother Should Know (demo version)05. Hello Goodbye (take 1)06. Lady Madonna (take 4)07. Lady Madonna (take 5)08. Lady Madonna (RS1)09. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (take 1)10. Hey Jude / Las Vegas Tune / St. Louis Blues11. Hey Jude (take 9)12. Not Guilty13. What’s The New Mary Jane (take 4)14. Yer Blues (Rock And Roll Circus)15. (Extracts from) The Beatles’ Christmas Record 196816. The Long And Winding Road (Glyn John’s Get Back original mix)17. (Extracts from) The Beatles’ Christmas Record 196918. Because (vocals only)19. Sgt.Pepper’s Radioshow (introduction)20. Sgt.Pepper’s Radioshow (commercial edit)21. Sgt.Pepper’s Radioshow (promotion edit)22. Sgt.Pepper’s Radioshow (ending)

Core Collection Project. CCPCD004-006

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