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The Beatles In the Studio Japanese Broadcast Edition 2009. PRO-SHOT

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10 years have passed since the release of the so-called 090909 remaster of each Beatles album. There are many manias who remember the excitement at that time just like yesterday. In that case, each media was featured in conjunction with the release of remaster, but among the many, a complete TV broadcast is the “THE BEATLES IN THE STUDIO” document by the BBC.
This is a feature such as an expanded version of the mini documentary that was a privilege of the remaster box, and it was attractive that the testimony of members and George Martin was added, and it was thought that it was BBC thing. That said, it was an overseas program, and it was the Japanese broadcast version that made it a familiar presence. After all subtitles are easy to understand. Because of the good content, it was broadcast in each station in 2009 and 2010, and subtitles were added each time, but this gift recorded the 2009 broadcast version.
Overall, there are many episodes of recording that are similar to mania, but the first “ PLEASE PLEASE ME SESSIONS IN SPECTRAL STEREO ” and “ PLEASE PLEASE ME 2019 SPECTRAL STEREO REMIX ” to be released this time on a limited press CD In the part related to the album “PLEASE PLEASE ME”, legendary episodes such as “The recording was completed in 12 hours” and “John sang“ Twist And Shout ”at the end of the session” are told.

】 What’s even more shocking than that is the scene where Paul says in an interview in 1963, “When you turn 40, you wo n’t be able to sing“ From Me To You ”and nobody will ask for such a song.” How about that, last year Paul, who was over 70 years old, sang “From Me To You” at Tokyo Dome, and we happily sang together before that. While the memory of that excitement is new, Paul’s remarks are too interesting to see now.
And in the 2009 broadcast version, there is a Japanese original part at the beginning, but it is too old to see the CD shop pattern at the time of the 090909 remaster release. That day was really exciting. An excellent document that makes me feel nostalgic for 10 years since its release. It is also a gift that contains programs that have not yet been converted into video software. This is fun!

早いもので、ビートルズ各アルバムの所謂090909リマスターのリリースから10年の歳月が経過しました。あの時の盛り上がりをつい昨日のことのように覚えているマニアはたくさんいらっしゃることかと。その際はリマスターのリリースに合わせて各メディアも特集を組んだものですが、数ある中でも充実したテレビ放送がBBCによる「THE BEATLES IN THE STUDIO」ドキュメント。
全体的にはマニアにおなじみなレコーディングのエピソードが多いのですが、限定プレスCDで今回リリースされる「PLEASE PLEASE ME SESSIONS IN SPECTRAL STEREO」と「PLEASE PLEASE ME 2019 SPECTRAL STEREO REMIX」の元であるファースト・アルバム「PLEASE PLEASE ME」に関するパートでは、アルバムが「12時間で録音完了したこと」さらに「ジョンがセッションの最後で「Twist And Shout」を歌った」といった伝説的なエピソードが語られます。

それら以上に今になって衝撃的なのは、1963年に受けたインタビューにおいてポールが「40歳になったら「From Me To You」なんて歌えないし、誰もそんな曲を求めないだろう」と語る場面。それがどうでしょう、昨年は70歳を超したポールが東京ドームで「From Me To You」を歌い、それを前に我々は喜んで一緒に歌ったものです。あの盛り上がりの記憶も新しい中、このポールの発言は今見ると面白すぎというもの。
そして2009年放送版においては日本独自のパートが冒頭で設けられているのですが、 090909リマスターのリリース時におけるCDショップの模様が映し出されているのがあまりにも懐かしい。本当にあの日は盛り上がったものです。そのリリースから10年、懐かしさをたっぷり感じさせてくれる秀逸なドキュメント。未だに映像ソフト化されない番組を収録したギフトでもあります。これは楽しい!

1. Remaster CD On Sale (9th September 2009)
2. “The Beatles Reborn” Intro
3. Biography

4. “The Beatles In The Studio” Intro 5. I Saw Her Standing There 6. Love Me Do 7. Please Please Me
8. Do You Want to Know a Secret 9. Twist and Shout 10. From Me to You 11. All My Loving
12. I Wanna Be Your Man 13. Roll Over Beethoven 14. Please Mr. Postman 15. She Loves You
16. I Want to Hold Your Hand 17. A Hard Day’s Night 18. And I Love Her 19. Can’t Buy Me Love
20. If I Fell 21. I’m Happy Just to Dance with You 22. I Feel Fine 23. No Reply
24. I’ll Follow the Sun 25. Help! 26. Ticket to Ride 27. You’re Going to Lose That Girl
28. Yesterday 29. Shea Stadium, New York 15th August 1965 30. I Need You
31. Drive My Car 32. Girl 33. If I Needed Someone 34. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
35. And Your Bird Can Sing And Your Bird Can Sing 36. Good Day Sunshine
37. Eleanor Rigby 38. I’m Only Sleeping 39. Taxman 40. Tomorrow Never Knows
41. Interviews 4人全員 42. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 43. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
44. With a Little Help from My Friends 45. Within You Without You 46. A Day in the Life
47. Magical Mystery Tour 48. I Am the Walrus 49. Strawberry Fields Forever 50. Penny Lane
51. Blue Jay Way 52. Hello, Goodbye 53. Julia 54. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
55. Blackbird 56. Helter Skelter 57. I’m So Tired 58. Pepperland 59. Yellow Submarine
60. All You Need Is Love 61. Only a Northern Song 62. Hey Bulldog 63. Let It Be
64. I Me Mine 65. I’ve Got a Feeling 66. For You Blue 67. One After 909
68. Get Back 69. The Long and Winding Road 70. Because 71. Come Together 72. Something
73. Octopus’s Garden 74. Mean Mr. Mustard 75. Polythene Pam 76. Carry That Weight
77. The End 78. End Credit


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