Beatles / Rare Unseen & Unheard / 1DVD+1CD Booksize

Beatles / Rare Unseen & Unheard / 1DVD+1CD Booksize / His Master’s Choice

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The DVD In This Set Divided Into Three Sections: Chiswick Park Outtakes London 20 May 1966 , More Color Films From The 60s Black And White Gems

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Beatles · Collectors from around the world The latest title “Rare · Unscene & An Hard” appeared in 2018 from the remarkable HMC label! As the title I have never seen “I have not seen it,” I have never heard “Collector essential collection full of rare pictures and sound sources full of first appearance material! First of all, DVD includes promotional / outtakes of “Paperback · Writer” “Rain” for 66 years. Promo itself is familiar, but video outtakes with different editing content are valuable. Followed by “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “A Day In The Life,” “I Am The Walrus” is also the first appearance this time in the new editing of the video-out TAKES including a rare cut never seen before! In addition, “The Inner Light” “Revolution # 9” “John and Yoko’s Ballad” is also the first appearance video of the new edition. “Two people in love” is not a movie known to maniacs The newest editing version of TV studio footage. The 64th TV show “Thank You, Lucky Stars” was also known for not having good image quality until now, but it was recorded in the upgraded new excavation source this time. It is a remarkable content of only the first appearance video of astonishment that none of the Beatles collectors of many years saw either. The CD contains a stereo / mono / remix sound source that was edited maniac different from the version familiar to the past. It is a rare sound source collection unique to HMC including “12 bar · original” full version upgrade sound source and “o · darling” outtake etc. The Beatles collector worldwide first-awaited first appearance The latest title of HMC nominated recommendation that continues to release a lot of mast items is finally appearing!
(Overseas direct import board = two-page booklet original specification)

1-1 Rain # 1
1-2 Rain # 2
1-3 Rain # 3
1-4 Paperback Writer # 1
1-5 Paperback Writer # 2
1-6 Strawberry Fields Forever
1-7 A Day In The Life
1-8 I Am The Walrus
1-9 The Inner Light
1-10 Revolution 9
1-11 The Ballad Of John & Yoko
1-12 I Should Have Know Better (Lost Performance Recovered From In-Studio Footage)
1-13 Bumper # 1 (New)
1-14 Bumper # 2 (New)
1-15 I Feel Fine (Upgrade)
1-16 She’s A Woman (Upgrade)
1-17 I’m A Loser (Upgrade)
1-18 Rock And Roll Music (Upgrade)
1-19 Interview
2-1 If I Fell – Different Stereo Mix With Corrected Vocal Mistake
2-2 Twist And Shout – Different Mono Remix With Corrected Vocals
2-3 Dizzy Miss Lizzy – Different Stereo Mix (Very Dry Lead Vocal)
2-4 With A Little Help From My Friends – Different Stereo Mix
2-5 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite – Different Stereo Mix
2-6 Good Morning Good Morning – Different Stereo Mix
2-7 Savoy Truffle – Different Stereo Mix
2-8 Long Long Long – Different Stereo Mix
2-9 Mean Mr. Mustard – – Different Stereo Mix (Complete Ending)
2-10 12 Bar Original – Full Length Version Without Noise Reduction
2-11 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – With Clean Ending
2-12 Blue Jay Way
2-13 Oh Darling – Pitch Corrected
2-14 Oh Darling – Take 26 Backing Vocal + Rough Vocal
2-15 Sheik Of Araby – Stereo Remix
A DVD and CD set featuring some rare as a bowl of unicorn teeth video material from the very highest end of collections, upgrading previously seen-in-much-worse-quality video but also some very, very rare visual works that will have you gagging at the TV. This includes more Chiswick Park outtakes, unseen studio footage and TV broadcast material from the master tapes.

His Master’s Choice. HMC 050

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