Beatles / Please Please Me Sessions In Spectral Stereo / 2CD

Beatles /Please Please Me Sessions In Spectral Stereo /2CD/Non Label

Please Please Me Sessions In Spectral Stereo


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★ analyzed all the existing session sound source of the first album, “PLEASE PLEASE ME”, the latest stereo wonders was the center of the vocals in the state of the art・ Remix sound source is released! Unlike editing that simply brings the right channel to the center, the vocal component is placed in the center with the waveform editing software, so you can hear the vocal in the middle while maintaining the stereo presence. Those who are enthusiasts with the title of the session sound source released so far, and those who do not have the sound source so far!

It is well known that the first two albums of the Beatles had a unique stereo balance where performance and vocals were divided into left and right. This was the recording state that was decided at the stage of the recording session, and it could be called a typical image of two-track stereo recording. Of course, that was the attraction of the early Beatles sound, and even if I was writing this idiom, it was a stereo state. However, in general, it is also true that many people feel “feeling the times” or “uncomfortable”, and in 1987 these two albums were released in mono only. did.
Above all, the first album “PLEASE PLEASE ME” is not limited to the album itself, but there are abundant recordings as well. Yes, it was proved that it was in the state from the recording stage.
In other words, not only the album but also the session is a stereo image. “HEY ZUBE!” Produced by Mania Lord Reith has thoroughly put a female knife with the latest technology. He has already gained a solid position in the Beetlemania world, and what he has been struggling in recent years is the creation of a sound image center for various sound sources. However, there are some successful cases where Tony Sheridan sound source was centered, and there were also failure examples such as “ WHY DON’T WE DO IT IN THE BOWL ” where the centering of the Hollywood bowl ended in bravery. did. That’s why Lord Reith made a center mix for a while and it seemed that he was enthusiastic about restoring star club sound sources like “LIVE AT THE STAR CLUB THE EXECUTIVE VERSION” which we also released instead.

However, music editing software technology has improved dramatically over the past year or two. The latest work that Lord Reith has done with “HEY ZUBE!” Is the center mix of the session sound source of the first album. It’s no doubt that beetle mania around the world will pay attention, but if you listen to the first disc released as this limited press CD “ PLEASE PLEASE ME SESSIONS IN SPECTRAL STEREO ”, its amazing It will be overwhelmed by workmanship.
Not to mention the center mix sold, the sound of overdubbed instruments has been erased brilliantly, and it is a wonderful finish that allows you to experience the basic recording stage even for songs where session tapes do not exist. From the “Please Please Me” that decorates the opening of the first piece, the harmonica sound that can be called that trademark has disappeared neatly. If that was possible with the stereo version, even mania might be within the expectation. However, the mono version is no longer clean. These two versions of the same song are easy to distinguish without mistaking John’s lyrics, but these finishes alone will remind you of how outstanding Lord Reith’s work is.
Similarly, “Baby It’s You” is another brilliant song with no session tape left. This song was an interlude, and George Martin overdubbed Celesta, but it was also erased neatly, and the original stage of the session was recreated. This made it more realistic to document the album sessions that were recorded in a day.
And the finish of the center mix is ​​really amazing. Naturally, the vocal has moved brilliantly to the middle, and since the performance of the stereo spreads further to the left and right, the listening is sufficient. Of course, this is also a fan-made center mix, but the finish is an official level with no multiplier. If you want to listen to the session sound source with the original stereo image, we recommend the already released “COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS VOLUME 1”, and we can guarantee that you can enjoy listening to it very much. Please try it if you already have it.
The basic concept is a center-mix, and through thorough editing, the Beatles monumental first album has become a more complete document. The stunning finish of the stereo sound image has been mentioned so far, but the stereo sound of the monaural sound source compiled in the second half of the second disc is also amazing. Above all, the stereo of the “Please Please Me” initial take that looked at the eyes of “ANTHOLOGY 1” was really amazing. Please enjoy this shocking stereo feeling with headphones!

★ファーストアルバム「PLEASE PLEASE ME」の既存のセッション音源をすべて分析し、最新のステレオの驚異をボーカルの中心とした最先端の・リミックス音源をリリース!右チャンネルを単に中央に移動する編集とは異なり、ボーカルコンポーネントは波形編集ソフトウェアを使用して中央に配置されるため、ステレオの存在感を維持しながらボーカルを中央で聞くことができます。これまでにリリースされたセッション音源のタイトルを愛好している人、これまで音源を持っていない人!

とりわけ、ファーストアルバム「PLEASE PLEASE ME」はアルバム自体に限定されませんが、同様に豊富な録音があります。はい、録音段階からの状態であることが証明されました。
つまり、アルバムだけでなくセッションもステレオ画像です。 「HEY ZUBE!」マニアロードプロデュースは、メスナイフに最新のテクノロジーを徹底的に取り入れました。彼はすでにビートルマニアの世界で確固たる地位を獲得しており、近年苦労しているのは、さまざまな音源の音像センターの設立です。ただし、トニーシェリダンの音源が中心に置かれた成功例もあり、ハリウッドボウルの中心が勇敢に終わった “ WHY DO N’T WE DO IT IN THE BOWL ”などの失敗例もありました。した。それがロード・リースがしばらくセンターミックスを作った理由であり、彼は代わりにリリースした「LIVE AT THE STAR CLUB THE EXECUTIVE VERSION」のようなスタークラブの音源の復元に熱心だったようです。

ただし、音楽編集ソフトウェアテクノロジーは、ここ1〜2年で劇的に改善されました。ロード・リースが「HEY ZUBE!」で行った最新作。ファーストアルバムのセッション音源のセンターミックスです。世界中のカブトムシマニアが注目を集めることは間違いありませんが、この限定プレスCD「PLEASE PLEASE ME SESSIONS IN SPECTRAL STEREO」としてリリースされた最初のディスクを聴くと、その驚くべき出来栄えに圧倒されます。
同様に、「Baby It’s You」はセッションテープが残っていないもう1つの素晴らしい曲です。この歌は間奏曲であり、ジョージ・マーティンがセレスタをオーバーダビングしたが、それもきれいに消去され、セッションの元のステージが再現された。これにより、1日に記録されたアルバムセッションを文書化することがより現実的になりました。
そして、センターミックスの仕上げは本当に素晴らしいです。当然、ボーカルは見事に中央に移動し、ステレオのパフォーマンスが左右にさらに広がるため、リスニングは十分です。もちろん、これもファン製のセンターミックスですが、仕上げは公式レベルであり、乗数はありません。元のステレオ画像でセッション音源を聴きたい場合は、すでにリリースされている「COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS VOLUME 1」をお勧めします。これを聴いて楽しむことができることを保証できます。既にお持ちの場合はお試しください。
基本的なコンセプトはセンターミックスであり、徹底的な編集により、ビートルズの記念すべきファーストアルバムはより完全なドキュメントになりました。ステレオサウンドイメージの見事な仕上げについてはこれまで述べてきましたが、2枚目のディスクの後半にコンパイルされたモノラル音源のステレオサウンドも素晴らしいです。とりわけ、「ANTHOLOGY 1」の目を見た「Please Please Me」の最初のテイクのステレオは本当に素晴らしいものでした。この衝撃的なステレオ感をヘッドフォンでお楽しみください!

Disc 1 (52:06)
1. Please Please Me (take unknown)
2. Please Please Me (take unknown)
3. Ask Me Why (track 6)
4. There’s A Place (track 1)
5. There’s A Place (track 2)
6. There’s A Place (track 3 false start)
7. There’s A Place (track 4)
8. There’s A Place (track 5 false start)
9. There’s A Place (track 6)
10. There’s A Place (track 7 breakdown)
11. There’s A Place (track 8)
12. There’s A Place (track 9)
13. There’s A Place (track 10)
14. I Saw Her Standing There (track 1)
15. I Saw Her Standing There (track 2)
16 I Saw Her Standing There (track 3 edit piece)
17. I Saw Her Standing There (track 4 edit piece)
18. I Saw Her Standing There (track 5 edit piece)
19. I Saw Her Standing There (track 6 breakdown)
20. I Saw Her Standing There (track 7 false start)
21. I Saw Her Standing There (track 8 false start)
22. I Saw Her Standing There (track 9)
23. Do You Want To Know A Secret (track 7 track 2)
24. Do You Want To Know A Secret (track 8 track 2)
25. A Taste Of Honey (track 6 track 2)
26. A Taste Of Honey (track 7 track 2)
27. There’s A Place (track 11 track 2)
28. There’s A Place (track 12 track 2 false start)
29. There’s A Place (track 13 track 2)
30. I Saw Her Standing There (track 11 track 2 false start)
31. I Saw Her Standing There (track 12 track 2)

Disc 2 (44:58)
1. Misery ( track1 )
2. Misery (track 2 breakdown)
3. Misery ( track 3 fasle start)
4. Misery (track 4 breakdown)
5. Misery (track 5 breakdown)
6. Misery (track 6)
7. Misery (track 7)
8. Misery (track 8 false start)
9. Misery (track 9 incomplete)
10. Misery (track 11 reconstruction)
11. Anna (track 3)
12. Boys (track 1)
13. Chains (track 1)
14. Baby It’s You (track 3)
15. Twist And Shout (track 1)
16. Misery (track 16 track 2)
17. Baby It’s You (track 6 track 2)
18. I Saw Her Standing There (edit of takes 9 and 12)
19. Please Please Me (edit of tracks 16-18 track 2)
20. I Saw Her Standing There (edit of takes 2,3,5)
21. Love Me Do (track 18 Andy White vsn) 22.PS
I Love You (track 10 Andy White vsn) 23.Please
Please Me (take unknown Andy White vsn) 24.A
Taste Of Honey (isolated vocal overdubs takes 6 and 7)

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