Beatles / Please Please Me 2019 Spectral Stereo Remix Second Edition / 1CD

Beatles / Please Please Me 2019 Spectral Stereo Remix Second Edition / 1CD / Non Label

Please Please Me 2019 Spectral Stereo Remix Second Edition

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Based on “HEY ZUBE!” Created by Lord Reith, the leading player in the Net Beetle sound source world, the center mix version of the recorded songs was compiled in the format of the first album “PLEASE PLEASE ME” “PLEASE PLEASE ME 2019 SPECTRAL STEREO REMIX” has become a great bestseller. In addition to the simultaneous release session book “PLEASE PLEASE ME SESSIONS IN SPECTRAL STEREO”, it is easy to understand that Lord Reith’s center mix can be enjoyed for each album! That’s why Sold Out is coming soon.
Meanwhile, he released a revised version of “HEY ZUBE!” Online this month. That is “ABRACATABRA”. Last time it was a version that completely restored the “ PLEASE PLEASE ME ” peripheral sound source including the previous session part to the center mix, but this time the center mix specialized for only the songs released at that time called the same album and peripheral single Re-challenge. Actually, the centering of the session sound source was mastered in the last time, and it seems that Lord Reith wanted to redo the center mix of the album version.

ABThe “ABRACATABRA” version seems to be made from the concept of wanting to clarify the degree of separation that had not been attacked in the previous release. Above all, “PS I Love You” was a bit inferior in “HEY ZUBE!” Because of the fact that it was originally a monaural recording (although I was surprised enough) This time, it’s a stunning sense of separation that seems to be almost illusion of a two-track stereo mix.
Also, in “Please Please Me”, the unnaturalness that was not swung to the center where the harmonica riff appeared after the chorus remained in the “HEY ZUBE!” Version, but this time it was not so frustrating, it was finally natural And evolve into a perfect center mix.
In addition, the opening of the album “ I Saw Her Standing There ” is completely different in the finish of the mix, and while last time clapping and George’s lead guitar were put together, this time only his lead is firm It separates and jumps out from the left side. In this case, it’s a different stereo center mix that’s better than the last time. There are clear differences everywhere that people who actually have “PLEASE PLEASE ME 2019 SPECTRAL STEREO REMIX” based on it can enjoy.
Overall, this version has a smarter finish and a higher degree of separation, but the texture that conveys the power of the previous performance is also very attractive. Either way, we guarantee a great finish this time, and the sound quality will be perfect as well as the degree of separation.

And this time, as a bonus, a fragment of a live performance on a TV program where the Beatles appeared at the time of their debut was recorded. This is an extremely valuable sound source that has been excavated after a long time, and has become a hot topic among geeks around the world. Most of the performances heard this time have been discarded until now, not only the video but also the sound can not be expected, so the impact is too great. Most of the parts are less than 5 minutes because they are samples published on the Internet, but the performances heard from them are also large.
Even though it is even more valuable for the “ Some Other Guy ” which is even more intense than the performance on the Cavern Club several months ago and later on the BBC radio, or the live take just after release, the arrangement of the Pete Best era in interludes “Love Me Do”, which features (the take of a parlophone audition heard on “ANTHOLOGY 1”), is a new live version that is fragmentary but fully surprised. Isn’t John the most shy of all live takes? I think “Twist And Shout”. Listening to these excerpts is enough.
The sound quality is surprisingly good. That’s supposed to be the case, thanks to the fact that the recorder of the sound source connected the recorder to the TV and recorded, clearness that distinguishes it from recording that picked up sound with a microphone from speakers that are common in this era. I can’t help but hope for the full-length version.
And most importantly, these are mainly the appearances before the recording of the album “PLEASE PLEASE ME”, and since they are not so far apart in terms of time, they can be said to be meaningful recordings. The latest center mix updated by this, of course, the delight of being able to listen to the limited press CD even the live sound source at the time of the debut of the topic. This time, we promise fulfilling release contents that can be enjoyed from beginner to mania!

ネット・ビートル音源界の第一人者であるLord Reithが作った「HEY ZUBE!」を元にし、ファースト・アルバム「PLEASE PLEASE ME」のフォーマットで収録曲のセンターミックス・バージョンが聞けるようにまとめた「PLEASE PLEASE ME 2019 SPECTRAL STEREO REMIX」は大ベストセラーとなっています。同時リリースのセッション集「PLEASE PLEASE ME SESSIONS IN SPECTRAL STEREO」もさることながら、やはりアルバム単位でLord Reithのセンターミックスが楽しめるのは解りやすい!ということでSold Outも間近となってきてしまいました。
そんな中、再び彼が今月に入って「HEY ZUBE!」の改訂版をネット上にてリリースしたのです。それが「ABRACATABRA」。前回は先のセッション・パートも含む「PLEASE PLEASE ME」周辺音源をコンプリートでセンターミックスにレストアしたバージョンでしたが、今回は同アルバムと周辺シングルという、当時リリースされた楽曲だけに特化したセンターミックス化に再チャレンジ。実際にセッション音源のセンター化に関しては前回で極められており、Lord Reithとしてはアルバムバージョンのセンターミックスやり直しを作りたかったということなのでしょう。

その「ABRACATABRA」バージョンは前回のリリース時に攻め切れていなかった分離度をもっと明瞭にしたかったというコンセプトから作られた模様。中でも「P.S. I Love You」は元がモノラル録音ということもあってか「HEY ZUBE!」の中では分離度が少し劣っていた(とはいっても十分に驚かされたのですが)のですが、今回はいよいよ2トラック・ステレオ・ミックスかと錯覚しそうになるような見事な分離感。
また「Please Please Me」ではコーラスの後でハーモニカのリフが登場するところでセンターに振り切れていない不自然さが「HEY ZUBE!」バージョンに残っていたのですが、今回はそんなもどかしさもなく、いよいよ自然で完璧なセンターミックスへと進化。
さらにアルバムのオープニング「I Saw Her Standing There」になるとミックスの仕上がり自体がまるで違っていて、前回は手拍子とジョージのリード・ギターが一緒くたにされていたのに対し、今回は彼のリードだけがしっかり分離して左側から飛び出してくる。こうなると前回と優劣をつけるというより、これはもう立派な別ステレオ・センターミックス。実際にそれを元にした「PLEASE PLEASE ME 2019 SPECTRAL STEREO REMIX」を持っている人でも楽しめる、はっきりとした違いが随所にあるのです。

数か月前のキャバーン・クラブや後のBBCラジオでの演奏と比べてもさらに激しい「Some Other Guy」、あるいはリリース直後のライブ・テイクというだけでも貴重なのに、間奏では何とピート・ベスト時代のアレンジ(「ANTHOLOGY 1」で聞かれたパーロフォン・オーディションのテイク)が登場する「Love Me Do」などは断片的ながらも十分に驚かされる新ライブ・バージョンでしょう。とどめは全ライブ・テイク中もっともジョンが叫べてるのでは?と思える「Twist And Shout」。これら抜粋だけでも聞き応えは十分。
そしてもっとも重要なことですが、これらはアルバム「PLEASE PLEASE ME」の録音前の出演が中心となっており、時期的にもそれほど離れていないことから意味ある収録だと言えるでしょう。これによってアップデートされた最新センターミックスはもちろん、話題のデビュー当時ライブ音源まで限定のプレスCDで聞けるというお得感。今回も初心者からマニアまで楽しめる充実のリリース内容を約束します!

01. I Saw Her Standing There
02. Misery
03. Anna
04. Chains
05. Boys
06. Ask Me Why
07. Please Please Me
08. Love Me Do
09. P.S. I Love You
10. Baby It’s You
11. Do You Want To Know A Secret
12. A Taste Of Honey
13. There’s A Place
14. Twist And Shout

-Bonus Tracks-

15. Please Please Me (Single Version)
16. From Me To You
17. Thank You Girl
18. One After 909
19. I Saw Her Standing There (Take 1)
20. I Saw Her Standing There (Take 2)
21. I Saw Her Standing There (Edit Takes 6 & 9)
22. There’s A Place (Take 1)
23. There’s A Place (Take 10)
24. Misery (Take 1)
25. Misery (Edit Takes 5 & 6)
26. Thank You Girl (US version)

27. Lost TV Performances 1962-1963 ★久々に発掘された超貴重音源。勿論、初のプレスCD化です。
– Some Other Guy (People And Places 17th October 1962)
– Love Me Do (People And Places 17th October 1962)
– A Taste Of Honey (People And Places 2nd November 1962)
– Twist And Shout (People And Places 17th December 1962)
– From Me To You (Pops And Lenny 16th May 1963)

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