Beatles / Orpahns Of The Revolution / 1CDR

Beatles / Orpahns Of The Revolution / 1CDR / Beatfile
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The Alternate Sound Source Of The Late Beatles With in-depth Remastering & Remixing appeared! Soundboard

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A compilation of overseas collector editing that has restored the latest Beatles’ alternate sound source with in-depth remaster & remix appeared!
From the recording session of “White Album” to the original soundtrack sound source of the movie “Yellow Submarine”, the contents reconstructed from noise removal, pitch, balance correction etc. are collected with the best quality that can be called collector listening.
We will deliver a highly recommended title as the latest compilation of foreign collectors editing!


01. REVOLUTION (take 20) /02. ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (hums wild mix) /03. DEAR PRUDENCE (mono mix 1) /04. FLYING (take 8 with overdub takes 1-5) /05. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (take 59) /06. REVOLUTION (take 15) /07. HEY JUDE (RS1) /08. DEAR PRUDENCE (mono mix 2) /09. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (RM11) /10. LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS (RM20) /11. GOOD MORNING GOOD MORNING (sound effects) /12. SGT.PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND (intro) /13. WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS (applause) /14. YELLOW SUBMARINE (RM5) /15. IT’S ALL TOO MUCH (RM1) /16. ALL TOGETHER NOW (RM6) /17. ONLY A NORTHERN SONG (RM6)

Beatfile 102CDR

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