Beatles / Nagra Get Back And Let It Be / 1CD Slipcase

Beatles / Nagra Get Back And Let It Be / 1CD Slipcase / Empress Valley Supreme Disk

Translated text:

This What Was To Be The Get Back Album , Pieced From The Nagra Reels.

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Get back and Let it be be rebuilt from Nagra · Reel! Two famous boards born from the last session of 4 people!

Although there are several kinds of get backs, they are different versions of the mix and the sound quality is clear and the best Nagra get back. And, more interesting is Nagra Let It Be. It is exactly what you can call Let It Be Naked, because it can be said that Phil Spector is the “prototype” before it hands. Not to mention strings, there is no edit or cut of songs. Even the familiar professional who listens to the boot has become exciting and fresh Let · It · Be.

ナグラ・リールから再構築されたゲット・バックと レット・イット・ビー!4人の最後のセッションから生まれた二枚の名盤!


Empress Valley Supreme Disk

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