Beatles / More Unique Vinyls / 2CD+2CDR

Beatles / More Unique Vinyls / 2CD+2CDR / Contra Band Music

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Unique Vinyl sequel appeared in the press machine! This Set Comes With 2 Bonus CDR  Something New & Listen To This Record


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■ Unique Vinyl sequel appeared in the press machine!
■ CD2 sheets in the world of rare record-Chin board the 159 minutes, and plenty of thorough included!
■ plenty of me for a real testament record label! 8 surface (increased from the previous survey) Kannon folding booklet specification
■ Limited serial number!

Sequel to the title that was well received is, in response to a request from a fan, imposing appearance! !

“Golden Analog Experience”, “Rock’N’Roll Music Acetate” to release the Contra Band Music has got a very popular, which is also the title “Unique Vinyl was a very popular and produced collecting rare records around the world release the sequel of “! This time also Sonosheet the Capitol in 1964 was produced in record club for members, Paul’s message, which was in the bonus Sonosheet of Belgian music magazine, is said to have been recovered by Epstein in 1965, parody record using the Beatles of the sound source, What’s interesting is a bonus Sonosheet of German music magazine, I do not speak English as a student for the German interviewer in hard Paul and George who was majoring in German and so surreal interviews that are answered in German , as well as the last time, nobody records and such do not know, know CBM the ultra rare records never seen I have is is rolled collected from the connection around the world whether even this, a carefully digital transfer undergone 2 sheets included with your press CD! Besides that “censorship mix” of a few songs that are included only in singles and Australia Edition “Plastic Ono Band” solo un CD of, are included only in the 1976 Edition US single “Got To Get You …” of such as the deep echo mix, large enhancement board a thorough recording everyone from rare mix that was not touched until the ever classic mix! ! The whole body of Itsusaku that CBM is to deliver with confidence!

An emphasis on the original sound, it is not been subjected to the Comp processing should enjoy up the volume than usual! We’ll keep you in the overwhelming volume of up to total about 159 minutes this time !!
The jacket, plenty published in 2P increase than the previous real proof, the rare record label. PLAY IT LOUD !!!

■Unique Vilylの続編がプレス盤で登場!


“Golden Analog Experience”、“Rock‘N’Roll Music Acetate”をリリースして大好評を得たContra Band Musicが、世界中のレアなレコードを集めて制作したこれまた大好評だったタイトル“Unique Vinyl”の続編をリリース!今回も1964年のキャピトルがレコードクラブ会員向けに制作したソノシート、ベルギーの音楽雑誌のオマケソノシートに入っていたポールのメッセージ、1965年にエプスタインによって回収されたといわれる、ビートルズの音源を使ったパロディーレコード、面白いのはドイツの音楽雑誌のオマケソノシートで、英語を話せないドイツ人インタビュアーに対して学生時代にドイツ語を専攻していたポールとジョージが一生懸命にドイツ語で答えているシュールなインタビューなどなど、前回と同様に、誰も知らないようなレコードや、知ってはいるけど見たことがない激レア・レコードをCBMが世界中のコネクションからこれでもかと集めまくり、丁寧にデジタルトランスファーを施し2枚のプレスCDに収録!そのほかにも未CD化のソロのシングル曲やオーストラリア盤“Plastic Ono Band”だけに含まれる数曲の「検閲ミックス」、1976年盤USシングルだけに含まれる“Got To Get You…”のディープ・エコー・ミックスなど、これまで誰も触れなかったレア・ミックスから定番ミックスまで徹底収録した大充実盤!!CBMが自信を持ってお届けする渾身の一作!

ジャケットには、本物の証、レアなレコード・ラベルを前回よりも2P増量でたっぷり掲載。PLAY IT LOUD!!!

Disc One
1. Rain Reversed
2. Mother
US Original mono 45 mix. (1971)

3. I Found Out
4. Working Class Hero
“Censored” version from Australian LP. (1971)

5. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
US promo mono mix. (1971)

6. John Lennon On Ronnie Hawkins (Short & long lap)
Both sides of 45 from promotional spot for Hawkins LP. (1969)

7. Borrowed Time
US promo short version. (1984)

8. Helen Wheels (1973)
9. Goodnight Tonight (1979)
US promo mono mix.

10. Happy Birthday Joepie
Paul’s greeting for Belgian magazine “Joepie”. (1983)

11. Ebony And Ivory (Solo version)
12. I’ll Give You A Ring
Released on 12”only. Not available on CD. (1982)

13. Press (Hugh Padgham mix)
Released on UK vinyl only. Not available on CD. (1986)

14. House Of Wax (Live at Amoeba)
Released on 7” only. Not available on CD. (2007)

15. Ding Dong; Ding Dong
US promo mono mix. (1974)

16. I Don’t Care Anymore
Released on 7” only. Not available on CD. (1974)

17. All Those Years Ago
US promo mono mix. (1981)

18. Teardrops
US promo mono mix. (1981)

19. I Don’t Want To Do It
US original 45rpm mix. (1985)

20. No No Song
21. Snookeroo
US promo mono mixes. (1974)

22. A Does Of Rock‘N’Roll
US promo short version. (1976)

23. Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)
US promo mono mix. (1978)

24. Just A Dream
Released on 7” only. Not available on CD. (1977)

Disc Two
1. Komm,Gib Mir Deine Hand
Simulated stereo mix from German “Something New”. (1964)

2. Fab Four On Film
US promotional single. (1964/1982)

3. Capitol Promotional Flexi
Made for members of Capitol record club. (1964)

4. And I Love Her
Longer ending mix from German “Something New”. (1964)

5. I Should Have Known Better
Alternate mix from US “Reel Music”. (1964)

6. Kansas City
Wired incorrect pitch from Japanese EP. (1964)

7. Interview Of The Fab Four
Strange 45 by Harv Moore. Banned by Epstein! (1965)

8. Ticket To Ride
Intro missing mix from German “Oldies”. (1965)

9. Think For Your Self
Deep echo mix from “Best Of George Harrison”. (1965)

10. Beatles Interview Im Hilton-Hotel, London
Cut out paper flexi disc from German “OK” magazine. (1965)

11. Got To Get You Into My Life
Deep echo mix from US 45. (1966)

12. Penny Lane
Trumpet ending mix in true stereo. (1967)

13. All You Need Is Love
14. Baby, You’re A Rich Man
Simulated stereo mixes. Taken from Mobile Fidelity LP. (1967)

15. Hello, Goodbye
Short edit from Yugoslavian promo flexi. (1967)

16. Strawberry fields Forever
Alternate mix. Taken from Mobile Fidelity LP. (1967)

17. The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
“Cut-out mix” from “The Beatles” 8LP box. (1968)

18. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Fade in mix from US colored juke box 45. (1968)

19. Helter Skelter
US promo mono mix. (1968)

20. Here’s To Veterans
An original radio program for Veterans Administration. (1968)

21. I’m Only Sleeping Reversed

Contra Band Music. CBM 007/8

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