Beatles / Minus One Project / 2CDR

Beatles / Minus One Project / 2CDR / Beatfile

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A Collection Of Single Tracked Vocal Mixes. Soundboard



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Two-sheet troupe compilation that recorded sound source of “The minus one project” of The Beatles, which has been produced overseas since 2015!

Aiming to reproduce the basic track of the stage before applying overdubs such as vocals and guitar, realized the naked mix which could not be heard up by professional level sound source analysis, acclaimed from overseas Beatles collector Recorded “Minus One Project” in almost chronological order.

Many double track vocals are direct, realistic single vocals in normal mono / stereo mixes, and the Beatles collector attention high-profile recommendation collection attracting more detail in the recording session process by becoming a basic track!




01. Don’t Bother Me (percussion version with a clean vocal)
02 I Want To Hold Your Hand (no overdub raw take)
03 This Boy (no overdub raw take)
04. A Hard Day’s Night (basic track without overdub)
05. I Should Have Known Better (without vocal overdub)
06. If I Fell (without vocal overdub)
07. I’m Happy Just To Dance With You (without vocal overdub)
08. And I Love Her (without vocal overdub)
09. Can’t Buy Me Love (basic track without vocal overdub)
10. Any Time At All (basic track without overdub)
11. I’ll Cry Instead (basic track without overdub)
12. Things We Said Today (basic track without overdub)
13. I Feel Fine (without vocal overdub)
14. Baby’s In Black (basic track without vocal overdub)
15. Eight Days A Week (without vocal overdub)
16. Leave My Kitten Alone (basic track without overdub)
17. The Night Before (basic track without overdub)
18. I Need You (without vocal overdub)
19. Ticket To Ride (without overdub)
20. It’s Only Love (basic track without overdub)
21. I’ve Just Seen A Face (basic track without overdub)
22. If You’ve Got Trouble (basic track without overdub)
23. We Can Work It Out (basic track without overdub)
24. Day Tripper (basic track without overdub)
25. Nowhere Man (without overdub)
26. Think For Yourself (basic track without overdub)
27. The Word (without vocal overdub)
28. Michelle (basic track without overdub)

01. What Goes On (without vocal overdub)
02. In My Life (without vocal overdub)
03. Run For Your Life (without vocal overdub)
04. Paperback Writer (without vocal overdub)
05. Eleanor Rigby (without vocal overdub)
06. I’m Only Sleeping (without vocal overdub)
07. Here There And Everywhere (without vocal overdub)
08. And Your Bird Can Sing (without ADT overdub)
09. Dr. Robert (without ADT overdub)
10. Penny Lane (without vocal overdub)
11. Strawberry Fields Forever (take 7 first remake)
12. Strawberry Fields Forever (take 25 second remake)
13. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (without overdub / full ending)
14. All You Need Is Love (without vocal overdub)
15. The Fool On The Hill (without vocal overdub)
16. Your Mother Should Know (without vocal overdub)
17. Across The Universe (without ADT overdub)
18. Back In The USSR (without vocal overdub)
19. Come Together (without vocal overdub)
20. Because (single tracked vocals)
21. Something (without vocal overdub)


Beatfile. BFP090CDR-1/2

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