Beatles / The Minus One Project / 4CD Long Box

Beatles / The Minus One Project / 4CD Long Box / Sapple

The Minus One Project A Collection Of Single Tracked Vocal Mixes & More.This Boxset Contains A 8 Page Booklet With Detailed Tracking Information.

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1-1 Don’t Bother Me (Percussion Version With A Clean Vocal)
1-2 I Want To Hold Your Hand (No Overdub-Raw Take)
1-3 This Boy (No Overdub-Raw Take)
1-4 A Hard Day’s Night (Basic Track Without Overdub)
1-5 I Should Have Known Better (Without Vocal Overdub)
1-6 If I Fell (Without Vocal Overdub)
1-7 I’m Happy Just To Dance With You (Without Vocal Overdub)
1-8 And I Love Her (Without Vocal Overdub)
1-9 Can’t Buy Me Love (Basic Track Without Vocal Overdub)
1-10 Any Time At All (Basic Track Without Overdub)
1-11 I’ll Cry Instead (Basic Track Without Overdub)
1-12 Things We Said Today (Basic Track Without Overdub)
1-13 I Feel Fine (Without Vocal Overdub)
1-14 Baby’s In Black (Basic Track Without Vocal Overdub)
1-15 Eight Days A Week (Without Vocal Overdub)
1-16 Leave My Kitten Alone (Basic Track Without Overdub)
1-17 The Night Before (Basic Track Without Overdub)
1-18 I Need You (Without Vocal Overdub)
1-19 Ticket To Ride (Without Overdub)
1-20 It’s Only Love (Basic Track Without Overdub)
1-21 I’ve Just Seen A Face (Basic Track Without Overdub)
1-22 If You’ve Got Trouble (Basic Track Without Overdub)
1-23 We Can Work It Out (Basic Track Without Overdub)
1-24 Day Tripper (Basic Track Without Overdub)
1-25 Nowhere Man (Without Overdub)
1-26 Think For Yourself (Basic Track Without Overdub)
1-27 The Word (Without Vocal Overdub)
1-28 Michelle (Basic Track Without Overdub)
2-1 What Goes On (Without Vocal Overdub)
2-2 In My Life (Without Vocal Overdub)
2-3 Run For Your Life (Without Vocal Overdub)
2-4 Paperback Writer (Without Vocal Overdub)
2-5 Eleanor Rigby (Without Vocal Overdub)
2-6 I’m Only Sleeping (Without Vocal Overdub)
2-7 Here, There And Everywhere (Without Vocal Overdub)
2-8 And Your Bird Can Sing (Without ADT Overdub)
2-9 Dr. Robert (Without ADT Overdub)
2-10 Penny Lane (Without Vocal Overdub)
2-11 Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 7 – First Remake)
2-12 Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 25 – Second Remake)
2-13 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Without Overdub / Full Billy Shears Ending)
2-14 All You Need Is Love (Without Vocal Overdub)
2-15 Foot On The Hill (Without Vocal Overdub)
2-16 Your Mother Should Know (Without Vocal Overdub)
2-17 Across The Universe (Without ADT Overdub)
2-18 Back In The USSR (Without Vocal Overdub)
2-19 Come Together (Without Vocal Overdub)
2-20 Because (Single Tracked Vocals)
2-21 Something (Without Vocal Overdub)
3-1 From Me To You (Single Version-Stereo)
3-2 Thank You Girl (Single Version-Stereo)
3-3 The One After 909 (Single Edit)
3-4 I Want To Hold Your Hand (Overdubs)
3-5 Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand (Clear Stereo Mix)
3-6 Can’t Buy Me Love (Alternate Mix)
3-7 I Feel Fine (Alternate Vocal)
3-8 Help (Film Version)
3-9 The Night Before (Alternate Vocal)
3-10 That Means A Lot (Clear Stereo Mix)
3-11 If You’ve Got Trouble (Alternate Vocal)
3-12 Nowhere Man (Alternate Vocal)
3-13 In My Life (Alternate Vocal)
3-14 Yellow Submarine (Complete)
3-15 And Your Bird Can Sing (Clear Stereo Mix)
3-16 For No One (Backing Track)
3-17 Tomorrow Never Knows (Forward Solo Mix)
4-1 Penny Lane (Minimalist Mix)
4-2 Strawberry Fields Forever (Complete Fast Version)
4-3 Penny Lane (Stereo With Trumpet Flourish)
4-4 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Complete Sans Audience)
4-5 A Day In The Life (Sans Orchestra)
4-6 I Am The Walrus (Complete Stereo Mix)
4-7 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Clear Stereo Mix)
4-8 Revolution 1 (Reconstruction)
4-9 Old Brown Shoe (Clear Vocal Mix)


Sapple. SR-017

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